Fatal Accident on the Road of Death in Bolivia

Fatal Accident on the Road of Death in Bolivia

Bolivia’s El Camino de la Muerte or the Road of Death which connects La Paz with Yungas has earned itself a moniker of the most dangerous road in the world and rightfully so. This narrow road built on the steep slopes of the Andes has no guardrails and is subjected to frequent landslides or rock falls.

The one particular section of the Road of Death shown in this video is featured in many other videos because it’s already very narrow, it’s on a curve and is made even narrower by the landslides. Many a vehicle fell into the endless abyss on its Eastern side and with each sliding vehicle, the outer edge of the road gets narrower and less stable. Larger vehicles like buses or trucks are particularly vulnerable because aside from being wide, they are also long.

The bus in this video was doing all right but its rear wheels got on edge of the road crumbled by previously fallen vehicles and since it had recently rained, the edge was slippery and once the rear end started to slide down, there was no stopping it. The bus disappeared into the ravine below.

Perhaps if the slopes along which the Road of Death is built were not so steep, some strong trees could grow there and provide natural barrier which would prevent long falls down, but with near vertical cliffs, only bushes and small trees grow there. Vehicles that take a slide are bound to go all the way down and that is bound to be fatal.

Props to Bolivian Best Gore member herrchris for the video. Herrchris also pointed out that the traffic accident video posted earlier also happened on the Road of Death in Bolivia:

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      1. Not only will I have a helmet cam but it’ll be hollowed out that way I can mule back some coke lol, People on bikes go their all time its not as dangerous as it is on four wheels, even cars do alright its the buses and semi trucks that always end up falling over. The roads are tiny they’re literally one lane mountain roads which are used mostly by buses and semi going both ways from town to town.

  1. i went on holiday to Bolivia 3 years ago and did a mountain bike ride down that badboy, the day i was there in that exact same spot an English guy ran over the edge and dropped 40mtrs to his death, We carried him out half alive and stepped over a few buses buried in the under growth on the way up to the road. I still reckon theres a few bodies down there stuck with the bus driver that killed them. Fuckin bus drivers. Anyway id recommend Bolivia as a great tourist destination if you like gore and eating stinky guinea pigs.

      1. that road is notorious though… cant really blame the drivers who risk they’re own lives and the lives of others just to make the meager living that they do… in the end the driver and passengers all know when they start their journey that death is a definite possibility.

        1. It’s not like they really have a choice, the majority of bolivians live high up in the mountains and I don’t have to state the obvious that the majority also live in poverty, so when they have to travel and people do have to travel either to buy or sell crops, animals, coca leaves or whatever they have to travel and the only real cheap and constant way to travel is by bus, now the majority of Bolivia is mountain jungle and as everyone knows it rains a lot in the jungle, so if you can imagine driving a large heavy bus filled with people and animals at night on a tiny one lane cliff side road that’s wet and muddy as hell then you can understand why so.many accidents happen there, from what I here the bolivians government is wanting to do something about the road what I’m not sure,

  2. Why the hell even try getting down that narrow road? It’s either make it or die. I don’t get it. Why would that huge, probably expensive bus think he may make it across that road. Also, is that the only way to get from the one point to the other? That is just too sad. I wish I hadn’t watched that video. Poor bus driver!

    1. @Buffsmom, I felt bad for the driver/ passengers too!! You’re right, its make it or die. The drop offs are more than 1,800 feet and the road is 10 feet wide. In Bolivia, you drive on the right hand side of the road, but on the Road of Death, vehicles drive on the left. The down hill driver never has the right of way and has to move to the outer edge. The whole area is pretty mountainous, so there aren’t alot of alternate routes..

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  3. Look at it this way, each bus that rolls down that hill ends up on the bus that rolled before it, so before too long you’ll end up with a ravine full of bus wrecks and a safe road.
    Clever people these Bolivians.

  4. The least expensive of all fixes would be to order tour busses with air locking differentials. It’s a common enough option for bus and truck axles, costs about $700 as an option when you order it from the manufacturer, which is a drop in the bucket when you order a $250,000 plus vehicle. It wouldn’t fix all accidents on this road, but in this instance, evyone on board that bus would still be alive because the left rear tires wouldn’t have spun out, causing the rear end to slide sideways and down, down, down.

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