Fatal Crash in Thailand Leaves a Mother and Child Dead

Fatal Crash in Thailand Leaves a Mother and Child Dead

Fatal accident occurred involving the primary mode of transportation in South East Asia, the motorcycle and it’s natural predator, the truck. This time a silver pick up truck appears to have been the one to hit a family on the motorcycle, killing the mother and child and injuring the father. Very little else in the way of info but it is always a shame when the children die. Once again, no helmets.

1 hurt in pickup crash site, Dublin 2. The pickup truck, motorcycle collision Injuries are male 1 2 deaths. Bad roads Sot – Umphang. Home on the slopes. Maeku in. Sot, Tak province.. Rescue hospitalized Sot Thanks for the news Members set to face emergency situations Mae Sot., Tak province. Chief Information … of little merit Monday

I’m not the best at geography, but I’m pretty sure Dublin is not in Thailand.

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    1. That’s nothing. The most I’ve ever seen on a motorcycle here is six!! one was a babe in arms of the woman in the middle and two toddlers, one was on the handlebars. It’s also common place to see dogs in the baskets on the front of the scooters, they train them from puupies, it’s amusing and unbelievable when you first see it but then you realise it’s as common as having a bumper sticker, no one gives it a second thought.

  1. After watching Top Gear Bhutan Special earlier, I now see why these accidents happen. Those SE Asian drivers are utter nut cases, not to mention the pedestrians who seem to play dodge the vehicle at any given moment. And they drive on the right in right hand drive vehicles ! , which makes things interesting when getting on or off a bus ! Crazy.

  2. What’s wrong with these people?! They obviously have no instinct to protect and nurture their babies. Why would you even consider getting on a bike with your child? Pfft, oh well it’s 3 less xenophobic twats in the world I guess.

    1. Congrats brother Obli. You have been a great addition to the Site, and have done a great job sir! I wish you much success for another 300 days, of mayhem, murder, and all around craziness, on this screwed up ball ,we call earth,,, our home. πŸ™‚

      1. @bigstickemUP
        guesing she’s a new one.

        this might sound cruel but after a while you don’t realy care anymore… you wil get get used to it after a while.
        (and euh there are pics allot worse than this one! like for example a bloated baby or a “over cooked” one)

    1. This is different, these are babies. I used to watch people get beheaded all day until i saw my first dead baby pictures. I was appalled. But now i guess its just another FV in smaller form. I still find some baby pictures hard to look at. No more rose colored shades.

    1. Maybes it was her first haircut LOL she looks like an alien, but most baby’s look like aliens to me. Some people think shavings the baby’s hair makes it grow thicker and stronger, but I think it’s bull…what do I know I have no baby…

  3. well what do you expect when you put you ride a motorcycle with your baby wtf. I understand they were probably poor but couldn’t they leave the baby with a family member or something or maybe have no kids if you are so poor you have to ride a crotch rocket with your baby?

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