Fatal Traffic Accident Involving a Truck – Couple Brutally Mangled

Fatal Traffic Accident Involving a Truck - Couple Brutally Mangled

This video is of awful quality, easily up to par with Indonesia.

The video captures the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a truck and resulting in double fatality. What looks like a young couple lays dead on the road, brutally mangled, their blood flowing down the ditch. The woman looks badly broken with her left leg twisted out of shape.

I think they both rode on a motorcycle and were hit by the truck, which is nearby, crashed into a roadside fence. There is small fire burning underneath the cabin.

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      1. @CityGirl,

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  2. Nobody other than photographing the two dead did anything for them. But you notice them all running to put out the fire in the truck? Like those old cartoons when the ambulance arrives and they put the motorcycle on the gurney and rush off leaving the person in the street.

    1. Could be right there . The amount of times I’ve rode shitty bikes on holiday abroad , no helmet , no sod all bar a pair of shorts . I look back and realise my parents were right all along .

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