ER Trauma Unit Video – Motorcycle Crash Victim

ER Trauma Unit Video - Motorcycle Crash Victim

While the video doesn’t provide an indication on where this accident took place, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in Alberta, Canada – the province where I am from. From what they say in the video, the motorcyclist crashed into a gas station sign and mangled each of his extremities so badly, most had to be amputated. Luckily there was no severe injury to his head so despite irreversible loss of limbs, he’ll live. For what it’s worth.

Alberta is a very cold province. We are blocked off to the west by the Rocky Mountains so warm ocean currents from the Pacific don’t make it here. As a result, winter lasts for at least 8 months each year. That makes for a very short biking season (usually no more than 3 months per year) so as soon as weather permits, bikers go ape shit. And that’s a big time invitation for a disaster. This fellow could tell you all about it.

We don’t have many videos from trauma facilities so I thought this would be a good addition. Plus I think it’s pretty well done and not overly skimpy with graphic content. I also think the ER team was handling the emergency pretty well, though likely anyone would, knowing cameras were carefully documenting everything. What you don’t see in the video, is a person with kidney stroke who’s been squirming with pain in a chair of the waiting room. Canadian treatment of acute, non life threatening pain consists of leaving the patient waiting until pain stops on its own. If it doesn’t stop on its own – tough luck.

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    1. I hear ya. No arms = bye-bye to all my hobbies and everything else that gives me pleasure in life. I would make sure to leave a request in my will that my video taped (and obviously assisted) suicide be delivered personally to Best Gore.

        1. A hand-less arm could be used sexually, (you could ‘fist’ without the fist!) I saw a cartoon once, a hot girl was holding a hand-amputee’s arm, she said “what an interesting looking arm”!

          1. @Tiger, I knew someone that accidently blew their hand off making a bomb in the shed when he was a kid. An ex of mine told me that he used to tell all the guys he used the stump on his girlfriend. Apparantly he didn’t get any complaints from her.

          1. @uli, don’t be silly comment how you want EVERYONE else does. You just got singled out cos someone was having a bad day! I really wouldn’t take it personally, anyway if your comments are too long no-one bothers to read them, you can’t win….

      1. 1000 comments? that’s impossible, i musta had been given a 500+ bonus for the video of El Malevo’s suicide, hahaha…….I broke the 1000 comments mark years ago in a politics and philosophy oriented forum and it took me YEARS to do it….something’s not right here…. 😛

        1. Trust Me.
          It just happens on accident.
          Just keep talking words about stuff and the count goes up.
          Congratulations ARE in order. Now not one person is less than 4 figures on that board.

          I wonder why Mark even started that thing in the first place….

      1. There’s a show on TLC called “Untold Stories of the ER”. They have some pretty gruesome accidents on that show, should teach you more about Medical stuff. Not sure what channel it’s on but I noticed the familiar logo on the bottom right of this video.

      1. @dr. c. i really feel bad for the dude but in my experience guys who wind up like that were usually riding like assholes and could have prevented what happened to them. the irony is i became disabled driving a car and i’m still driving a car. for a long time after my accident i wouldn’t even get IN a car. eventually tho you realize it’s the only way to get around. prior to my accident i was in a car 13 hrs a day and after that one of my bikes just riding around. guess i just like the feeling of being in motion and the world rushing past me. it felt almost like time travel. you start at point a and wind up at point b and that took time so you did travel thru time and space [distance]. it’s weird but that’s how it felt to me.

    1. @hung, You used to ride? You almost certainly would have heard of the Isle of Man TT mountain course?

      That little 37 mile track has cost many a fool’s limb or life… Yet we still love it…

      My point being, many people will and do ask; was it worth it? I always reply… A resounding Yes!

      1. @trooper. i rode street bikes on the street. the challenge of safely riding and surviving on the street were enough for me. you have to respect the power of the machines to totally fuck you up like what happened to the dude in the post. when you have no respect for the machines thats when they mess you up to teach you a lesson. it’s almost like they know.

        1. @mouse,they do know,and
          bikes are living ,breathing,
          modern day reincarnations
          of the beasts of legends,
          we know riding is visceral,it
          makes you feel alive,like a
          chariot race in ancient rome,
          and if you dont have respect
          you end up in pain.

        2. Exactly. That was the first thing I learnt when I got my first ‘mini motor’ at 14… To respect that the bike can do far more damage to you, then you can do to it.

          Although, my biker faze has been relatively short lived… Work commitments mean I have to commute long (300 miles or so) carrying all my worldly belongings. Meaning it being obviously impractical to ride.

