Family of Four on Motorcycle Hit by SUV Going Wrong Way in Philippines

Family of Four on Motorcycle Hit by SUV Going Wrong Way in Philippines

In the city of Capas, located in the province of Tarlac in the Philippines, a white Toyota Fortuner drifted headlong into an oncoming motorbike, causing a fatal, head on collision.

There was a family of 4 on the motorcycle. A boy died on the spot. Both parents died after being transported to hospital. Only a girl named Jillian survived the accident.

Meanwhile, people in the SUV gave zero fucks about destroying the family. They were like – oh, we just killed a bunch of innocent people, a family like ours, so let us rejoice that we are all alive, callous and wealthy, and let them all bleed out helplessly on the road, while we all hug each other.

The incident happened on December 25, 2016 and was filmed on a CCTV camera.

According to the information I got, the reckless driver has paid P500,000 (just under $10k US) in restitution to the family of the victims.

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        1. Dirtbikes are far superior for letting you live compared to roadbikes. I’m the same, I’ve always had a dirtbike since I was 7, but I won’t get a road bike. Sure I’ve ridden on the road, but I don’t like it, and had to many mates smashed up on them, it’s always been the cars fault, but not much consolation when the doc’s are flipping a coin to decide to amputate your leg or not….

          1. Notice no matter how expensive the road bike is it still can’t handle as good as a (duel purpose) dirt bike, great fun had them since I was 11 still my favorite style Motorcycle esp the ones with lights.. Got a Harley now I had to grow up.SMH

        2. It’s always the other people you gotta look out for not your own. My dude just rides his in less crowded and areas prone to having accidents involving motorcycles. He will never go east on interstate 4 in Orlando from where we lived (about 5 or 6 exits from downtown. Even friends that knew members of Outlaw bikers clubs, those guys abide by that same rule regarding where they ride. Another place I say personally is near the Disney theme parks as well. I cannot count the # of times I’ve seen someone slame on their brakes (even in the far left lane) cause they missed their road or exit on the freeway… someone did that to me and about 100 other cars on 408 east toward East Orlando/UCF area. They noticed they missed their exit for the 417 toward the airport and even though they were also riding in the left lane: Slammed their brakes on in back-to-back steady flowing 70mph traffic. It’s a miracle that no one got into an accident that day. If someone in the front wasn’t paying attention, there would have been a good 100 car pile up that day.

    1. Agreed @snookered1 The idiots in that SUV make me so sick, that i would love to line them up, and give them all, a swift kick in the Fucking Teeth. While on a motorcycle, you cannot just make a fast, last second turn, as you will wipe the fuck-out. And they only have to tires to brake with, & stop them, and not 4. It was not smart to drive a bike with 4 on board, but that should not mean a death sentence, because of a distracted, stupid driver either.

      1. You see how everyone is acting there? I watched this a few times to truly have an understanding of the dynamics of such a tragic moment for that family. Everyone driving are doing so selfishly and obliviously despite the fact that one caring person in a white shirt keeps trying to get everyone’s attention as to what’s going on. So much evil in this world it’s mind numbing.

    2. Yeah so sad, The famuly certainingly visit relative before the accident happened in spirit of christmas, unfortunately the woman driver of Toyota furtuner SUV, have been fall asleep while driving. The lone survivor Jillian suffered a multiple fractured in pelvic area rhat can be corrected only when she reach 18 years old so she will wait about 10 years to bring her life normally walk again.

    3. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder if humanity ever has a chance. They gave zero fucks about wiping out a whole two generations of people here. And they are probably some rich fucks that will never face justice. Probably at most paying a fine of a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile a little girl is an orphan in a flash. How terrible for her.

        1. I would have checked on all family members realized the child was dead then turned towards the floor for an object and bashed the careless drivers head into his arse shat it out….fucking twats! -_-

  1. I wonder why they always wait to hit someone hard, even if the vehicle is coming right in your direction, before pressing the brake pedal.

