Fatal Head On Collision Between Two Motorcycles

Fatal Head On Collision Between Two Motorcycles

Fatal head on collision between two motorcycles was caught on a CCTV camera in Brazil. The motorcyclists ran into each other at full speed and I think they both died. Organs in human body would have very hard time surviving such sudden change in kinetic energy.

I don’t have much further info, but from the video it appears that the collision was the motorcyclist’s coming from the left fault. He was too deep in the oncoming lane.

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    1. not in portugal maybe in brazil i suppose hehe

      anyways what the guy said was that only the one who invaded the other lane died,so from what i understand is the guy coming from the left

          1. Of course i am aware,im from portugal :P.

            Its not exactly the same tho,its similar to brittish english and american.

  1. That was some impact . Bikes are great to look at and it’s easy to see how bikers become enthusiasts , wind in the face while riding in the great outdoors . Not for me though , it’s way too easy to end up in a coffin like these two guys .

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    1. You surprised? People blame every person, place and thing for their tragedy eccept themselves. Especially pussy-ass americans with their inflated sense of self worth and delusion of entitlement. Crying about every giddamn thing and demanding millions of dollars for the slightest infraction.

      I come from a long line of factory workers and when my great grandpa and grandfather were in foundries helping to build my home town there was no such thing as workman’s comp. Or anything. You got injured, you dealt with it. Shit happens. Bunch of pussy ass crybabies today.

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  2. That was fairly epic, they fucking nailed each other bodywise. If they had both had time to bail off the bikes to their respective left sides they may have slid down the road and got roadrashed to fuck, but survived. Thankfully for our viewing entertainment, that wasn’t the case. I wonder did their flip flops fuse with the ferocity of the impact? All sorts of possibilities. ” they’re so badly mangled, we’ll need to identify them by their dental records. Now, we just need to pull their teeth out of each other’s skulls and everyone can go home”

  3. If you’re that fucking stupid to ride into one of the smaller vehicles on the road whilst riding one of the smaller vehicles yourself then tough shit right? Eventually all the stupid fucks will kill themselves and the roads will be safer.

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