Fatal Crash Incinerates Four People on the BR-101 in Recife, Brazil

Fatal Crash Incinerates Four People on the BR-101 in Recife, Brazil

Three car crash on the BR-101 in Recife, Pernambuco-Paraiba, Brazil, killed four people who were incerated after the impact. Around 6 am local time, a Ford Fiesta collided with a van which caused the van to erupt in flames. A truck that had just passed another vehicle that was following the car and van very closely then hit the wreckage. Five others were injured but were rescued from the scene. Rescue crews and bystanders could do nothing to help the people burning in the van. One rescuer identified as MaurinΓ©cia Francisco de Sousa, commented on the futility of the situation:

We saw those people dying and could not do anything. We managed (to get) the most (victims out). We were afraid it would explode. See(ing) those people being burned, (asking) for help, and you (stand by) helplessly was horrible.

Relatives identified all of the victims who were construction workers from Goiana, state of Pernambuco. The group went to work on a project in the district of Bessa in Joao Pessoa, leaving Goiana at 5 am. The other five injured were also construction workers and were taken to hospital where they are all expected to recover.

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      1. I got the same, but I was able to log in ok, and I am no getting logged out so its all good.
        Those evil jews really don’t want the truth out on how bad they really are is all it means when they attack a good site that tells truth.

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    1. It’s in my top 5 but for some reason, drowning has always scared the shit out of me. I think we’ve all had a close call while swimming where you feel completely helpless…like deciding to go swimming in the ocean during a storm (while drunk). I can still remember getting sucked under by the waves and feeling like I’d never emerge. Sucked big balls lol.

      1. With an experience like that I don’t blame you for feeling so strongly about dying by drowning. I would’ve been scared too. I hope you learned your lesson πŸ˜‰

        I remember when I was little getting swim lessons and the instructor told me to jump in the water and promised to catch me but when I jumped he moved his arms out of the way and I sunk straight to the bottom. That was my last swim lesson and I ended up teaching myself. Bastard -_-

        I hope you had a good New Year’s πŸ™‚

        1. @LF
          That swim instructor sounds like a dirty asshole lol. And I actually had a pretty good New Years; drank some moonshine and hard cider as well as ate some good food with friends and family. Nothing too crazy but it was fun. How about you?

          how about surviving an airplane crash but landing in the ocean, just to be eaten by a shark.
          I personally picture you going out seeing how many blowjobs you could receive before dying from dehydration. That would be pretty epic πŸ™‚

      2. @DOS, I remember many times as a little kid, getting tumbled around under waves, half drowned! lol! I soon got back in though, no wonder I am a very good swimmer now, I had to learn to swim well so I didn’t drown! I love the beach.

    2. Like Mark used to say – it sucks to die while on the job trying to earn an honest living. These guys had to travel an hour or more to get to work and this is how their day starts/ends. But I guess it satisfies our need for gore to start the year – someone has to do it!

          1. I agree @ladybug. Both can experience torturous, agonizing deaths for all I care. Perhaps I should’ve specified government assistance that we the hard working people pay for. Nothing pisses me off more than lazy leeches who don’t want to work and expect to get money the easy way.

          2. There’s my beauty @LittleFoot……not that your cookies were bad to look at lol! I agree with you regarding those people who purposely have multiple children from multiple fathers, that they dont even care for, just so they can get that monthly check that they feel they DESERVE!!!!!!!! WTF???

          3. I know what you mean LF, I use to live in the hood with niggers and every last one of them were on free government assistance, (welfare) they all would sit around out side and yell at each other, and when night came, thats when all the thugs would be out drinks and fighting and shooting up the place, so glad we only lived there a few months and moved.

      1. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again. I absolutely adore my friends. There are a lot of them. As much as I love their individual uniqueness coming to this site with most of you is pretty completing. I don’t hide my true self from anyone. Ever. But I’m the only freak of the bunch. That’s why I like it here. Madness and conversation lol

  1. “a Ford Fiesta collided with a van which caused the van.”
    …which caused the van …WHAT!? 😐
    (Just kidding. I know what it ment. πŸ˜† )

    Ahhh i wish there was a video of them burning inside… nothing is more appetizing than a barbecue in the making. πŸ˜›

  2. Hello all.
    First, I’d like to say that I have been visiting bestgore for years now and I can hold my silence no more. I have seen all the videos and read every comment… not in a stalker way, but rather, as a way of self-education and searching for truth in my own personal world. I can honestly say that I think I truly belong here. With that being said, I had a very troubesome thought the other day while roaming BG. My thought was this:

