Fatal Collision Between Two Bikers on Empty Road in Pasuruan, Indonesia

Fatal Collision Between Two Bikers on Empty Road in Pasuruan, Indonesia

Fatal Collision Between Two Bikers on Empty Road in Pasuruan, Indonesia

On October 18, 2019, a collision between two bikers occurred in the city of Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. What I know is that the collision was fatal, but I don’t know whether both bikers died, or just one.

The accident happened on an empty road at night. The was ample room for each motorcyclist to safely avoid the other, but both rode down the middle and ran into each other square on.

To me it looks like the biker coming from the left was riding too fast. His bike seems to fishtail, so he probably tried a maneuver to avoid the other biker, but due to the excessive speed, could not safely do so.

The other biker also could have stayed on his side and not assumed the oncoming traffic will avoid him. You got to take responsibility for your own safety on the road yourself. Relying on other drivers to respect the rules, signs and speed limits could quickly leave you crippled or dead.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. I love Nerds In Paradise it’s a great sequel imo. Most people disregard it but I’ve loved it since I was 10 when it came out.. dating myself lol.

      1. This has to be the dumbest accident I’ve seen.
        I mean, the area was well lit. Good visibility.
        And as long as both bikes were in their own lanes, no prob.
        So some cunt was in a lane he shouldn’t have been in,
        and the other cunt was too cunting to NOTICE that the other one was coming
        straight for him, in the wrong lane.
        So .. the attempt to swerve needed to happen alot earlier.
        This is what you get for not paying attention.
        I noticed too that the pedestrians could hardly give 2 fucks
        They were almost gonna just walk on by ..

    1. If you ever expirienced target fixation,you’ll understand. Especially if one shit leads to another. I assume he lost control for some reason and moments after that he noticed another biker and “oh shit,what do?” moment. By then its too late.

        1. @·°*~Juicy~*°· ‘
          Juicy ya sweet thing you,,, Always glad to see you as your cute face always puts a smile on mine, cause man i miss you and your Funny/Witty Comments. And yes sweet heart life with teenagers can be quite challenging to deal with to say the very least!

          But i am happy to say that our last of 4 Boys is done with University, and our House is quiet, clean, and ahhh what a relief darling! 🙂

          1. Oh well That’s good Girl, cause you will see how quickly 2 years or more of University goes by man, as it truly flies by, and hurrah for that lol. 🙂

            As for the members from the old days,,, not many remain, as they come and go. But Myself & Lisa or @Illegalsmile55 ,,, @Brokeback ,,, @SenorPiggy ,,, @Emptysoul ,,,& Yourself Hun are most probably the most 6 most recognizable members still remain loyal as always to Mark & our Beloved Best-Gore. 🙂

          1. @hopingfornemesis– I’m naturally a brunette. My hair naturally highlights though as well so I usually have blonde mixed in there. In the fall and winter months, I like to go darker. I’m a Gemini and love change! So right now, I’m mostly chocolate brown but there is most definitely red undertones!!

          1. My dear, please do not misinterpret my attempt at humor as to any doubt about you. Someone else brought it up. You’re taking aim at the spectator. Lol!

          2. @stevehamm my bad. I didn’t even bother responding to that one. Normally I get any humor but these norcos (had a surgery yesterday afternoon) have me a little slower than normal but in any case- I’m juicy- the girl in the pic.

          3. I’m jealous- they gave you norcos? Nothing but ES Tylenol for my post-surgery pain. I guess I can thank the current ‘war on opioids’ for that. Nurse actually mentioned that.

          4. @msneats Alright, I have a fellow gemini bg sister in the same state. Btw, I also know you’re real 😉
            You’re not kidding, these pain doctors are really fucking over one of my family members who has everything wrong with her spine, neck and hands and also needs a disc to be removed in her neck because of the risk of paralysis if it remains in place, but they won’t give her anything more than Tramadol which is not working, may as well be Tylenol.
            She’s been prescribed Norco and Vicodins in the past, but now they’re all too afraid to give her either.

          5. @hamburgerbob Tramadol, lol! As effective as Sour Patch Kids.
            After cervical spine fusion, I was given Darvocet. Been around for years and works. Found out, around 2008, was banned in just about every nation, but the USA. Causes heart rhythm problems. Finally off the shelves here- about 6 months AFTER I took the last one.
            I despise the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex! Along with the FDA!
            All I depend on these days is a TENS unit and Tylenol.

  1. How the fuck do you pull that off? These third world drivers no rules or common sense.
    Remember the guy who hit the cart hauling dirt and the donkey went flying? If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a laugh if you can find it, sorry I don’t have the link.

  2. Reminds me of my ‘Evel Kneival’ toy motorbike in the 7os !!

    Except ‘Evel’ always made the jump, and stayed right way up !!

