Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Not a whole lot comes out of my homeland of Slovakia, so when something does, got to take advantage of it.

The incident captured on a CCTV camera happened in the Borik tunnel, near the city of Poprad on December 20, 2018. The driver of a BMW allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, his vehicle hit the guardrail that sent him flying through the air and into the tunnel.

Despite looking rather spectacular, the 44 year old driver suffered only minor bruises and survived the crash. The car was however destroyed. The police of Slovakia subjected the driver to a breathalyzer test which came back negative.

Props to Best Gore member @atom-100 for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia”

    1. could be or this is making a reboot soon… ” Just a good ol’ boy never meaning no harm beats all you never saw been in trouble with the law since the day they were born…
      He was also trying to take a shortcut and go over the tunnel.. Just a cunt hair short!!!

  1. I fell asleep driving once and woke up in the median pointed toward oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the state I was living in had those musicical vibrating drunk bumps.
    Sadly, there are no cctv’s in that part if the state. If I had died, I wouldn’t have even made it on BG.

    Side note- lesson learned. I haven’t done 15 days (the last seven being 12 hour shifts) of work in a row since. And my new contract does not require call.

  2. He probably fell asleep, its quite scary, I’ve had that happen to me once at night after a long day. Was driving on a straight road, dozed off for like 5 seconds, next thing I know im on the grass headed straight for a tree, quickly swirved around it and got back on the road. That was fucking scary, although I was doing only 40mph so I doubt I would have ended up on BG but if it happens again some day I hope it happens like the video. Spectacular GTA style auto stunt.

  3. Looks similar to a stunt in Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis. One of the more recent die hard movies. Wonder if BMW will put this video in their commercial, “BMW, the car that can fly!” Lol

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