Fatal Collision Between Car and Motorcycle Caught on CCTV, Motorcyclist Spins

Fatal Collision Between Car and Motorcycle Caught on CCTV, Motorcyclist Spins

Fatal collision between a car and a motorcycle was caught on CCTV in Baixada Fluminense in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The accident occurred on Sunday April 3, 2016 in the district Posto 13. The couple traveling to Nova Iguaรงu on the motorcycle died. According to reports, the driver of the car was drunk and drove in the wrong lane.

The man who operated the motorcycle died on the spot. The girl who rode pillion died on arrival in the hospital. Both pulled sick spins through the air on impact.

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    1. I think Synchronized Dying may be Brazil’s host nation introductory and experimental Olympic event this summer. I’d give that execution at least nines or nine and a halfs, almost professional quality, really. At least that venue should be finished in time.

    1. Right? I don’t think I can recall ever hearing of one drunk driver smashing into another drunk driver and killing them. Or does that mean they’ll BOTH LIVE? Hmmmm…

          1. seriously, Cory. time to stop playing. i’m just in Papa Bear mode right now. been trashing a lot of comments. cleaning house. i mentioned the other day everyone getting too lax.

    2. @Little Foot
      The drunks often the only ones to survive, and that sucks. It’s actually the alcohol that saves them. Because they are so intoxicated, their body is very relaxed, so they tend to bend with the vehicle as it crashes, as opposed to being crushed. So not right for the sober victims. ๐Ÿ™

  1. hello to all the BG members,i have been a member a few years back but had a time out in one of the “state hotels”.beside my familie i missed BG a lot all those years ,so here i am (excuse my English i am Dutch).

          1. He’s Dutch, so he could have fingered a dyke. They don’t like it when men do that to them even though that act was once thought to be heroic.

            Welcome back in any event, sonsofperdition!

  2. Synchronized dying? Sounds cool, but we’ll never have repeated champions, as you can only die once and you won’t even know you won :/ That’s probably why it never caught on. But this couple deserves the gold medal for sure. Rest in peace awesome dying couple.

    1. Not exactly synchronized dying, as she died on route/on arrival. Although I can’t remember if we’ve had any “conversations” on BG, I did want to say I think you have a lot of funny comments ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. No; I was referring to Cory. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Who cares that she (the pillion) died ‘on her way’ or on the spot – she karked it. Dead. Passed Over. And Cory is saying “not exactly synchro dying”. Given the generally lax comments and flights of fancy, to see a pedantic comment was a shock!

            Kudos to Cory as well, by the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Guy on motorcycle: Hi Gabriele, you wanna go for a spin on my brand new motorcycle? I know that I should have bought a car, but motorcycles are so much fun. Don’t you think?

    Gabriela: my mom said that motorcycles are dangerous, but who listens to what mom’s say, they were never young and have no idea what fun is. Besides, you only live once. What can go wrong? People, these days, are so mature when it comes to driving that I just can’t imagine anyone driving drunk or high.

    Guy on motorcycle: That’s right! What can go wrong? Here, put on this cheap helmet and flip-flops and let’s get the motor runnin’, Head out on the highway and go lookin’ for adventure or whatever comes our way. Yeah Darlin’ let’s go make it happen. Like a true nature’s child
    We were born, born to be wild. We can ride so high we’ll never gonna die.

    Ten minutes later they were both dead.

    Moral of the story, don’t wear cheap flip-flops when driving a motorcycle.

    1. Get your motor runnin’
      Head out on the highway, Looking for adventure, In whatever comes our way
      Yeah, darlin’ Gonna make it happen, Take the world in a love embrace
      Fire all of your guns at once, And explode into space
      I like smoke and lightnin’
      Heavy metal thunder, Racing in the wind, And the feeling that I’m under
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      Gonna make it happen, Take the world in a love embrace
      Fire all of your guns at once, And explode into space
      Like a true nature’s child, We were born, Born to be wild
      We can climb so high, I never wanna die
      Born to be wild
      Born to be wild

