Family of Four Crashes Motorcycle, Toddler Dies, Woman Wets Herself

Family of Four Crashes Motorcycle, Toddler Dies, Woman Wets Herself

Tragic accident occurred in Colombia. A family of four rode a motorcycle and crashed. All four ended up severely beat up, including a toddler. At the beginning of the video, medics appear to check the little one, who’s in a pool of blood, for vital signs, but abandon him and move on to check the others.

Another child, who appears to be a girl of around 8 years, looks lifeless, but medics are affixing a brace around her neck so at the time, she was probably still alive. Adult male, like the toddler, appears to have died so nobody deals with him. Adult female wetted herself and appears lifeless too, but medics carried her body away so she may still have had life in her at the time of the video.

The video was filmed on a very low quality cell phone camera so picture clarity is crap, but the extent of the tragedy cannot be denied. It would appear that none of the victims wore a safety helmet which was likely the main cause of deaths. They don’t appear to have been run over so there is no obvious trauma to their bodies, but they obviously banged their heads against the pavement and that was enough to to kill at least two of them. Whether the other two eventually survived – I do not know. But I wouldn’t keep my hopes too high that they lived beyond a few hours after being taken to a hospital.

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    2. I actually told my ex wife that we needed 3 kids just in case something were to happen to one, the other wouldn’t be left an only child… I guess it’s a fucked up way to look at it, but it seems perfectly logical to me

    1. Me soooo fking too, i wont look or view. Any childs ,abuse or death ,i wont and will not ,no matter what country its from. It hurts me a great soo ,,,shit it fucks up my. Heart ,but I’ll. Kick some assholes life up .if a child is in harms way in any fucking country ..thats just me ,,,im an American, and fucking proud.

      1. Its good to watch, makes you realise the fragility of life, and the consequences of your actions. I’m more aware when I’m on the road from watching countless terrible accidents, most of them avoidable. Best gore should be on the school curriculum! The young think they’re indestructible, a good dose of harsh reality may save a life.

        Unless you’ve seen a body torn to shreds you can’t see beyond the fun and the speed. Kids need to be shocked fo their own safety.

          1. @boozer Quit ego tripping!.
            So cause i choose not to watch the clips of a babys bleeding out or getting there head squished by a truck , ect i wont be able to “realise the fragility of life”?… HA! you can kiss my ass

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        1. Yes, it is true that you don’t need to watch these things to understand the fragility of life.

          But, if this had happened right on front of you? Would you lose your mind and need therapy? You cant turn off reality justbecause you don’t like it.

          That, is what BG is about.

          1. if this kind of shit happened in front of me (and it has) id waste no time trying to help. wouldn’t need therapy . would probably need some weed though. ive watched enough of these kind of videos on here I get the point.

            @bobcat I agree with everything you wrote I was only quoting you 🙂 I was replying to that cock sucker Boozer

          2. This kind of thing has happened in front of me. I have seen much human tragedy and death.Maybe I will step away from Bestgore for awhile. My husband hates for me to be watching it anyway, he says it is going to fuck with my mind.

        1. I ,know from reading and understanding the helmets capacity, and its impacts on humans damn knoggings, ive never ever ever seen a child’s. Safety helments for on road travel, ive seen safety, for bikes,skateboards, hiking,horse riden, for head safety gear,,,but not for motorcycles head gear but i wish it can be done,,,,,

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          2. Hey guys I thought the helmets were rom the family on the bike too, but they are actually the emergency workers helmets. If you look at the helmets on the ground and then the workers who are still wearing their helmets, they are the same.

            Very sad to see a whole family essentially wiped out in second or two, just doesn’t seem possible.

        2. i know. but it’s like, they should make damn sure that their children are protected with their own helmets. lol, that’s your fucking JOB as a parent! to make sure your child can grow into adulthood. this is a parental fail. “oh we live in a poor country” bullshit, no excuse. “oh everybody rides their whole fucking family around on one bike”, no excuse.

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  1. Awww what a wonderful morning, where people take the consequences, as death takes its toll for not following life saving regulations… 🙂 When on a motorcycle – Use the fucking helmet!

    Either you learn it the easy way, or you’ll learn it the hard way. I trully hope at least one of them survives and take this life lesson at heart…

  2. 4 people + 2 wheels + 0 helmets = Bestgore. Some people just really suck at math. Half a wheel and zero helmets per person is just asking for it. It’s too bad there are parents in the world who put their children in danger instead of protecting them from it.

  3. Poor lil dude ( munchkin ). I cannot get him outta my head! Hope he did not suffer. When i was in Dominican Republic, i saw many of foursomes on bikes. I even saw a five on one and took a picture of it! How the fuck do they justify putting their whole family in danger, instead of making a couple of trips ? Stupid fucker just killed his whole family. 🙁

  4. That could’ve been me and my family, except we don’t ride motorcycles and we don’t live in Columbia. Sad but they somehow deserved it. If you don’t think about your safety, especially the safety of your children, how can you survive on this harsh world?

  5. Although I survived, I can say I can relate with these people. My dad used to take me, my brother and mother on his motorcycle, more of a neccesity really but we never had a big accident like this one.

  6. So i’m thinking if accidents could only happen to teach us a lesson, then both kids would survive here and both parents break 3 limbs each taking them a year to recover but ultimately learning what NOT to do when your family needs to go somewhere.
    BUT… Reality is a cruel cruel bitch. It is heartbreaking seeing both kids die innocently in this vid. The little girl does not look alive to me.
    RIP babies, shame about your dumb parent(s).

  7. Hope this ride was an emergency ride….Like, she HAD to get that baby and 8 year old and that dude to a hospital or doctor.
    Otherwise, they died for no gotdamned reason.
    Stupid mother.
    Stupid Grown Man.
    Suicycles motherfuckers.

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