Extended Version of Epic Pedestrian Annihilation by Motorcycle

Extended Version of Epic Pedestrian Annihilation by Motorcycle

Remember the video of epic annihilation of pedestrian by speeding motorcyclist in Brazil? Here’s an extended video of the accident – turns out the cameraman continued filming after the crash, just for some reason the original video was truncated to just the crash. I thought some might be interested in seeing the whole of it. There’s some additional info available too:

The victim was 46 year old Luiz Antonio Teixeira. He lived in Ponte Nova (New Bridge) which is where this incident took place. The motorcycle reached speed of 137 km/h when it hit him.

Luiz Antonio and his two friends Paulo Cesar da Silva (yup) and Antonio Fontes were returning home from work and stopped at the side of the road to pick up fruit called manga. There was no translation for word manga on Google Translate so I assumed that it could be mango, though that’s not 100%.

At one point, Luiz Antonio accidentally dropped one fruit and bent over to pick it up. The motorcycle approached very quickly and hit him square on.

The motorcyclist was 25 year old Tiago de Oliveira da Silva (no shit). His version of the story is that he was forced to take a sharp right curve to dodge a semi truck. He says he tried to avoid the collision with Luiz Antonio by swerving to the opposite direction but could not safely negotiate the dodge. At 137 km/h – no shit he couldn’t!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Extended Version of Epic Pedestrian Annihilation by Motorcycle”

    1. i loved this video so much i was showing it to a buncha peeps this morning….then i get on best gore tonight and by the grace of fuckin st. andrew theres a full version of it!

      honestly best gore …..so fucking sexy, keep it up πŸ™‚

  1. Well, every single one of us knew there had to be a da Silva involved in one way or another, but 2 of them? That’s almost really surprizing!
    What are the odds, like, 3-1, 3.1-1?
    Anyways, great follow up, GREAT video, and, as always, the corpse factory, otherwise called Brazil, comes through yet again for all of us.
    Thanks Mark.

      1. Yes, I know! My grammer and spelling are that of a 10 year old, and 90% of the time, mistakes are only cought AFTER I post the fucking thing.
        Live and learn, with out the learn part, and REALLY give or take on the live part.
        That’s me, camma’s and all.

    1. At least the population that we get to meet seems to be.
      I entered “da Silva” into my search engine and the results seemed to be peppered with business owners, murder victoms/perpatrators, and face book profiles.
      Pretty uneventful
      However (here in Reno) a few months ago I was reseaching what I beleive to be a body dump (for months, dozens of people, several time a week, would gather at this place with multipal road side death markers)
      The first result (reno body dump lemmon valley dr Reno nevada) was a little girl who was kidnapped, raped, killed and other nasty things…….her name? something something, da Silva.
      Good stuff.

  2. heh i was like:”Did he die ?”…view secs l8ter they bring a coffin. Me: “Oh God, he didnt even knew WHAT hit him.” poor bastard x) Oh and its amazing how blind this motorcyclist was, i mean…didnt he saw that the guy is grabbing something from the ground ?! lmao

  3. with all the motorbikes the guy shouldn’t have much of a problem getting parts for his and be on the road again , hope he had insurance.and on a side note ,at least their funeral service is quite prompt make you wonder if they already had his grave dug….

  4. there is no doubt the dude who got hit is dead as he was afforded roadside coffin service. no pesky coffin decisions to be made by the family. as for the motorcyclist he is called johnny blaze aka the ghost rider. he would need the protection of satan to walk away from that and he also has a new movie coming out soon called ghost rider: spirit of vengeance.

  5. I had to play the beginning twice because I missed everything but the sound the first time. All I can say is Holy Shit!! da Silva in black jumps up an WALKS AWAY?!?!? Too Much!! LOL Then, out comes…a gurney? noooo…a body bag? Noooooo…a FRIGGIN COFFIN!!! are you KIDDING ME??? LMAO and they lined it in plastic before they put him in it! Why did they bother?! It’s not like they’re gonna re-use it…. O_o
    LOL that was just too much! Thanks Mark!

  6. I love how they just pull a coffin out, plastic wrap him and see ya later. My god, I have to admit I actually giggled when it first happened. I think it was the noise. But in respect, R.I.P to the poor fella. Sorry I cant get over the whole, plastic wrap and straight in a coffin, that is unreal.

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