    What if we, ( the “free-thinkers” and individuals who refuse to believe only what we are force-fed by any corrupt media outlet or government) only “think freely” because we have a subconscious desire to obtain all of this power from these groups that we so dislike? What if we would eventually abuse all of that power in similar ways? We already have evidence of that right here on this website we call home. The most prominent members here have the power to accept or reject people to the community who leave comments they dont like… or the power to remove said comments… and/or ban those who speak out in a way that threatens group ideals. What if the people of the world who should truly have such power will never have it because they lack the motivation to control? What if we are just the other unhealthy extreme to all of these terrorist acts and radical groups that we talk negatively about?
    If you’ve taken the time to read my comment, thank you and i’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I felt like I had to share my thoughts and I’m very excited/interested to hear the other serious members thoughts on mine and if I will be accepted into the group myself. πŸ™‚

    1. Lurking for years yet you misunderstand the most basic principles of the site.

      So you’re speaking of Best Gore “elitism”? yes, of course it exists. all are welcome, but few are accepted. it must be this way, otherwise we let all the wrong people in with their facebook and youtube bullshit and just becomes another liberal or juvenile playground. this site is protected from political correctness and people who attempt to change our way will be met with extreme hostility every time. it is our right. it is our domain. if you cannot accept that, you will kindly leave. i don’t come into your home and tell you where to put your furniture.

      too much harm has been done by too many of the wrong people finding us. we want to be left alone.

        1. I personally didn’t take your comment as an attack. I thought you made some interesting points and I see where you’re coming from but I also agree with @Obli about the wrong people being here. There’s usually a troll or 2 or 3 coming around trying to start shit or attack members for their comments and they’re usually driven away. These past couple of weeks there have been constant attacks on the site because of what is on BG. It’s understandable that people are very guarded or defensive even about certain members and their comments. I don’t mind different points of view or opinions as long as people aren’t assholes about it. I think your comment was just an honest and interesting opinion. Welcome btw πŸ™‚

          1. Thank you so much, Little Foot. I will never understand why someone would want to troll or silence such a great website. At first, it was shocking to see such truth about the world, but now I cant imagine not seeing it. Re-reading my first comment, I realize that I could have made those same points without mentioning or criticizing the very people who work so hard to keep the site up and running. Again, I’m sorry Obli… very first comment jitters I guess. haha.

          2. Ditto @LF (my queen ;p)…even though ive also lurked for a couple years, im a newbie in the commenting sense (and probably have no business commenting on this subject). But Ive literally seen every video on here ( many of them multiple times). I respect everyones opinion even though i may not agree with all. I feel welcomed here. No one has given me any undue bullshit, but i dont have a problem with it, i can hang. I skipped the introduction and just jumped right in with my comments in a respectful way. I felt that comfortable here. @Obli, i hope i didnt jump some vital protocol by doing that. If i did, feel free to stomp my ass.

          3. @Colin

            I agree, at first the site was shocking but I’d rather see the ugly truth and it’s terrifying how blind some people are to what’s going on. As frustrating as the attacks are, I think it shows what a good job the writers are doing on the site because haters are trying to silence them from speaking the truth.


            I think a couple others have done the same where they just started commenting. There’s so many members it’s hard to keep track anyway lol. And once again you’re too sweet πŸ™‚

          1. One fuckin hundred percent agree with Obli on his seven words, “…..we just want to be left alone”. Period. That says it all in a nutshell.

      1. I do not mean to interfere with the conversation but I have stumbled across a devastating shotgun video that you all would greatly love to see but have no way of uploading it. I have no idea how to upload content from another website but the video itself is worth the trouble. I’m also a new member who has lurked on this website for many years unnoticed and unheard. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks πŸ™‚

          1. Thanks gramps! After fiddling with video link downloads and a bunch of other stuff over a couple hours, I was finally able to send in the video to the BG contact services. Hopefully we’ll see it “pop” up on the feed sometime soon. πŸ™‚

    2. @xColinx,

      Since Best Gore is a website with a large and varying collection of people it can and does mirror society in some respects, without the burden of censorship of course.

      Now, reality being what it is, people will often find safety and comfort standing behind those who belong to the largest opinion base because it protects us from harm. Safety in numbers after all.

      The above is why Islam is so dominant in much of the third world, not because everyone believes in it but because they fear what will happen to them if they do not.

      Our everyday Societies are much the same then in that those who have right-leaning political views will feel far less inclined to share them if they live in a left-leaning society and vice versa.

