Family en Route to Pick Up Relative Fatally Collides with Bus in Palawan, Philippines

Family en Route to Pick Up Relative Fatally Collides with Bus in Palawan, Philippines

This incident happened on December 9, 2017 in Palawan, Philippines. The camera man is a relative of the victims in the truck. His name is Mark Anthony Armigos, and the victims are his Uncle Oscar Moreno (driver), grandmother Raquel, and aunt Elizabeth. Oscar Moreno’s daughter (15 y/o) was rushed to the hospital, as well as their assistant April Galas.

According to the news, this was a head on collision between a bus called “Cherry Bus” and a Ford pickup truck, in which the victims were. The family is from El Nido, Palawan and was headed to the airport to pick up Oscar’s wife. They were supposed to have their family reunion this Christmas.

However the bus driver stated that the pick-up was on the wrong side of the road, and that’s how they got hit by the bus. But according to Mark Anthony (the dude with the camera), it was the bus who veered into the oncoming lane and was thus on the wrong side of the road. He even provided a collage of pictures extracted from the dash cam of the pickup truck. The pictures show the bus crossing the dividing line and entering the path of the truck before the collision happened.

According to the locals from the area, this road always has accidents, so this is not something new to them.

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  1. Yeah.. in my country.. the Philippines, there are a lot of these reckless drivers..not only bus drivers…There are a lot of accidents here that involved these fags.. I remembered a story from a friend of mine who works as an assistant of a trucker.. there was this accident that they have passed by that involves 2 trucks from the same company.. it turned out that both the drivers were playing jokes against each other but unfortunately it all went wrong.. i mean.. you know the thing where you would suddenly steer into the opposite lane because your friend’s on the side.. he told me that it was a severe crash.. he didn’t have any videos or picture of it cuz he said that it makes him uncomfortable when seeing such things.. by the way I’m sorry for my unbearable way of speaking in English.. I am a horrible English speaker.. I do apologize folks..

    1. I’ve been to philippines last year , visited palawan too , in the route we took there were long and tight roads , 1 lane for each way. Is especially dangerous during the night because public lightning is almost zero.. depends on the area there you’ll mostly find these roads, with no traffic lights . While i was there they were even announcing the death of town major by road accident , a big hole in the road .

  2. If you look at the tyre marks the bus made in the grass verge and the side the car was hit it’s obvious the bus swerved into the lane of the car crashing into the side of the car. The bus driver is the cause of this accident.

  3. What were they doing ? talking to the high velocity winds when it happened ??
    The car is now a total wreck …in a zulu state & so are the occupants who were en Route to Pick Up some Godforsaken Relative whose curse befell on them for their being quite late in picking him up.
    Relative may have to wait for ages to be picked up or perhaps their ghosts might transport him ; to the grave yard too and they’ll all be happy thereafter .
    Drive or ride not to collide …..exercise extreme caution please
    Hey I am telling ya! lol.

  4. no compassion for some people here, it’s a tragic accident and I don’t see anything funny about it and you folks make fun of it, I guess what comes around goes around until you and/or your families happens same way someone will make fun of yours!.. and so on a chain of Karmas!

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