    Go Evel !!!

    You Cocaine snortin, gamblin’ cheating, gansta, Cunt-Rag !!

    Rot in Hell !!

    1. @bad johnny, wtf brother let Evel R.I.P. what ever his downfalls in his life were just know he bought and paid for em. Shit didn’t that crazy dude rent limousines for convicts out on a work release program? I think he caught hell from the judge? I also had that bad ass toy. Always imagined if Evel would of pulled out the Snake River Canyon jump. That would of made him immortal!

    2. @Bad Jonny,
      I had one of those too when they first came out. I think I was 7 or 8yrs old at the time. Best Christmas ever. Evel jumped everything in my house and lived… except for the ceramic tile staircase (it was a 3 story house).

      1. Yeah, that toy outsold GI Joe one year, and made Evel literally millions!
        Until he had some guy held down and beat with a baseball bat till his arms were broken, and Evel went to prison, then the toy co. dropped him and his toy like a hot potato !

  3. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible, aren’t you, huh? You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun.

  4. What is even more strange than crashing in such avoidable circumstances is the calmness of the citizens “coming to help”. Because it is a video, I thought they had caught some kind of spirits coming to take their souls away. But they are real people & it would have been very appropriate if they were carrying Sickles

  5. god fucking damn it is it just me or is anyone else bored out of their fucking mind watching unwhite poor people die like their lives are even more worthless than everyone else it is so fucking unoriginal its like im watching a fucking ant be stepped on. #fuck3rdworlders

  6. The Both of The Bikes Simply Slipped On A Wine & Puke covered road!
    And Since It Happened On An @EmtySoul Own Road,,, Then Yea,,,
    It does make much more sense Ta Me now, eh my good B G brother
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    So if i am trying to explain only a couple of my medical-issues to all the new members that come along (like yourself) it least it gives them a chance to get to know my story, and why it is that i do what i do, and that is to speak the truth As God Is Always Watching,,, Always! Cause with them not knowing what’s up,,then how without knowing the story, can they judge you, or call you slow/stupid and a baby

      1. @SteveRH69
        Thanks-Man, as it’s nice to know that you care enough to read-it, & as a result i now know that You B G Bro, Won’t be calling me a dummy, Slow, or a Slow-Learner. Because even if i am out of no fault of my own i should not have-it thrown in my face by the Clic Oftentimes.

      1. @Hamburger Bob
        Thanks Brother for your kind words!

        And iv’e been meaning to (tell you/let you know) that you have always cheered me up while at the same time have this calming-effect that i cannot begin have this calming effect on me Man with Your Comments, Whether Funny/Witty or with a Serious/Normal-Tone, it doesn’t seam to matter whatsoever dude.** Now Is That Not Super-Weird Dude,? lol ? 😉

        So It took me about half of a long day to complete the write-up. So I Would Say about 5 hrs. to write that-up.And since i suck at writing, it takes me very long to write anything with more than just one paragraph. Also,,, half of that time, or ( 1/2) So about 2.5 hours to finish my sentences at the right time and place to make it all sound, and look right!

        Again thanks for your encouraging Words, and just for reading-it all as it makes me very happy to share-it with You B G Brother & Friend!

    1. This comment was so long it made my wanna kidnap and rape David Attenborough.
      With a skipping rope handle.
      Then hog-tie him, cut of his penis, and dice it up and sprinkle it on a pizza (I’m out of anchovies) ..

      It was so long it made me wanna try ‘docking’ with a 6″ cactus !

          1. @Bad Jonny

            You’ll have to watch that fucker cause he will,,,
            – Hunt Ya Down,,,
            – Hold Ya Down
            – Tie Ya Down,,,
            – And Then Pound Your Ass,,,
            – T’ill The Cows Come Down, 😉

            I Know that it’s supposed to go T’ill The Cows “Come Home” but “Come Down”Sounded Much Better, and it Actually rhymed, lol. 🙂

        1. HaHa .. That was brilliant

          – Hunt Ya Down,,,
          – Hold Ya Down
          – Tie Ya Down,,,
          – And Then Pound Your Ass,,,
          – T’ill The Cows Come Down

          Makes me wanna starve my Pirhanas for a month, then cover my dick with peanut butter and stick it in the tank (just for laughs) …..

  7. It would have been nice if the camera was zoomed in more… and it was daytime, and the two riders were really hot naked chicks covered in warm baby oil – wait, what the fuck is wrong with me?

