Father Dies Squashed Inside Car Wreck, Trapped Son Cries for Help

Father Dies Squashed Inside Car Wreck, Trapped Son Cries for Help

This is from India, although I don’t know the exact location. The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. The car can be seen half wrecked. Inside there are two people – a father and his son.

Father looks pretty much gone, son is barely alive. Peoples outside are helping the son to get out. He keeps saying: “Papa ko bachao“, which means: “Save my father first“. People outside keep saying: “We’ll save him later“.

Props to Best Gore member @suraj-adh for the video and translations:

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79 thoughts on “Father Dies Squashed Inside Car Wreck, Trapped Son Cries for Help”

          1. His dad wore the windshield so his son could live.

            Sounds like a new figure of speech. It has a similar meaning to “go the extra mile”

  1. Ya this is sad, not that I’m sitting here crying about it (or am I) but to think if I was in his shoes (or his seat) and the fact he is old enough that he will understand this and remember it is to bad. The fact he says save my father first.(he knows)

      1. Euro III? He’s isn’t taking about emission norms stupid, haha. He was talking about Euro NCAP(New Car Assessment Program) which crash test new cars and rate them. Hyundai Santro will definitely get zero stars.

  2. Too much red on that car already. Like a premonition. And what’s with spitting in your own blood? If that’s the type of kid that spits before people’s feet every 15 meters I’d say let him die.

  3. The rescue people are saying that there is no way to get the boy out, they don’t have the technology, so they are saying ” we will cut just your head off, and will try to save that!” …sad

  4. Did anyone notice his mom ( probs ) in the back seat wearing a blue saree ? Maybe she’s alive. But if not, poor bastard’s lost both of his parents. Damn 😐 But he’s still lucky that the car didn’t catch on fire 😛

  5. “Somebody call the fire dept.!!!! Oh…you guys are the fire dept?”

    “Yes my friend, so please stand back so we can dig this boy out and carry him to one of our substandard hospitals where he will likely die of an unrelated infection!”

  6. So sad. That poor kid. And true to form we have our gore folk who just can’t reach deep into their hearts to muster up any kind of sympathetic emotion for the kid. Wait – did I say some of these gore folk have a heart….or anything remotely resembling a sympathetic heart? What was I thinking? I shoulda had a V8.

    1. You’re right. It’s very sad. I wish all the people that try to be edgy and sound like they’re not phased would just put themselves in that situation. God I sound like a cunt right now but oh well.

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