Fatal Accident Between Motorcyclist and Car Caught on Dashcam in Ottawa, Canada

Fatal Accident Between Motorcyclist and Car Caught on Dashcam in Ottawa, Canada

Fatal Accident Between Motorcyclist and Car Caught on Dashcam in Ottawa, Canada

At the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Conroy Road in Ottawa, Canada, a motorcyclist was fatally struck by a car. The incident took place on July 25, 2020 and was captured on a dashcam.

As the dashcam footage shows, the e-motorcyclist took a left hand turn, with which he cut off the oncoming passenger vehicle. The latter was not going hella fast, at least it doesn’t seem so to me. He was able to bring the vehicle to a stop within the dashcam’s field of view, and the place of impact also fit within it.

In my opinion, it was the motorcyclist’s duty to check whether the left turn was safe to take. Obviously, the light was green for both of them. But the biker just went like a woman expecting the world to yield because she’s coming through. Plus his helmet was fastened about as tightly as any dead Brazilian biker’s.

What do you guys think? Am I correct in my assumptions of guilt, or did I miss something there?

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155 thoughts on “Fatal Accident Between Motorcyclist and Car Caught on Dashcam in Ottawa, Canada”

    1. That’s a weird ass intersection. First thing I saw in the picture was the hood reflection and I was like is that real?, then I looked up and LMFAO! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Canuck!!!! Interesting fact: 8 people later died from coronavirus as a result of this, including the biker.

    2. I applaud the efforts of those who come to give assistance. I thought it was kind of stupid for the white SUV driver to park where he did. He’s pretty much asking for another accident himself.

    1. True he/she didn’t move or even make a sound. Nevertheless, there is a massive difference between the way that white Europeans/North Americans, etc react and respond to accidents and their victims, than do other races. Try watching a few accident aftermaths in India or Asia/China.

      1. Yep quickly understanding He/She can do nothing to help the poor biker who’s probably already dead or suffering serious traumatic brain injuries. In both cases the best thing to do is to call an ambulance and make sure nobody move the victim.
        In shitholes known as India/Asia you would most expect to see a bunch of retards yappin at top of their lungs and dragging the victim all over the place, ending up completely ruining the video….. them freaking idiots!

    2. @super smash
      Quite possibly the front of the car buckled a bit on impact and he could open his door to get out.
      Or…just as likely, he sat staring into space uttering “I’ve killed someone….i’ve killed someone….my life is ruined”. I.e. going into shock.

  1. It was the motorcyclist’s fault because he didn’t have his indicators on thus giving the impression to the driver that hit him that he was going straight on like the red car before him.

    Still. If I was that driver I would have approached that junction slower due to how messy it is. Regardless though, the blame lies with the motorcyclist.

    1. It wasn’t the motorcyclist’s fault, simply because “he didn’t have his indicators on.”
      In any event, the video is not clear enough to determine whether the biker was indicating or not.
      But even if the biker WAS indicating, (and indicating, correctly left), it was STILL his fault.
      Visibility appeared good. The junction / crossroads was wide and flat.
      The biker failed to properly observe and assess, which resulted in his failure to notice the oncoming car which introduced itself quite forcefully.
      I am surprised he succumbed.
      If he had only yielded to that oncoming car, he would not have needed to yield to his maker.

      1. I have a large and expensive 4K computer monitor so take it from me he wasn’t indicating. I would have seen it if he had.

        That said, they were both being lackadaisical but the one not indicating properly is to blame for the crash per the rules and law of the road.

      2. The indicator is a good observation, but another one is also the fact it was maybe seconds after point of impact the light changed from red to green for the driver recording. As someone who drove in Ottawa for a few years, that light was definitely a solid yellow when that accident occurred and both drivers should not have tried to “make it through”.

        However legally I the vehicle (motorcycle) making an unsafe left turn is at fault.

    1. Pound to a penny dashcam driver was alone. Not all of us screech out when witnessing a sudden tragedy. Especially when alone.
      I do though, even if alone. Probably more so when alone, as I am less inhibited. But then, I’m not your average: “everybody else.”

  2. it is the motorcycles fault for proceeding into on-coming traffic as he should not have risked making the turn on the yellow. i live in Ottawa and cars run the yellow light and sometimes red all the time. not worth it… he should have stopped.

