Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia

Not a whole lot comes out of my homeland of Slovakia, so when something does, got to take advantage of it.

The incident captured on a CCTV camera happened in the Borik tunnel, near the city of Poprad on December 20, 2018. The driver of a BMW allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, his vehicle hit the guardrail that sent him flying through the air and into the tunnel.

Despite looking rather spectacular, the 44 year old driver suffered only minor bruises and survived the crash. The car was however destroyed. The police of Slovakia subjected the driver to a breathalyzer test which came back negative.

Props to Best Gore member @atom-100 for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Fantastic Flying Car Crash Caught on CCTV in Slovakia”

  1. Holy-Fuck Mark @happy ,,, how could I Have Missed This Post, lol, When We Drove Through-It Maybe 4 or 5 Times during our Holiday this past Summer, when going to Visit That Huge Ass 13th. Century Castle/Fort, & Going To Visit The Beautiful Tatras Mountains.
    Actually “You Drove Dude” Cause I Would Have Been Lost, and Looking For Road Signs, Moreso Than
    Looking At The Highway, And Tunnel Itself maybe even ending-up flying around like him, lol,,, yea,,,No!

    It,s Incredible that this Guy Survived with only scratches, And No Broken Back, Pelvis, or Hip, When Smashing back down to the Pavement. 🙂

      1. @despy
        Lol, Then Spis it is!
        But funny eh Girl? that Mark & I Drove through that Same super long, and brand new tunnel at least 4 or 5 times last summer in Slovakia?? And i kept mentioning how well built,,, well lit,, and just how safe looking that tunnel was.

        Inside this super well lit Tunnel, there are wide sidewalks on both sides equipped with exits. These fire-rated doors have a flight of stairs equivalent in height to a 5 story building in case fire breaks-out, and people need to evacuate. They simply walk up those stairs, and end-up on top of it which is on the side of a hill, and up to safety.

        And for breakdowns, there are phones right next to these emergency fire doors exits at every thousand feet or so. It is just too cool to now see it again, but this time on a B G Post, lol. Fuck Mark himself could have filmed-it being that he only lives a short distance away from it. 🙂

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