      1. Hey Andre – I tried sending you a message, did you get it? Anyway, I also put it at the very end of our convo when you provided me with details about Cuba. Just click “conversation” where I put the questions I had & hopefully you’ll see it. I think you have to open conversations in order for the “reply” button to work. Not trying to come off as a know it all, just that’s been my trial and error as I try to figure that part out! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Ha ha, I guess the music could be a lot worse @DK. I was just reading that Portuguese parents have to choose their newborn’s name for the birth certificate from an approved list of Portuguese names and that nicknames are frowned upon in general? I guess that’s one way of making sure you don’t become a laughing stock of the entire world because a celebrity chooses to name their kid “Blanket”, “North West” or any of the other retarded names seen in the US (like Lequeeeesha) ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. Yeah but that rule only applies to whites in here. If youre a nigger or a gypsie (and there are a shit ton of them in here), you’re allowed to have stupid names like “lana” and “Ja?lson” or other fucking shitty name. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. That was a clean and swift way to go for these two Brazilians. At least they didn’t end up like our other Brazilian under the bus tire.

    Life comes at you fast Brazilians. Too bad Nationwide insurance is not on your side.

  5. I pulled up and stopped to turn left at an intersection. Across the intersection, through the 55mph traffic, I could see an old man hurrying to finish the first half of the crosswalk. Then before he finished crossing, he stopped and started to bend over and grab a lucky penny. I thought, “oh god this is going to end ironically. I’ve been watching a lot of BG.” Then he made it across okay.

    1. Umm? good question! Looking at it from a physicist point of view, I believe this is what we would call linear plus rotational momentum.

      If the Brazilians were driving faster adding speed to the linear impact it would had given the Brazilians on the motorcycle higher rotational speed therefore creating higher rotational momentum creating a stronger rotational force pulling them into and around the impact point.

      Therefore a smaller static flight could’ve been obtained.

      So, my conclusion is no! That parabolic flight wouldn’t had been obtained at a higher speed.

      1. Haha. The imagination can be comical. The factual breakdown can be funny in a lunky kind of way, like a person with downs syndrome who takes themselves too seriously. Btw, don’t take that as me saying you have downs…

          1. No. I’m usually being facetious. In case you ever wondered. I leave no question if ever I am truly aggravated or serious.

          2. I see. Well I hope the next Brazilian that crashes head on with a motorcycle with two dasilvas does it at a faster rate to check what happens.

          3. They need to get creative. Brazil has fallen into a dull routine. Motorcycles and flip-flop crashes, angry women/men stabbing women/men, two guys on a motorcycle shooting folks up… Much like the mexicn cartels and ISIS had to step up their games when dull knife beheadings became boring, so must the Brazilians. Maybe the next motorcycle crash will involve an actual aircraft and spinning propellers…

          4. @siniko

            I’ve been thinking the same. They do need to step up their game. I miss those past collisions like that one with this Brazilian chick left with her eye hanging, faced destroyed. Also, this other one with a passenger bus that crashed with a truck and a aftermath video showing the embedded bodies with Brazilians in it.

            I believe in Brazilians though. I’m sure they won’t let us down!

      1. If they had bird bones, they might be closer to achieving flight, but that hollow bone structure would have crumbled on impact and they would have just turned into floppy meat bags warbling through the air.

  6. From what I can gather from the comments (for some reason I can’t watch the video on my phone): No gear, flip flops, two people on a bike, going a decent clip. The girl didn’t deserve it because she was just a passenger but holy fuck the guy gives riders a bad name. Sure the driver was drunk but still, if he’d been going slower and they’d been wearing gear the chances that it would have saved them in tantamount.

  7. Wrong or right which ever the lane ;Brazil has vowed never to disappoint ! Cause in Brazil when ya do it right, its wrong !! and vice versa .!!!
    The video has the couple speeding up riding their two wheeler in their right lane(so they thought ) and some drunkard coming in to them with his four wheeler (so he thought ) as he chose that’s to be his lane. All combined now there you have six wheels but the couple didn’t like the idea and they got their initiation and execution of ” feeling like birds kinda cartwheeled flight ” end up with turning themselves as pulp results.

  8. and that’s a solid 8, from Da Silva with the triple backflip
    unfortunately lost points for not sticking the landing
    it may be the loose flip flop,effecting everyone this competition.

  9. This should be Brazil’s olympic entry for the gymnastics this summer, in case the real Brazilian Olympic team doesn’t do well.

    I wonder what when through their heads as they went spinning: “Shit. We’re spinning. This is not happening!”.
    I wonder what went through the driver’s head: “D’oh! Did I really bash into them?”

    Shit that was a terrible way for them to go. Truly awful.

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