Eviscerated Indian Man Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops

Eviscerated Indian Man Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops

Man became roadkill on a road in India. The eviscerated accident victim was on a motorcycle when hit by a large truck. You can see the driver of the vehicle tried to stop but was unsuccessful. The exacerbated situation of dying gutless and alone is counteracted by sea of gawkers wearing flip flops and recording his demise for later enjoyment. Too bad the dress he adorned was not in all actuality a drape shield of indestructibility.

As a fellow internet gawker, my expertise hindsight suggestion to him would have been to leave early and wear those indestructible flip-flops.


One’s memory tends to skip a lap or two after copious amounts of accident footage. This post is actually different footage obtained from same accident; so it’s pretty much like new.

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    1. Yep, I think he most certainly is dead.
      Cause of death: Stupid motorcycle accident causing immediate disembowelment and brain evacuation leading to instant death.

      But I ain’t no professional mortician. The above is just a layman’s guess.

          1. Alright, I’ll put two facts out. I’m not married and you’re a fuckin’ retard hooked on ebonics… Carnage? From the looks of your avi, you should call yourself Meateater, ya cocksucker.

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