  8. Although they all walked-up to the accident scene nice and chilled, after the 2 bikes were lifted by 2 different individuals,,, i bet that before the Ambulance or Cops even got near the scene, that they were both missing their jewelry, i.e. rings,,, chains,,,earrings ,,, bracelets,,, watch, and Any Cash that was in their pockets or inside their wallets is all long gone along with the 4 Cool-Cats, lol. 😉

      1. @Fuck Pig
        That Fucken Memory-O-Mine Brother,,,, It Gets Me every single day Man!
        Like to Forget B G’s Mascot* Ze-Flip-Flops* yea now that’s quite fucked-up
        for me An Old, Long-Time Fart Like Me Should Have Never Forgotten-One! 😉

        1. All is well and forgiven brother. No real need to fret over flip-flops…
          Well, if you’re in “our category” of human existence. anyway ;-).
          The rest of them? Fuck ’em.

    1. Of course… but there’s no money in it. So fuck the chinks… or (INDIE) chinks…
      What the hell is the slang for these Indonisian scum anyway? Gooks? Japs? I dunno.

      1. The US will probably help in exchange for more missile launch pad sites (Pointed at Russia, of course).
        I don’t know any derogatory slangs either. Not enough of them pissed me off, I guess.
        Hey, how about Indo negroes?! Or Indinks?

      1. Was headed there a few years ago. But, the pilot made the wrong turn at Albuquerque on Flight 370. Woke up in a strange land next to a huge monolith.

        All I kept saying was, ‘It’s full of stars… it’s full of stars!’ What a TRIP! (Also saw a cartoon version of the Beatles and their yellow submarine).

        But, to answer your question- no.

  9. soo many cars and traffics… they move soo fast that you cant even see them on the screen…

    then BOOM !

    red light !

    pedestrians cross the road in line…

    perfect system imho. should be everywhere in asia… oh wait, its already there.

  10. @hopingfornemesis


    If the dead muzzie’s wife hasn’t blown herself up yet on Earth, is he cheating, when he fucks the 72 virgins, or do they come under a seperate ‘Freebie Clause’?

    When your muzzie mole of a wife does blow herself up, is she No. 1 wife in Heaven, or does she line up at the rear, cause she was last to get there?

    Can she kick any of your 72 moles out, if she doesn’t like them?
    Do they become part of another 72 for another muzzie ?

    Can the dead muzzie pick underage ones, like his hero, Muhammed?

    “Islam women must dress modest”
    This means they must be clothes and veiled in Heaven.
    Who makes the clothes?
    Where does the cloth come from?
    Do you get colours, or is it all ‘white’?

    To fuck, you must have a real body, real penis, and ejaculate real sperm.
    This means you have bodily fluids up in Heaven.
    Does this mean you have to piss and shit still?
    IF so, are there toilets up there?
    If so, where does the paper come from?
    Is there a shop, if you run out?
    What if you gold encrusted muzzie toilet blocks up?
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    Does it come back to Earth, as acid rain?
    If you are bi-sex, can you order 36 women, and 36 gay muzzies?
    (Not allowed on Earth, but .. Does the Qur’an apply in Heaven ?)
    Maybe you can be gay as fuck!
    …Or a pedophile!
    (I’m sure Muhammed wouldn’t tell Allah, if he’s doing it too….)

    What a dick-face, mole-rat of a Religion !!!

    1. religions are fake, all of them.

      created by some guys who realize how eaasy it is to pretend that this or this is a decision of an invisible figure that rule everything. but still ask for donations and stuff.

      the biggest scam in the world, turned legit by some shit eater king/queen/emperor who ruled the world when human kind was 90% analphabetic.

      “my husband is going to jump out of this 5000 feets cliff… will he survive ?”
      “your husband do that in the name of god, he wont survive but he will be happy in heaven”

      that kind of bullshit… no heaven, no hell, no shit, our whole life is in our brain, human made their life in their brain, turn off the brain and human are nothing. god is a part of the brain disease some peoples have.

      whatever religion, its all fake and shit. not a single religion is actually accurate in his own history. and not a single decent proof have been revealed in any religion that a supposed “god” exist.

      imho, peoples who trust religion are peoples who get scammed of their life in profit of some fuckers who get easy life out of it.

      1. Wow Holly !! You are HOly !!
        You have hit the nail right on the head.
        This whole ‘concept of God’ is ludicrous (actually I’ve got a poem about it I might put up, in stages).
        It is all based on ‘superstition’ that some kind of good or evil ‘spirit’ is watching us, and will punish us if we fuck up.
        Hence, in ancient times, when a storm came, the people thought the spirit was attacking them for fucking up.
        So they looked around for what they did wrong.
        Couldnt come up with anything .. So ..

