Father and Daughter Die in a Horrific Plane Crash (photos)

Father and Daughter Die in a Horrific Plane Crash (photos)

Sad story from Brazil – a man named Kleber Barbosa da Silva was wanted by the police on suspicion that he had raped a 13 year old girl in the Brazilian city of Goiania. His wife Erika Correia was not happy about it and the two got in an argument. Kleber Barbosa da Silva resolved the argument by throwing his wife out of running car. Erika Correia suffered non life threatening head injuries. Kleber Barbosa da Silva continued his charade of stupid decisions and actions by kidnapping his little daughter Penelope Barbosa. He went to an airport where he stole small plane and took off along with little girl.

The police say that he had no license to fly planes, but may have had previous flying experience, judging by the ability to control the plane he was flying. As the plane approached the city of Goiás, the capital of central Brazilian state bearing the same name, Kleber Barbosa da Silva deliberately crashed the plane into a parking lot of Goiás’ largest shopping mall. No people on the ground were injured as someone noticed dangerously approaching plane and alarmed everyone so they all fled the area. Both passengers on the airplane – father and his daughter died a horrific death.

Brazil is truly fucked up. This happened in March of 2009. The gallery of pictures of the father and his 5 year old daughter dead after a deliberate plane crash is below.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Father and Daughter Die in a Horrific Plane Crash (photos)”

  1. Datz kinda funny solstice.
    i’m peeking at these pics wondering “where da hell iz da father”? But I think Mark wuz on to sumting aboot “separation point”. Its certainly separation of sumthin! Eeeks. I’m guessing datz pops right there. Whoo Geeznuts! :O

  2. Poor little girl. Didn’t have a chance due to a totally scum-bag dad. Too bad he thought he needed to take her with him.

    Mark is right about Brazil… what a crap hole of a country. Like I said once before… the only thing I like to see from Brazil is their MMA (mixed martial arts), fighters and their smokin hot women.

  3. LoL daddy went grant theft auto literally.
    Threw his wife out of a running car, stole a plane, kidnapped someone, attempted parking the plane by crashing it into a parking zone, killing his daughter and himself… jesus fuck, what more?

    This guy is a fucking hero hahaha.

  4. Mark says Brazil is “fucked up” because he only knows the coutry by the gore pics. If he read the brazilian news or lived here, he would knouw that this coutry is REALLY FUCKED UP.

    This guy raped a girl, hit the wife?s head with a fire extinhsher, threw her out the running car, stole a plane and crashed in suicide algong with his child… and is far (very far!!) away to me most bizarre.

    Check the stepfather that inserted 40 sewing needles his 2yr stepson in a pseudo voodoo ritual, f.ex.

  5. HEY, Charliebig (cow) chips…

    I got so FED UP with my English/Grammar teacher harping on me “IN SCHOOL” about that crap, that the day after graduation, I set fire to her house…

    Any danger of you shuttin’ the F_ _ _ UP?

    This Ain’t GRAMMAR Class Fag boy.

  6. zehmaneh-
    The stepfather you speak of… is that in this same family or some other case?

    People around here talk about wanting to go down to Rio De Janero for Carnivale… NOT ME.. they can have it. If I NEVER have to go SOUTH of TEXAS I’ll be VERY HAPPY.

    1. Naw..what really happened is dat father was a seamstress abd was making custom pants fer da kidd fer church and he didnt have hiz glasses ann he had da shakes cuz he ran outta booze.well dad kinda a klutz i tinks.

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