Fatal Accident Leaves Person Cut in Half on Road

Fatal Accident Leaves Person Cut in Half on Road

Aftermath video of a fatal traffic accident shows first responders attempting to rescue a survivor trapped in an overturned vehicle.

They’re not bothering with the other person, who’s further up the road, torn in half with innards spilled out, and legs separated from each other.

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          1. There have officially been more added, –
            Q – queer or questioning
            I – intersex
            A – asexual
            And there has been another one added recently that I didn’t know about
            P – pansexual

          2. Yes and only ‘they’ can use the word, it’s politically incorrect for ahem ‘normal’ people to use the word. Actually I meant heterosexual people, not normal people, anyway who IS normal these days? πŸ˜‰

          3. There’s an ‘intersex’ now? What the hell is that? Why do people keep adding letters?!

            Also, are you the one who likes George Carlin, tas? He did this stand up where he talked about how the term ‘shell shock’ became ‘battle fatigue’ then it became ‘operational exhaustion’ then that became ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ lol. I think the same logic can be applied to this

      1. haha @LF, off topic here (again, I know) but do you listen to Tenacious D? Jack Black is just as good a singer as he is an actor, his songs are simply fucking awesome! If you haven’t listened to any, may I suggest you start with Beelzeboss (the Final Showdown), that song rocks, πŸ™‚

          1. haha no joke, my son filed in some paperwork the other day and there were 3 boxes you could tick, M, F and ‘other’. You can actually claim to be some other gender than a male or a female. Is it for confused people who are not sure if they identify as a male or a female? Some people are ‘fluid’ they refuse to be boxed into one gender, lol.
            Also the song Beelzeboss is very sweary heavy rock, so do not listen to it at work, whatever you do!

          2. Also the ‘gender’ thing is getting serious, major dept. store KMart has decided to take away signs that say ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’ it is offensive to say that certain toys should be only played with by the original sex of the child they were marketed for.

          3. I want to punch these politically correct assholes. You can’t say or do anything without being a racist, sexist whatever. I am a straight white female and proud of it. Suck on that.

          1. @ LF

            You are almost a straight white male – and I wouldn’t be admitting to that anywhere in the western world. Chances are you’ll be denied employment and jailed for hurting someone’s feelings, even if it wasn’t actually you that did it…..

    1. @tas tiger

      I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with your assessment of the dead body gender. Shapely legs can be easily explained by cycling but those arms, mate, they have been pumping some serious iron……

        1. Ok, I’ll admit it, my ‘guns’ n ‘arms’ comparison is slightly exaggerated. And now you know that I am an honest person the, you know the big ‘gun’ in my shorts I mention on occasion, really is a big gun……..I’m a proud Daddy, what can I say………( Seriously, I still wonder what I did in my previous life to have been rewarded like this….)

  1. I apologise if it sounds like I’m winging but why can’t I view any of the newer videos? Yes I know it was said that Apple devices might have problems with them but I could watch them just fine until yesterday without any issues so why is this just happening now?

  2. “I left my guts in San Francisco
    High on sick ganja, the road calls to me
    To be where all my parts climb halfway out my ass
    I may not be able to find my legs, but I don’t care
    Because I left my guts in San Francisco”.

    That can’t be a woman on the floor. I don’t see any breasteses, he looks like he has a 5 o’clock shadow and he has some huge arms for a chick. Look at those guns.

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