Female Driver Attempts to Exit Gas Station

Female Driver Attempts to Exit Gas Station

Just outside the village of Eglwyswrw in Southwest Wales, UK, a female driver attempted to exit a gas station, and rode over a barrier in a way that gave people watching the CCTV feed a chuckle. I wonder if the gas station is owned by a Jew. I mean, who the hell chooses a logo like that for their business?

Apparently, this is how you pronounce Eglwyswrw. I’m sure this weatherman would have no issue pronouncing it.

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    1. Well considering she is DWF (driving while female), you already have what it takes LF!! πŸ˜‰ Although, talking with you on here, I have a hunch that you would be a better driver than the women featured on BG lol. On a side note, any big plans for you this weekend?

      1. Lmao I’m halfway there!!

        I am actually a good driver, as my mom says I’ll get you where you need to be fast but I won’t get you killed in the process.

        And actually I am going to haunted houses tomorrow I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get the crap scared out of me πŸ˜€

        How was your birthday?

        1. I love haunted houses! I usually go to a couple every year.

          My B-day was actually good and thank you for asking πŸ™‚ I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m now 30…although I’m still 20 at heart lol. My dad is actually roasting a whole hog Saturday and we are going to have a little shin-dig. I’m planning on drinking some homemade “warm apple pie” and spending time with good friends and family.

          1. @LF In case you’ve never had it, you take apple cider, apple juice and cinnamon sticks, then simmer it for about 30 minutes. Then add your moonshine and BAM…you’ll be loving the rest of your night πŸ™‚

            Thanks! I’ve been trying to show up and chat with my favorite family more. It’s crazy how much I miss this crew when I’m away lol.

          2. DOS I tried writing you a wonderful 30th the day before your birthday.

            As the famous poet William Wordsworth once said:
            Neither evil tongues, rash judgments, nor the sneers of selfish men, nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all the dreary intercourse of daily life, shall ever prevail against us.

            Happy Birthday

        2. @LF, I would consider myself a good driver too! Not like when I was younger, I was a bit of a ‘hoon’. I had a couple of hotted up cars, I had a Torana LX, I also had a hatch-back Torana but it was a daggy model, lol. I drive very carefully now, thanks to BG I’ve seen what happens to human bodies in a vehicle collision! πŸ™

          1. Lol this site has definitely made me more cautious. I can’t say I was ever a crazy driver even when I was younger probably because I saw all of the accidents my cousin got in because of his bad driving and I never wanted to end up like him haha.

          2. @LF, I never used to do burn-outs and ruin my tyres or anything like that! I just used to like ‘cruising’ around, hanging out at certain parking spots. My last cool car was a 1979 Holden Premier, 308 V8 in it. @Jack would know this is a nice old car.

          3. Haha I gotcha @tas! My first car was a 1989 Volvo 780. I called it ‘The Tank’. You could drive that thing through a war zone and come out without a scratch on you. I just looked up your car and it’s a nice car! My brother would probably love it, he’s obsessed with cars especially the older ones.

          4. @LF, you looked it up?? Thankyou so much, mate. Yes the Premier is definitely one of Australia’s ‘muscle’ cars, lol. Our cars never got as big as some of the American cars. I would have loved a Dodge Charger or even a Challenger. Our Aussie car brand Holden, made Premiers for over a decade, mine was the last year they were made. I had number plates made up – HZV 879, stands for HZ (the model name) it’s a V8 car and it was a 1979 model.

  1. Sounds like a fucking paki cunt laughing. They run all the shops and petrol stations here in the uk. Oh and now they have started to buy the pubs and churches and turning them into shops and curry houses. What a piss take.

      1. If you go to a place called glodwick in oldham the town where I’m from you would think that they already have brought there goats and shit the way the place looks. I heard a house burned down and 50 pakis were killed in the fire!

      2. @ladybug, I think it may be too late for that, darls. There are millions of Paki’s in the UK and they’ve been flooding in since the 60’s (I think?) well it’s been quite a while, could have been earlier. What I do know is the UK is nearly Pommistan or UKistan.

        1. Indeed! I spent a fair bit of time living in Birmingham which is in many areas mainly Pakis (and blacks)…..certain primary schools recently stopped celebrating Christian holidays as they are afraid of upsetting the ethnic minority turned majority. It might sound silly but your kids not getting to do a Nativity because of this issue is an outrage! Its always been a part of their first year school in the UK. Little things like that do actually count when you add them all up….now we have the Halal only meat in some schools too….and so on. Systematically stripping our culture down and replacing it with theirs. I don’t have any problem with appreciating other people’s right to indulge in their own culture and practices, but come on… I moved away from B’ham years ago and now am in a small semi rural town….the only Pakis are the taxi drivers, kebab and corner shop owners. I have to say its a much nicer place to be.For now.

          1. @Jamie, I’ve heard of this happening in Australia too. I can’t tell you how much this enrages me. Our kids don’t get to make Christmas cards or decorations in the classroom? The Islamics are slowly infilterating society with they’re fasting and exceptionally cruel Halal meat production. It might not even be them complaining, but white people being all politically correct, worrying that it MIGHT offend them. πŸ™

    1. I witnessed a miracle in the local Paki shop a while ago…some kid was maybe 20p short of what he needed to buy his sweets and the beard behind the counter LET HIM HAVE IT!! Paki’s are normally like Jews with money…Never before or since did I see one give something away…

        1. Ellen
          Tell me how good are you on the wheels .? And what speeds you’re comfortable doing ?
          By the looks of it I can tell ya that wasn’t anything freak or sudden . She did do it on purpose .She must have been often coming over for a fill and trying out that stunt that’s how she did it like a pro .

          Can you do what she did?

          1. No blu for one I would never attempt to do that. I have to stay alive and well for my son. I’ve ridden many things. 4 wheelers, three wheelers, surfboard etc. Although I find it cool she did that, she’s lucky she landed back on fours rather than her side

  2. Ha ha Ha ha !

    Voila ! By all means I must say that was a smart ass manoeuvre.
    She exited out in a way making the car look like as if it went peeing at the gas station almost how the dogs do .

    That was cool !

  3. C’mon peeps, it’s Friday night!!! By now you should all be as wasted as I am. I don’t care where you are right now…I wanna hear you sing it out LOUD!!!
    READY? 1…2…3

  4. Who cares
    but I’ll join you anyway
    Here goes ………..
    Leave some trollops to moan
    watch titsy sluts how they roam
    their asses look like a dome
    It’s better if we get back home
    They ain’t gonna ?LEAVE us COCK A LONNNE?!!!

  5. I wonder if the gas station is owned by a Jew.

    Well of course, you can tell because the price is in sheckels. The crazy woman driver also is a Jew, or to be precise, a Jewess. Just look at her thick lips, kinky hair and above all, big nose.

    1. 360? twist shout and spin [email protected] Coochie Queef

      I promise she’ll do anything and everything for a few dollars to go flipping and twisting around even beyond 360? & more …
      way too much outa the extraordinary to go about being that acrobatic I think she comes from a circus in town who came tanking up and showed some interesting a -car -o -bratic feat meaning “My car wanna pee the dog way “.

      Are any of the BG females up for this kinda stunt cause that would again be some contest

      I’m guessing am0ur may come out the winner .

  6. Weather reports from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch must only be referring to the past as in this instance. That is because any systems have always passed through before they can say where it is otherwise. That’s too bad. I think perhaps that explains why they are ready for all types of weather there.

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