Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Mexico City – Cuernavaca Highway

Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Mexico City - Cuernavaca Highway

According to Best Gore member Beta Gom, the Mexico City – Cuernavaca highway is notorious for its difficulty and sharp curves that are more treacherous than they seem. All kinds of traffic accidents happen on the highway on a daily basis because of it. Beta Gom called the highway “level hard.”

The deadliest of the curves is called “La Pera“, because of its pear shape. Anyone thinking they can negotiate it at a high rate of speed invites themselves into the world of hurt.

The video below shows several motorcyclists traveling down Mexico City – Cuernavaca, making it look like they’re group riding, but they apparently aren’t. There are all kinds of warnings along the highway, both in terms of road signs, and large digits painted on the road, to remind travelers to reduce speed, or face danger.

While approaching La Pera, the motorcyclist with the helmet cam hits the brakes to slow down, but the guy on the red bike is too confident he can keep ripping. He hits the barrier, flies over it, and lands all the way on the other side of the highway.

But before landing, he hits another motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction, knocks him off his bike and under the wheels of a passing car. The motorcyclist dies as a result.

When the helmet cam biker stops, a girl biker asks him if the guy who crashed was his friend. He replies that he didn’t know him, that they were just racing.

The biker who flew over the barrier is shown in the video alive and conscious. The helmet cam guy asks someone about the other biker, and is told that he’s already dead.

Thanks a lot for the video and background info, Beta Gom:

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    1. Where the heck are these guys common sense genes ??? Did they learn all about motorbikes and how to use them from the old roadrash video game ?

      I have had big bikes and still have a nice big bike in my time, but NO way would I ever drive on the public highway like that, just to many unexpected things to happen.

      1. What common sense do you have to question these idiots. Every rider loves to test their bike on the open road. They love the sound of that exhaust when they open that throttle. Accidents and deaths happen to the most seasoned riders. Even Professionals die doing what they love.

  1. Haha! Now that was a very entertaining video to watch, cheers @Beta Gom. I also feel like a bit of a pussy cause my little sister knows how to ride a motorcycle and I don’t… I think it’s high time I go for my license.

        1. Down here you only need a motorcycle license if you have a passenger which as small as I am I don’t ride people on my bikes so all I had to do was take the written test to get the permit….. You have ridden a dirt bike before haven’t you?

          1. No, the only type of bike I’ve ever ridden was the kind with pedals but am I right in assuming that it’s just like riding a super fast bicycle except you don’t have to pedal it?

          2. …somewhat…. Might I suggest riding a friends dirt bike or motorcycle under 500 cc to get a feel for it.. You’ve got to remember proper throttle, clutching,breaking, just like a car but the bike itself is much heavier than a bicycle lol its not hard you just need to get a feel for it before you start moving up to the big boys 1000cc+ 😉

          3. Speaking of which I think I’ll take the panhead out for a sort ride after work before retiring to my hammock tonight. Oh @jack are you in the states? If so I know a few good starter bikes for sale both cock rocket and real bike depending on your fancy.

          4. Hey! Not today lol its my bday so no overly annoying songs that make me want to scrape my brain clean with razor wire…….. Please….. 🙁

          5. Oh it’s your birthday?! Happy birthday then! I know! I’ll sing you the happy birthday song!

            Happy birthday to you
            Happy birthday to you
            Happy birthday dear Amooooouuuurrr
            Happy birthday to you! 🙂

          1. Just go to SA 😉 Lots of areas and farms to drive on. Like Amour said get a dirt bike. I could ride a 250 at the age of 12. My feet could not touch the ground both sides but i managed! Not that hard. One up on the “clutch/feet pedal” and then down for second third gear etc. And visa versa to slow down. Something like that lol. Ages since ive being on a bike.

          2. Cheers @Amour, lol I’ve been wanting to nick my sisters bike keys and take it for a short spin for some time now but I haven’t had the balls to do it yet, sounds like a good thing to lol but an old friend of mine has a dirt bike, I’ll ask him if I can use it.

            Btw @Jayymi when you say SA do you mean South America?

        2. I though my best friend to ride my blackbird in a church parking lot. It’s not hard, he’s never been on a bike till that point. Im fairly certain anybody can learn, just some people take more time is all.

