Fatal Accident in China Leaves Man Impaled on Bridge Barrier

Fatal Accident in China Leaves Man Impaled on Bridge Barrier

Earlier today in Laizhou, China, a speeding car lost control when its tire unexpectedly burst and flew off the bridge. Of four passengers inside, three died landing on the highway below, while one was stopped from falling over by the barrier.

Whether he was really lucky not to die is debatable, seeing as he was impaled through the midsection on the barrier post. He probably envied his friends splattered on the road below, as he was helplessly stuck there with his exposed ass crack saying “Hi” to the world.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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134 thoughts on “Fatal Accident in China Leaves Man Impaled on Bridge Barrier”

          1. Look ma a got a abdomen gauge!! Damn that guy is fucked either way. If they left pipe in till hospital then took it then it would be like a pinyata…but not a fun one

      1. I agree! Intestines fucked. Liver…uh…hell no. Stomach?…iffy at best. Pancreas and spleen probably equally fucked. Spine–probably the least of his worries. Being in China? Probably not survivable.

    1. None of you seem to realize that he already had that hole in him from a previous encounter with a drill press, and now he was lucky enough to get that hole caught on that post so that he wouldn’t fall down to that road below.
      He’ll be fine.

  1. geez theres so much going on in this video!

    You must check out the way they fix that guardrail to the vertical posts. Just a round bit of flimsy metal tackwelded in between… wow thats so dodgy.

    And then this guy managed to wriggle himself in between that construction!

    Thanks for this video African-Angel 🙂

  2. Damn….that’ll knock the wind out of ya. Good thing he’s actually a terminator sent back to kill the people in the car with him. Now the nuclear war can begin the apocalypse in China and John Connor will save the rest of us.

        1. thats true the middle section of your body is your engine, its where all disease originates,where your immune system wages battles, and where everything in your body is processed. your mind is your consciousness, but your mid section deals with everything else. i just cant see how he can go on with all those major players gone, he would need some organ transplants rapid thats his only hope.

  3. a fucking small mirror slipped through my fingers earlier and went vertically straight down and hit my middle toe, split instantly like someone had run a stanley knife blade across it, it bled for a short while and stung like fuck but seeing this video has just made me not give a single fuck about the accident now, wow bestgore does put things into perspective no matter what sh1t you got going on this site brings you a dose of how lucky you really are.

  4. Guy probably slammed the brakes after the loud pop and made the car spin out, having 3 tires shouldn’t have killed 3 people. Could say he was driving on a busy narrow bridge but if he was going fast as shit then too bad other people had to die.

  5. That looks so painful. I don’t think he’s to lucky being impaled slowly dying while he looks down at his dead splattered friends. If he was the driver I hope his last painful moments were of guilt knowing he killed his friends because he wanted to speed. The reality of Tokyo drift.

  6. So I’m assuming Mr soon to be dead lardy arse rolled the motor onto the barrier and was plucked from the car like a fat sardine from a tin, whilst his chums cartwheeled over his head to the road below.

          1. empty soul was a gifted person, he used to label himself as just a drinker who posts on BG, but i know he was alot more than that,he touched many on here with his insight and deep thoughts and opinions. if there was ever somebody to truly take mark’s throne .. i would have wanted empty soul to be it, he became a true legend on this site. he will always have a place in my heart.

  7. Imagine being stuck on a pole, unable to move, while staring down at the bodies of the people you were just having fun with. The man had to be in shock, and hopefully not in any physical pain. I’m glad that our bodies give us that gift of not feeling deadly injuries.

  8. …it would be very mean if someone was walking by with a jar in his hands filled with fire ants and then dropped them into his ass crack , saying something like ” well…now what you gonna do about it huh? ” ..I don’t know why but it just came up in my mind…

  9. Fhat the wuck !!!!!!!!! .Holy Jesus ! ………..now this impaled up chink is looking more like some space craft ready to take off on a space odyssey
    waist down much of his innards seem totally destroyed but he needn’t worry much about that ; cause that pipeish bridge rail will subsitute for his anal cavity for sometime to come anyway .
    I wonder if that bridge barrier was feeling lucky or feeling shy of that sumo’s weight .

    or Was it the driver that got freaked out or the car itself …….

    1. @steaknsidneys…………Yeah MOST OF these SLANT EYED chinky sickos ; relish dog meat more than any other meat and they say its one of the best delicacies .
      And they know not that every delicacy has its intricacies …..lol and there he will die like one centrally , symmetrically ,well parted divided .They ought to have ran a hack saw below that fatsy torso of his.
      No more dog meat for him no more . Dogs in his neighborhood can heave a sigh of relief finally .

  10. Once upon a time I had a blowout in the rear passenger side of my truck. It’s a little truck, about the size of a 70s model station wagon. It’s set up like driving a sports car, handles well and the way the transmission is set up is definitely high performance. So I’m cruising along, cross a shitty bridge. As I got to the other side, still going 70 mph, it blew out. No real tire left. I just held on to the steering wheel, didn’t brake, coasted to the side of the road. Didn’t even break a sweat, didn’t turn my stereo down. I only turn the stereo down when I need to focus on driving more than usual. It’s been said that more than 80% of rear wheel blowouts roll their vehicles, I don’t see why but that’s just me. If you can’t stay upright with a blowout then maybe you shouldn’t be driving. Seriously. It’s in driving school, taught to teenagers.
    So this guy is an idiot. His passengers should have worn their seat belts, they wouldn’t have splattered on the road beneath the car. So, if he lives, he can spend the rest of his life knowing that he’s responsible for his friends’ deaths because he’s an idiot that needs to learn how to fucking drive. If it was a female driver I would be saying the same thing.

  11. One of those times where it seems someone got fucked over by not dying. He must be in a horrific state of mind…or a fucking awesome one depending on how deep his state of shock is. At least ge can join the carnival freakshow. “Come see the man that can fist his stomache!”

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