Fatal Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Person Dead, One Seriously Injured

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Person Dead, One Seriously Injured

Here’s eight and a half minutes of gore and flip flops from Brazil. Probably more flip flops than gore cause camera operator didn’t even pay attention to what he was filming. Plus he had that digital image stabilizer turned on and it just makes pictures worse.

The video depicts the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident which took place in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. Two guys appear to have run into a lamp post and landed on top of each other like a perfect gay couple. The one laid on top died, the other one survived but had to be hospitalized with severe injuries. Strangely enough, it was the one with flip flops who survived. As is a tradition in Brazil, it doesn’t look like either of them wore a safety helmet.

I don’t actually know if the two were gay, but if they were, the deceased died with his head on his boyfriend’s dick. The best part of the video is the foot twitch at the 5:45 mark. And at the 6:18 minute mark, while his boyfriend twitched his toes, the close up of the dead man reveals a beautiful pointer. It was a beautiful death. After resting for a while on a penis, he was put with his head right next to a flip flop.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Fatal Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Person Dead, One Seriously Injured”

  1. Good video, no complaints. Only in Brazil would a dead person be laid next to a flip flop. For a while there I thought his head was resting on it like a pillow. And only in Brazil would a flip flopped public be allowed to stand right next to a dead body. So dignified to die in Brazil!!

  2. I can’t believe their triage procedures. It took them forever to get him in the ambulance. I understand the need to be careful with head and neck injuries, but looking at the amount of blood loss he needed to get on the board and in the ambulance right now, quick and in a hurry. The foot twitching was his body going into shock. 1. Ensure breathing. 2. Stop the bleeding. 3. Treat for shock. 4. Cover the wounds.

  3. This pointer was absurdly sexy. Just kidding, so Pointers… Check…. Flip Flops… Checky… Motorcycle Accident without helmets…. Checkidiecheck….

    Really liked this video I hope the guy who made it will wear a helmet in the future or at least ends up here.

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