        1. @ Jack No my beautiful South Africa .
          Unfortunately not that far behind Brazil on the countries with highest crime list. Surnames would different from the unlucky de SILVA to Koekemoer

  2. Well, as a seasoned rider who has seen his fair share of bike bullshit, this guy disreguarded the raised white lines in the road to slow down around bend, at that speed this tires didnt have time to grip anything so he just banked the wall and it was incredible. Sometimes speed has nothing to do with it. My buddy went down doing 5-10mph hit thick beach sand and his R1 when right down and broke his Femur! so. …… . yea

  3. True Story:
    A Mexican guy is riding along on a highway lane, when a chihuahua runs up in front of him. The biker can’t do anything and hits the chihuahua and flies over the highway divider. As he looks in his rear view mirror, he sees the chihuahua lying in the road. Being the kind of burrito eater that he is, he picks up the chihuahua and takes it home and puts it in a cage, still in a coma. when the chihuahua wakes up the following morning, he looks through the bars of the cage and says, “Shit, I must have killed the biker”.

        1. @LF
          Yea it was that guy, my buddy is a paracommando and it was his gf that got threatend so yea… So to save his job we took moste of the blame, ah well he’s still a para and I dont thing that his girl has to worry about a thing now 😉

        1. @boozer
          It’s becoming a real plague kameraad and its realy hard to keep your fists clean this way. There getting food, shelter, health care, etc and that all from our tax money… Aber trotzdem, du bist immer willkommen in Belgien Bruder!

  4. @ boozer, I WISH I woulda kept my harley. Very first motorcycle I ever touched. Had it for a few months, then got rid of it due to colder weather and have had many other bikes since, but regret it every day. I should have kept it no matter what.

    A family member of mine works in a local hospital ER, and the word used for motorcycles are “donercycles”. Dudes lucky he didn’t sign his own death certificate.

  5. It was quite a video to watch until that fatality took place .
    The dash cam footage had me in awe and I felt right at the edge of my seat .It was quite a breakneck speed that Mexican speed mercant was seen going with not realizing that there always lurks danger at sharp curves especially on highways .Overconfidence can be killing . In his case Speed kept thrilling him to noend and then killed him in a flash. He was gone in a second .
    Bikes are fun to ride but one must adhere to limits always.

    1. Sorry about having commented that the rider died in a flash .In fact the victim was talked to by the onlookers or perhaps other bikers and he still was able to let out those excruciatingly painful cries but he looked to be alive . Hope he lives and remembers that he nearly went losing his life because of all that adrenaline rushing through him then.

  6. I hate douchbag bike riders. Swerving in and out of lanes, cutting between cars, riding in lanes that aren’t even lanes, speeding excessively. Endangering other people’s lives and safety. There seem to be a lot of riders here, so if you do these things, just admit it: you’re a pretty big douchebag.

    I hope he was crying because he felt bad. I’d be pissed if they killed someone I cared about.

  7. He might not have crashed if he took a better line into the corner; he was too wide and never tucked into the inside as he turned in. It’s ironic he hit another biker over the wall, if it had been any other vehicle it probably would have killed him instantly and people in the vehicle would most likely not have died. I wonder was he trying to show off to the guy behind him and take the corner quicker than usual? If you ride like him it’s a matter of time before shit happens.

  8. I’ve always liked riding motorcycles and have gone back and fourth with getting one for myself for 20 + years. My father rides without a helmet and has for years, which drives me crazy but he is not the type to listen to concerns/reason like that. The one thing that has always kept me from getting one has been the sheer stupidity of other drivers. This includes others on bikes. I have known a few people who were killed while riding and only one was his own fault, (driving too fast). The others got destroyed by morons who simply did not pay attention to their surroundings. I guess I’ll just have to deal with 3000 lbs of metal around me and hope it’s enough to stop the stupid from taking me out.

    1. I never understood riding without a gear let alone without helmet…. Safety is one thing, but thats a thing everyone should decide. But riding without gear it’s just less comfortable if you ask me. The wind in your face is nice if you are below 30mph, with sunglasses its oke to about 60 but above that normal clothes and no helmet isnt really nice…

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