    1. How on earth do you know the lights for the biker were on yellow?
      You must be assuming this, because no way can it be determined from the video. In any case, even if his light was green, it was still his fault. I hope the driver of the colliding car sues the motorcyclist’s estate for all costs – and damages.

    2. I also live in the area of this accident and this intersection has a left turn signal light which after viewing the video – it would have been a solid red. The left turn signal would have engaged after a lengthy cycle.

  3. I can’t believe they checked his neck and pulse for any signs of heart beating, That guy clearly got hit by a car went up like a ragdoll dropped back down and hit the road, What do you expect, him to just stand back up again and continue his day like nothing ever happened, He would be dead if something like that happened to him, People are just stupid.

  4. It was totally the motorcyclist’s fault.
    The video is not clear enough to determine whether the biker was indicating or not, but even if he WAS indicating, (and indicating, correctly left), it was STILL his fault.
    Visibility appeared good. The junction / crossroads was wide and flat.
    The biker failed to properly observe and assess, which resulted in his failure to notice the oncoming car which introduced itself quite forcefully.
    I am surprised he succumbed.
    If he had only yielded to that oncoming car, he would not have needed to yield to his maker.

  5. Seems it’s turn out that there are foolish and dumb drivers allso in Canada, if the is green traffic light to bouth directions, it means that there’s no aloud taking left turn for each ov them… I see allso in my country , cyclers thinking they own the road and drive as the way they want ..after that complaining why they got destroyed…
    Most of them who drive that way are horrible persons..
    How you drive, it’s says who you are..

  6. You can see with the timing of the lights that the sedan was likely entering into a yellow/red light change. This is a classic scenario. Always fucking make sure traffic stops before making the left turn at a light change. While we’re on the topic, always look both ways before entering an intersection of any sorts.

  7. Huumm am i suddently colorblind or that ride or die genius is a little too much dark skinned? I would guess he is by the state of total confusion from a basic rule of driving, proving his obvious lack of IQ… Probably one of da muslims disgusting piece of shit!
    Fuck him!

    100% white, 100% proud

          1. Hospitals need to up their game if they’re going to get my business. Last time I went to the hospital a man put his fingers in my anus. Not cool. I told that janitor to fuck off right back to his broom closet. I wasn’t even there to be checked out I was trying to get a bottle of water from the commons! I didn’t see one sexy nurse in the entire hospital while I was there. Fucking heresy.

  8. What’s with all the masks lining the guy’s dashboard ?

    Hopefully who ever piloted the black car is heartless asshole as it was totally not their fault yet knowing car you were driving killed someone leaves ability to haunt rest of ones days

          1. Downtown is spotless now, they really got it together. I bet it even rivals Windsor

            Unfortunately few streets over in any direction your comment definately applies 🙁

  9. Hey everyone, i actually take this route to work when i am on rotation, and i know the traffic light pattern here, the only way to make a left or right turn at that intersection is by getting a solid turning signal, in which all traffic stops except for those 2 turning lanes. Its impossible that he had a green light making that left hand turn because firstly, when those two sides of traffic are flowing, the turning signal goes first and then the through traffic goes, you could see traffic flowing by before he got hit, which tells me he ran a red light, the driver is not at fault, biker is at fault 100%. I have driven on that road in all directions and its always the same, first the turning signals go, and then its the through traffic, usually when i wait to turn its takes about 2 minutes cause its a main artery when it comes to traffic and rush hour. Hope this clears things up. Cheers!!

  10. Is this Canada, no fuckers react..!!
    I find it so rude – The person who hit him stays inside the car, and the others take a pulse and seem scared to even touch him.

  11. Both of them are on the wrong here. Although, according to traffic rule. The car was the most at fault since the light was red on its side. And yet, The driver still going full speed for whatever reason.

    1. The car that hit the biker had a green light, the red light you see on the top right, presumably the light that belongs to that driver who hit the biker is the left turning light, i drive through that intersection all the time for work, the biker ran the red light and the driver had the green. When that side of traffic goes, first the cars turning get a solid signal and then the through traffic goes for 1.5 to 2 mins, it’s impossible the biker had a green light when the driver had a green as well, trust me….theres a reason why that biker got hit, its cause he ran a red turning signal light.