    All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere

    1. My friend felipe.s. is your second paragraph a line of a song??? I swear they sound like they’re the lines of a song I once had and like so much but lost it when my phone got stolen….
      I’ve been trying to get that song again but to no avail. … I would appreciate some help if you can….

    2. I think people usually do not realise how little time they have. They are used to seeing and avoiding cars going in the same direction. And now it’s kind of similar, but they’re closing on 10 times faster.

      1. @mentalimage Yeah, usually they don’t. But when people are really depressed they think a lot about the time gone by and how little is left. I think the only thing that keeps people sane is pretending there is no impending end and doing life’s mundane tasks – it makes you feel normal.

        sorry you meant literally, I meant metaphorically

  2. Oh shit there’s a car coming directly at us!!!!! Should I try to avoid it?? Should I do anything ?? Nahhh. Just gonna try perfect my triple lindy swan dive. Back to school came to mind. Don’t know why. Lol

    1. Lmao. I didn’t see that gonna look now. There’s. No way there’s 4. Ha. Holy fuck me. There were 4 on there. unreal. No wonder there’s absolute zero turn reaction. Like steering a cruise ship w 4 on board.

    1. Nop, it was just DWW (Driving While Woman) – One of the most dangerous forms of automobile operation.

      Woman: ‘I was talking on my phone and looking for my lip gloss and before I knew it I drove through the fence of an elementary school!’

      Officer: ‘You’re under arrest for DWW.’

    2. @dethbyplaster

      I’m thinking it was a combination of the local equivalent of holiday eggnog, food coma, and coming down from the stress of a family get-together. Wait, do they celebrate Christmas in the Philippines? Either way, it looks to me as if the driver dozed off and one SUV nap became three motorcycle dirt naps.

  3. Very unfortunate for that family on the bike, could’ve been another car they could’ve collided with but nope. Also the driver of that SUV must have the slowest reaction rate, playing back the video couple times he could’ve jerked back into his lane or at least attempt to brake fast.

  4. 4 people on 1 motorcycle? wtf? The only thing that would have made this better is if there were a monkey with cymbals on the drivers back…and then they were all stomped out by a heard of elephants wearing makeup.

  5. When I first joined this sight there was a shooting video at least every other day. Now it just seems to be prison videos and car accidents. Come on let’s try harder to please our viewers. And come on world give us something good to watch.

  6. I would be surprised if the person driving the motorcycle wasn’t driving for 24hrs straight nonstop… to me it appeared as if he was gone in his mind…. I put myself in that motorcycle at the moment it appeared in the footage at the same speed and would’ve seen the two cars in front of me swerved to avoid the 4runner’s driver…
    MoTomAn had plenty of time to safely react…
    Also didn’t payed much attention if he was driving on the half of his lane closer to the center of the road buT I think he was and if he was then the lesson to learn if you’re a biker is to try to stay on the half of your lane closer to the curve, you know increasing the surviving chances…..

  7. The guy at the wheel was probably having a little snooze-ette (or catching up on 40 winks, if you like), or sending a quick text.
    Then that rude family of 4 on a motorbike just ruin his day big time. Some people!

  8. Let’s forget about the innocent people we killed and that little girl’s ruined life. Come…let us hug it out and thank god the airbags didn’t deploy from such puny damage…fucking animals.

  9. I honestly think that half of the Asian country’s population should be sterilized and wiped off the map. I’m serious about this.

    These motherfuckers still can’t drive and lack empathy towards human lives.

    I would start with Filipinos and behead every single one of them.

    The female Asian cunt driver should be slowly beheaded.

  10. Fucking DWA! And of course it was a woman driver! Asian women should not be able to get their license for the safety of their communities. That useless piece of shit driver needs to have her license revoked and go to prison for murdering an entire family. How the fuck does this even happen??! She must be retarded as fuck. Uggghhh this pisses me if so much.

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