Fatal Crash in Lisbon, Portugal After Driving Birthday Gift Mercedes at 300 km/h

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Fatal Crash in Lisbon, Portugal After Driving Birthday Gift Mercedes at 300 km/h

A fatal accident occurred last night on the Second Circular in Lisbon, Portugal. According to the preliminary information, it appears that a group of guys went on a joyride in a new Mercedes which one of them just got as a birthday gift.

They livestreamed a little of the ride, showing that the vehicle was reaching speeds of 300 km/h. Moments later, they crashed. Of four people on board, three died on the spot. One suffered serious injuries and doctors are fighting for his life at the Santa Maria Hospital.

Props to Best Gore members @upertorrent and @naisagard for the pics and video. Here’s the bit that was streamed before the crash:

Another video of livestream broadcast during the joyride, before the crash. Props to @rickfiregamespt for this one:

Gallery of photos showing the aftermath of the fatal accident:

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160 thoughts on “Fatal Crash in Lisbon, Portugal After Driving Birthday Gift Mercedes at 300 km/h”

  1. All them fuck’n interior lights turned up bright dosen’t help you see the road….they didn’t look like they were passing anyone at an obscene clip or nutthin….seems if everyone is speeding like they got somewhere to be…there should be more road gore than were getting from Portugal.
    Better stop holding out you Portuguese fucks !!!

        1. haha shit bruh,

          first I thought why hes talking book length (sry for that shitty ignorance) but after reading it all, I saw, shit I wanna look for this shit on my own, cause lel that sound ridicoulessly funny haha so thank you homes ^^

    1. Many times in my life, I have met people with strong death wish instincts (Thanatos drive). These folks are often high risk takers and do things that invite death. Mehinks the driver of his new car got his wish.
      If I was counseling kids, I would teach them how to avoid making friends with such people.
      If I recruiting for workers for dangerous jobs, I would do psychological tests on them to cull them out.
      I bet you know people with death wish faults.

          1. Howdy miss smiles
            A little birdie told me that the fish will be biting Sunday morning, bright and early when the sun comes up in your pond & you can Skip church to go catch some.
            Have a nice happy day ,
            And good luck

  2. Talk about heavenly gifts and some crazy fuckers being in their possession. Looks like all of the dick heads on board never had imagined of the thrills they sought to get is what would ultimately kill three of them and leave the fourth one battling for his dear life .
    Notice the defaced dude whose head seemed spared by the gifted Mercedes; wanting to tell lastly , Hey there , I swear it wasn’t me but the other zombie on the wheel .
    Speeds of 300 km/h makes you wonder if the bunch was headed to the Moon and beyond .

  3. Blow me down ……………gotta say .lucky were those on that stretch of a road not to lose their lives as this kinda epic crash could have taken many lives
    With a brand new Mercedes now in shambles looking more like a heap of scrap from a junk yard the Birthday guy never got a chance to blow his
    candles off

          1. Yes very true, but they aren’t likely to see it that way. In their eyes, the car is a now a piece of shit that should have been built with more quality and protected their baby like they expected it to………

          1. @jack-doe

            Yeah, he got that account modded so it’s not around for Janiel to look up. Appropriate name for him though. First word describes his scribblings, second describes him perfectly.
            Have a good ‘un, Jack.

          2. @janiel
            It took some work but I found one of them.


            I don’t have Ill Eagle’s skill at tracking down the really old posts. Me and him used to bicker back and forth on almost every post for about a month. But we’re good now lol.

            @illegalsmile55 if you can find the post where he had that mental breakdown right before disappearing for a short while, I will do anything you want.

          3. Not sure how it works when it comes to gaining permission for these privileges. It could be time-based or done via request. I guess you could maybe ask Mark via the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page. @janiel

    1. Darwinism at its Finest.
      There is a reason why men outnumber women 52:48.
      Some men are so immature they just kill themselves.

      Instead of giving them a powercar, they should have been given a rope to hang themselves with.
      The end result is exactly the same.

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  5. They should show these pics on the main news, in schools, colleges etc. Watching the car crash pics on BG over the years has certainly made me a more careful driver. Bcos I don’t want to end up like these poor sods.

  6. a typical situation made by money.

    speed limitation (where it apply) is basically around 100-150km/h.

    a car with max speed of 110km/h is way more than enougth.

    but fucking car manufacturers know that creating a stupid car that go up to 300-400km/h will be sell by retards at high price.
    that’s why they are only few electric cars sold. because actual electric cars barely can reach 300+km/h speed, soo nobody retards want to buy one.

    you die at high speed ? you deserve it you piece of shit. well done grimm reaper, good job ! they asked for it and that make less retards in the world.

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