      ?Free-thinking? in the above settings becomes stifled because opposition to what is effectively ?the social norm? will always be viewed as a negative direction and it is this inflexible, get-in-line process that creates the abuses of power you talk about because when no one dares to question anything all that is left to do is to follow out of fear of becoming one of the abused themselves.

      The point being that inflexible forms of governance will always turn to censorship and punishments in order to keep the current system going and so long as any new groups that come into power follow the above they will eventually become dictatorships and abusers themselves.

      However, it would also be folly to allow a group of people to destroy society based upon their own ignorance and/or greed. Mass uncontrolled immigration comes to mind here in that those who support it do so only because they are ignorant of it’s cause and effects or they are greedy and wish to profit from it.

      The above is why open debate without censorship is so important because it creates well-reasoned answers to what would otherwise be one-sided questions.

      Anyhow, I digress because Best Gore is a website where opinions are challenged, sometimes aggressively so, but never censored or banned.

      We have members who are pro-Israel despite our anti-stance, we have members who are black despite my and many others anti-black comments and we have Brazilian members despite our negative depictions of the place etc because so long as people don?t post death threats ect their opinions and comments are welcomed.

      Now, the above does make it seem like everybody is at each others throats all the time but that?s only because most other websites censor and ban comments that do not fit in with the political aims of the website and so their website forums become mere echo chambers, which gives a distorted picture of reality.

      The real world is ugly and full of differing opinions and so people do challenge each other aggressively all the time, despite how uniform our societies are presented to us by our governments and media.

      My conclusion, if you have a thick skin and can roll with the punches join in with us and have fun because you will learn far more about humanity on here than you will from any corporate financed website.

      1. I think there are people on here who expect everyone to fit certain trains of thought, which is exactly why I myself sometimes go against the grain. I dance to one tune, my own tune, regardless of group thinking. So yes, I understand where @xcolinx was coming from there.

        1. Aw grim. Glad to hear your pooch made it through. I watched some dirtbag shithead shooting off bottle rockets? Anyway them with a bottle of liquor in his hand. Dumb shit almost burnt my fence down. Drinking and fireworks is a dumb fucking combo.

          I was nice(ish). I asked him to please be careful with the fireworks because of the apts I live in. Dumb shit and his friends ignored me. If your dumb drunk ass catches fire to anything ……. I hate those guys. No idea where they live but they did this shit on the fourth except they were lighting them off on the road as cars were coming around the corner. Worried me….I probably need to lighten up

          1. They were being really stupid. I’d be freaked out too.

            Last fourth of july, some dumbass got drunk and set off a firecracker on his head. Needless to say, he “chlorinated the gene pool” as I like to say πŸ˜‰

          2. What’s with people? If it wasn’t for their performance on the fourth I would’ve been OK. I have an anxiety issue anyway so that doesn’t help anything. Especially loud bangs or pops. Sends me shaking even when I know where they came from and when they’re coming

            I think I’m just too old

    1. Ha! I thought I recognized the mystery mobile. Looks like Dapnhe died switching between giving head to Fred and Shaggy on the back seat. Poor Velma ended up dying on the floor, alone and unwanted. Scooby took the loot and ran, then got shot by a responding police officer. Hell of an idea for a final episode

          1. Yes ma’am @trainwreck. Smoke free and fricking loving it. It almost seemed too easy. I’m kinda reserved with feelings that I may yet have to face another stage of quitting but for the time being, woo-hoo!

            How have you been? Thinking of giving the butt a good kick, yet?

    1. @WoodWork, I have, it has been taking a couple of minutes to bring a post up. I always click on ‘all the gore’ at the top of the screen to bring me up to date. It was taking so long today I clicked on ‘road kill’ (from the yellow words, ‘posted under’) and that seemed a lot quicker. I’m sure the trouble is being caused by the ‘sustained attack’, some assholes are trying to mess with the site.

      1. I keep getting logged out, and when I post a comment it take forever to load again. grrrrrr
        It means nasty people are attacking again and BG is doing a great job reporting.. like always BG rocks

        1. @ladybug, I wish these ‘people’ would just leave the site alone! What shits me the most is some folks think we like this kind of site because we are wannabe killers or we get off somehow on some posts (some might well get their rocks off!? lol!) when many of us are very compassionate people, there are many good people who come to this site, πŸ™‚

          1. @ladybug

            The same happens to me as well and the site definitely takes a lot longer to load. Hopefully these people will give up after a while. This seems to be the longest effort to shut the site down so far.


            I completely agree. Just because we are curious about death or aren’t afraid to see the truth doesn’t mean we’re sociopaths. Sure, we make jokes but I see doctors doing that shit all the time while trying to save lives. It’s how people cope.