    2. Can see the lights turned green for the dash cam car, meaning the biker was running a yellow and so was the car that should have stopped to give the turning bike …it’s polite but not necessary
      That red car ran a red also , almost hit buy a turning car

      1. Dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about, i live near there and i take that route to work and i have driven each way on that intersection, the car that hit the biker either had s green or was running the yellow light, the biker however, he had a red light, i have driven through that intersection and to make that left turn that the biker did, you need to wait until you get a solid turning light to turn left, when you get a green to make that left turn, its only that left hand turn and the one across the street making their left that, no other lanes of traffic have a green…trust me i have driven that route 100’s of times so i know what i am talking about, you simply don’t understand that intersection and don’t have enough information to make a correct assessment, that left turning lane the biker took, its a double turning lane, you don’t have double turning lanes with a green light, think about it, you would have two lanes of traffic entering into the intersection waiting for a gap to make their turn , doesn’t make sense lol

  12. I’m with Mark on the narrative…in a junction like that where the curving-turn and oncoming straight-aheads both have a green light, the one doing the curving turn normally has to wait until the oncoming lane is clear before negotiating the turn.
    That’s how it is in the UK, not sure about Canada.

    But that car could have slowed down. I always drive defensively, you never know what people in front can do. It’s not all about right of way.

    Poor guy.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about, i drive that route to work 100’s of times and i know the pattern of the lights as well as the lanes in that intersection, i have driven through all sides of that intersection, the biker had a red light, i know that because that left turn the biker took is a double turning lane, meaning two lanes of traffic turning left, its impossible to have a double turning lane have a green light when the through traffic has a green, does it makes sense for two cars to be waiting and looking for a gap to make that left turn at the same time? No. The car had the green, it seems like he might have been running the yellow light because a few seconds later, the dash cammer had his green light. The only way to make that left turn the biker did was to wait 1 to 2 minutes because its a double turning lane which requires a solid turning signal, its a main artery in the city, thus the long wait time depending on rush hour and time of day. You yourself can’t make a valid assessment of the situation because the camera doesn’t show all the lights in the video and you are guessing what lights are red and which are green. 100% that biker had a red light and the car was running the yellow light. Ill give you more information about that biker, the type of bile he had was an ” e-bike ” which does not require a license, and the biker was not wearing a helmet. It is my belief that he knew he was running a red light, because there are two sets of lights for that double left turn. If the dash camera was even 1 car length behind the original video, you would have been able to see the double red light the biker had.

      1. Point taken, mister. If you’ve been on that particular junction a few times, then you have expert knowledge which is better than my conjecture.

        If the car had a green light, then it’s not the car driver’s fault.

        My point is that when approaching a hazardous junction, where you or someone else can screw up, it’s best to go in 2nd gear, give yourself time to think, be ready to stop or turn suddenly if something gets in your way.

    1. Justin Trudeau made Canada into a third world country, a few years ago we accepted something like 25-30 thousands Syrian refugees in Canada, in about 20 years sharia law will overtake common core values in Canada

  13. Wow! I’m impressed with the aerial acrobatics it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s super dead dude. Total ragdoll poor guy. Reason why I would never be caught dead on bike too many idiot drivers.

  14. For all of those who don’t believe that biker was running the red light at that double left turning lane, simply go to GoogleMaps, enter Hunt Club Rd and Conroy Rd in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. Check the street view of the perspective of that biker that got hit, you will clearly see that those double left turning lanes have a red light, and the through traffic lanes have green lights, thus proving that the biker ran the red light and most likely the car ran the yellow light, which would not have mattered since all other lanes of traffic had red lights so its not like he had a risk or hitting anyone, but the car driver did not know the biker was gonna run that red light, and for anyone that cares…the speed limit on that road is 80 Km/h, however leading up towards the intersection of the accident, it turns into a 60 km/h, i have driven that direction 100’s of times and cars go 80+ on that road regardless what the posted speed limit is, so most likely that car was going 80 km/h or more when they hit that biker.

  15. At least he gets to do a flip over a car before he dies. Good for him. Not a lot of people get a chance to do that. Most of em just ends up becoming a pile of hamburger meat smear on the road.

  16. Don’t they say in your final moments, the sum of your life flies past your eyes ?

    Nice picture, His helmet is already on the ground behind the car while he’s still auditioning as Big Bird.
    What are the odds he’s thinking of how much he saved by switching to Geico ?

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