Fatal Road Accident in Acapulco – Man Dead, Woman with Shattered Leg

Fatal Road Accident in Acapulco - Man Dead, Woman with Shattered Leg

Good ole Acapulco in Guerrero, Mexico. From time to time, people actually die from causes other than execution there? Whoa.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident. A man appears dead with a pool of blood surrounding his head, whereas a woman is alive, but with a shattered leg.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Fatal Road Accident in Acapulco – Man Dead, Woman with Shattered Leg”

  1. “Some smashed beaners on the road.
    That Chica’s’s leg is jacked up.
    That’s something you won’t often see.
    And a beaner in a fannie pack.
    Those are still in style in Mexico?”

    1. Love and hope, and sex and dreams,
      Are still surviving on the streets,
      Look at Me,,, I,m in Tatters!
      I,m A Shattered,
      Shidoobe, Shattered, Shattered, Shidoobe Shattered, Shattered, Shidoobe, Shattered, Shattered.

    1. Too true this is bud, cause you hear a lot of shit, like jungle beheading, s by Sicario Cartel Members, happening all the time in Acapulco, when in the past, all you ever heard was how much of a great time Tourists were having at resorts, with lots of Tequila involved. And i bet you that none of them are B-G Lurkers, or Members, as they still visit this death trap unaware that a couple of KM. Away, some poor bastard in getting his hands cut-off, and then his face peeled-off while they drink Sol Beer all day, lol.

        1. Indeed it is. You would think that these Mexican Sicario Gangsters would cool it with all the dismembered bodies being placed in public places, cause that does not make good business sense,when lots of their Coke, & Weed has been sold to Tourists, for decades to begin with. And if the Tourists stop coming, a good percentage of their profit, will stop coming in also. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Fuck, that would probably be the only time that the locals have hear her scream in awhile, as her Cunt has become so loose that friction has left her long ago, and that Woody (her bedpost) has beacum her best friend!

  2. Like how.all the attention happens to be around the female it’s like fuck the dude on the floor he’s not moving lets attend to the lady with the fucked up leg….And I think to my self what a wonderful world (jazz hands waving)

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