          2. Everyone wants to see these things, deep down inside. They are just afraid of themselves and the possibility of being labeled sociopaths themselves. @emptysoul beautifully summarizes the issue of mass ideals and popular opinion in his response to @colinx, above.

  3. If you ever feel that you’re burned out…just look at this post…it’ll make you feel better…if not…take a shower or drink a glass of water…

    I never said I had all the answers… ?( ????`)?

  4. And local chopshops and hospitals experienced disappointment when the fire damage made it impossible to strip the vehicles or the victims for spare parts. Wouldn’t matter anyway. I’ll bet the driver never checked the yes box for the organ donor question on his drivers license test

      1. The koalas are endangered and always thirsty πŸ™ poor things either want you to hold them, coddle them, feed and give them water or they just plain don’t like you. I talk to a lady who is like the koala whisperer. She is something.

        Hi Tas! The websites slowed down understandably. I don’t say anything anywhere except that response to what’s his faces video months and months ago. I still search widely for anyone mentioning this site and why. It’s true everyone here wants to be left alone. I’ve heard and seen a lot of things posted about here. None good. How do they think people find the content posted here? There are far sicker minds standing and filming people dying by the hundreds. Why are they allowed to stand around in masses recording video of a woman screaming help me as she’s dying? Why aren’t THESE people being monitored. Someone out there uploads this “sick” shit in order for it to be posted here. This is just a concentrated collection of obscenity that can be found everywhere else. We aren’t the problem. They are.

          1. Honestly, I like all of them but this one is my number one. I can’t explain why exactly….maybe it’s because you have your hood on but it makes you look dark and mysterious and I like it πŸ˜€


    Sorry I just wanted to say that I’m a new member here on BG. I have visited this site many, many times and have thoroughly appreciated all of this content. I have stumbled across some extreme shotgun devastation and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could upload the footage to the site. I know you all would love it. I have no knowledge of blogging or uploading crazy shit onto a website and would greatly appreciate any moderator’s help to make the video upload whenever it may be possible. Is footage from other websites allowed on bestgore? Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help!

  6. want to help …

    – if an car start to burn, throw water for try stop/slow fire and give time for peoples to escape .

    – if the flames are too strong and peoples trapped inside, you cant throw water (as its useless), then help those peoples … throw gasoline on the car for kill them more faster . its the best thing to do.

    shit, 2 days i didnt have eat a single shit. cant wait to eat some BBQ meat now..

      1. indeed it is. its similar to allow the death of somebody in coma or extremly injured situation on hospital (cant see, hear, talk, move,etc..)
        “the right to die in dignity” as they say. always better than suffer shit pain

  7. Hi guys, i’ve been con BG since 2014, and i have watched every single v?deo since then, and edad almost all the comments, and after all this time i want to start introducing myself to you all, for sharing to all our dark humor, and our sincerly thoughts, i hope you all can accept a new member of the BG sick lovers, and i wish you all a happy new year.

      1. Hello @LittleFoot,

        I just wanted to introduce myself to you just so i could “hear” you say welcome Cory πŸ™‚
        And also to tell you how much i adore you! I love to read your comments. I always skip to yours first πŸ˜‰
        I’m really not so weird, its just fun to pretend to be. Obviously i have plenty of favorite witty commenters on here, but your comments always put a smile on my face, and are usually laced with kindness. But its your evil shit that really turns me on πŸ˜‰

        With Love and Respect,
        Your Not-So-Secret-Admirer,
        <3 Cory

        1. Lmao! I’m glad my randomness amuses you. I really don’t think my comments stand out that much but I’m flattered you think so. I’ll try to be more evil for you in the future lol. And welcome @Cory πŸ™‚

  8. I apologize. I am a long time viewer since 2008. I just have to say that the views here on best gore has changed my mind and I am ashamed to be American. Perhaps I have you down here for selfish reasons. It has opened my mind. And I am no longer a sheep. Thank you best gore

  9. You are ashamed to be an American?
    America is one of the greatest country in the world. If you don’t believe that statement. I suggest you go to the middle East and live there. Any of those countries that have sharia law. When you get there, start posting statements about their government. After you’re done postings your tirade about the government and how you are ashamed to be a Saudi, Pakistanian, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen…

    Let’s see how quickly your fortunes change.

    If anyone else, that lives in the USA or California, is ashamed to be American, got two words for you “fuck off”. Get the fuck out and leave us, those proud to be Americans, all alone in our beautiful and great country, the good ‘ol USA.

    Let me hear you chant:

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