        Next they kill a lamb for the spirit, to appease it
        Next they kill an adult (jailbird) to appease it
        Next they kill a freeman to appease it
        Next a child

        Finally, a human baby sacrificed, which was done for ancient Egyptian spirit called Moloch/Baal and is still done in high satanic rituals to this day (the very top elite of Europe/USA)

        People see that photo of ‘Eminem’ bathing in a tub of human blood, and think it’s a gimmick
        But it’s not

        He’s letting all the high elite of Europe/USA know that he is ‘part’ of the TOP SECRET: “Satanic power comes only from human blood, not from piss-weak white witch ceremonies around a pentagram.

        PS – Notice what shape the USA Military HQ is ?? :
        Pentagram (the inside of one)

        Notice what the USA emergency Ph No. has always been? 9/11
        But on TV they always call it nine, one, one – so people don’t put the two and two together, that the reason the Jew NYC attack happened on 9/11 is because it has always been an important ‘occult’ number.

        England’s emergency Ph No. ??

        Which is when upside down?

          1. i just base myself on real fact.

            check all religion in the world. they are pretty much all the same.

            islam, a religion that just pop out of nowhere thousand years after many others (yeah.. sure -_-, that’s a true religion LOL)

            buhddist ? they suppose to have a religion of peace and all…. and what you have to do if you follow that religion ? to give money, gold and food to a bunch of lazy monk who live the easy life without working or aint shit. (oh yeah, monk life is super hard and all… pfff, they are just bunch of lazy fuckers.)

            same goes for ALL religion and monk/priest and all the shit.

            lazy peoples who live the easy life by using the credibility of others, making them believe in an unexisting form of pseudo entity overpowered in exchange of their needs without working for it.

            if god, whatever god, will really exist, i bet he/she/it would have whipe out the whole planet long time ago.

            everything happen because of our act, humans or animals or else. they are no god, only science and logic.

      2. I don’t believe in organised religion, but I do believe in God. Hell is real. We are in Hell now. This world is Hell. From the moment we are born, the world (everything and everyone) is trying to destroy us, and eventually it succeeds. Also, God instills in us a strong survival instinct, the will to live, which prolongs the agony by preventing most of us from committing suicide.

        It’s like being in prison. All we can do is serve our time, keep out of trouble, and hope for an early release for good behaviour. Suicide is the equivalent of a jail-break. If we do overcome the self-preservation instinct and kill ourselves, it will result in us coming back for another life in Hell.

        God twists the blade by making a few people happy. This makes the rest of us feel even worse by comparison. He’s smart like that.

        Of course I could be completely wrong, and it’s all just random chance. But then how and why did it all begin?

        1. @swordofthelord You are correct about this being hell. About the rest we can only really guess. I’m done with Christianity, i’ve run out of cheeks to turn. That just makes life worse.
          i agree with what you say about some people being happy whilst most of us are miserable but should we really blame God for that or man? Why do we blame God for everything when it’s man who is pretty much responsible for all the pain. Having said that i do hope that royal family would at least have something rotten happen to them instead of sailing through life without a care in the world

          1. You are so right. God gave man Free Will remember. So God is blameless to a degree. He also said I could clean up this garden full of weeds but I may accidentally rip up some good plants as well. He predicted we’d turn all to shit and also Lucifer reigns on Earth .He was cast down here.

            Well if he is God ,why is he going to accidentally do anything .He is all perfect so should be able to straighten all this shit out ,right?

          2. Everything we did, we did to ourselves. blaming god is like niggers blaming the white man for everything that goes wrong in their lives. It’s as small minded as that. The mistake is we think karma comes back on us personally but it’s like this, i kill a man, his child suffers..not me. We do stuff and it just passes misery around. Eventually we all suffer anyway.

            I feel sure that soon all this will end just as it has in many cycles before. Then it all starts again. We’ve been here for over 300 million years or more. Over and over again.

        2. Wow, Sword .. You are indeed Holy !!
          You have hit the ‘nail right on the head’

          You are too smart for this fucked up World
          You should leave it!

          But .. I still want smart brains like yours’ around

          To TRY to teach cunts, the holy things that you KNOW

          Well done!

          Go rape a whore .. Till she begs “No fuckin’ More …”

    1. If they were carrying rice , they don’t need to throw it. It’s probably all bloody and such. Ah what the hell, throw the bloody rice. It’s ALL HALLOWS soon. Betcha didn’t know I’m a witch. Hehehe. I’ll get that Dorothy and that little fucking runt of a dog. Let’s BBQ it.

  11. That’s what you call Asian Chicken.

    Or Motorbike Bingo. And these guys both lost.

    What happened is one guy can only see out of left eye, the other guy can only see out of his right eye. So of course neither swerved. BINGO!!

  12. ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.’

    Is that the BG equivalent of a ‘time out?’

    I’ve just been relocated to the corner of the classroom, Lol!

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