Face Scraped Up Dodging Car

Face Scraped Up Dodging Car

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @helloimdude, who scraped his face after hitting a curb:

Rode my bike down a huge hill and hit a curb at the bottom while trying to dodge a car. Ended up with a scraped up face and gash that somehow got a bunch of my hair in it.

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      1. Why not just have his mother participate in breaking the worlds largest gang bang? From my two minute research it would have to be 920 men but who the hell is going to count? We will need to film it in Detroit just to make sure that she gets all that nigger dick that she is craving so much for.

    1. this guy was operating a big clipper, for the sides of the road,

      some dumb kids were doing a picnic

      never saw fresh calf BBQ like that er ever agn

      blade stalled on a stone, the driver never even saw it

      the shredded pinic nappie was to die for

        1. got that right

          some fressh air, then look down and there’s a chunck of face on the soil,

          I wish I di have that vid Doc.

          a guy barfed blood in my mouth once, didn’t know if I should spit it out

          fucker died in my arms

          I’ll never forget his fucking agonizing pain

          the taste of his blood in my mouth as he died was the sweetest gift God ever gave me

          his name was Danny

  1. Doesn’t look like you were wearing a bicycle helmet. Tell me, why did you thought that violating the most elementary and basic safety rule of using a bicycle on public roads (wearing a helmet) was a good idea? Do you still think it’s a good idea? Do you agree that you’re one stupid mofo with an IQ of a dead rat for not realizing it sooner?

    Yes, I like bashing people because I’m very scrupulous about following safety rules, even if you are sure as fuck that you’re some kind of super human with ninja reflexes and the rules doesn’t apply to you, because no matter what, nothing is going to happen to YOU, right? Wrong, and I love when people prove it.

    1. Agree, best wishes to you ‘dude’ and may the power of the scar be with you.

      Too bad some members feel the need for verbal bullshitting another member instead of being happy for the upload.
      Well, just shows that BG members are basically like Brazil, you can find yourself sitting to someone decent while on the other side some arrogant abusive prick is smiling at you.

      Allen dejenigen, die so krank sind, wuensche ich Karma und hoffe sie sterben den Tod den sie verdiend haben und rotten im Hoellenfeuer.

      1. All those big fucking hairy dudes Dan,
        all laughin and swing hard dicks at you,
        yeah, at you, all soapin’ and laughin’ at you


        more fuckin’ whistles pal

        throwin’ soap at yer face

        some guy towels you

        what the fuck you think that feels like pal?

        make you want to nut?

  2. The bashing he is getting here by fellow members is worse than the injuries he got from his fall. He shares his story here along with some pictures and for what? So he can get put down and ridiculed for being an idiot? He never asked to get that face or to go through life a total moron. The least we all can do is be nice to him and not put him down for all of his faults. He can’t help it if he’s a moron.

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