      1. @whitechapel…..never mind scratching his balls……..he will have to get someone to wipe his ass forever now…..imagine him going out for dinner and sitting on the toilet calling for his wife or girlfriend to come wipe his butt

  1. ok, this freezing thing makes me remember something important: Can some US inhabitant tell me something about WINTER TEMPERATURES in the state of VIRGINIA? Its freezing cold like NY and Washington DC, or you can face it with a sweater and a light coat?

    1. Winter in Virginia is about the same as in DC. Northern VA gets more snow and is colder than Southern VA. So if you’re going to be in the Northern part better have more than just a sweater/light coat.
      Temperatures in the north will be 10 F to 30 F in January/February.
      South will be around 32 F to 50 F in the same months with some light snow sometimes.
      Hope this give you a little heads up @tulio.

      1. thanks boatman! i’m going to about 150km south-west of DC, but was doubting that crappy wikipedia statement of VA being “considerably warmer” than NY….the fact that tehy grow tobacco there can be somewhat misleading, as around Bananoamerica, tobacco is almost exclusively planted on tropical and sub-tropical places…the first thing i’m gonna do is buying some old-style woollen undies, you can’t find those around here anymore…

          1. No, @. He just needs to listen to me. How many times have you been to VA? Not many right? I have been to VA many, many times during winter so I know what I’m talking about. Wiki info is not very reliable.

        1. @tulio, So sounds to me like your going to be around Charlottesville, VA or if not there than Fredericksburg, VA? Ether way they’re both up north. Yes, VA is warmer than NY by a long shot. NY winters are brutal but anyway you look at it VA winters can be quite nasty at times. Better to be prepared than not. The mountainous areas get it the worst during winter. Hopes this little more info helps better.

          1. yes, Charlottesville, I hope they sell wool undies up there so I can keep my balls warm! In any case, the cold thing looks like a perfect excuse to buy some bourbon, chew old virginia tobacco and travel with my ancient al capone-style camel hair coat…. 😛

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  2. I have been a lurker for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and join in the discussion. So greetings and salutations to all – I hope to live up to the BG standards.

    So, my first contribution – I saw this episode. I takes place at U of OK trauma center. The beginning of the clip says the accident happened on I-40.

    Losing both arms and a leg = brutal. I know there are some bike riders amongst the BG clan, but I prefer to have a steel cage and air bags around me when I venture out onto the roads. I like my appendages.

    1. jynxed_karma

      Welcome to Best Gore and the only good thing about THIS guy’s new found life experience is that he ended up on Best Gore…..something that most ALL Fleshy Virus would REALLY REALLY(!) like NOT to end up doing.

      Safe to say that life would pretty much end when loosing BOTH hands.
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      So, while you still can, go now and take your fully-functional finger-vocal chords and talk words to us about stuff with them.

      1. He may never do much of anything for the rest of his life, but he has something that makes me jealous, a never ending supply of painkillers, sometimes you have to focus on the positive things in life.

        1. After I take a shit, I wipe and hop in the bath and run the shower head on my ass. Add soap and I have a blueberry smelling ass that is probably eatable. If I had no hands, I’d team myself to hold the shower head with my new STUBS?

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          1. @odgoso. you have not been on some of the tranny porn sites i’ve been on. you couldn’t tell these chicks were dudes until they whipped “it” out and unleashed the anaconda they were hiding.

  3. That guy lost both arms and one leg? Love the doc’s pun. “He’ll only have one leg to stand on.” Everybody’s a comedian, eh? Anyway, the first thing that came to mind is the vic won’t be able to wipe is own ass. I guess Mom and Pop will have to do it. Must be nice at their age to have to take care of their ex-biker son, unless they have dough and can afford to put him up in an assisted living facility.

  4. Honestly what I dont get is that he could move his fingers on the one hand. I know there was some major tissue damage but the tendons and nerves where still good. Can’t believe they didnt at least try to let the them heal.

  5. Stuff like this is why I’ll never ride a bike. You meet in an accident, either somethings gonna break, skin is gonna burn, or you turn into an ugly splat on the side of a building 20 yards away. Hell no.

  6. Any time I see such an event I decide to sell my bike and live with less risk, but I never do this, I have lost 3 friends @ such accidents, I am still riding, still speeding, when the 2 wheeled devil owns your soul, its not easy to quit. I bet this guy would ride again if he had the chance to get his arms and leg back.

  7. Motorcycle accidents seem to be exponentially more devastating than any other vehicular accident. Wonder how far the guy splattered his body across the road in order to end up looking like this? All illusions of speeding down the highway in a motorcycle just went down the drain for me…

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