Female Driver Causes Accident by Pulling Out In Front of Bicyclist in Romford, Essex

Female Driver Causes Accident by Pulling Out In Front of Bicyclist in Romford, Essex

Instead of clogging up the roads and polluting the environment, a guy from Romford in Essex, north-east of London, UK decided to ride a bicycle. Most people would opt for a car or public bus, especially in rainy weather because being lazy and inconsiderate of the environment is easier and doesn’t require much extra effort. But that’s not him so he put on his helmet cam and rode against the shitty weather, only to have a useless female driver, shielded from the rain by her cabin, pull up in front of him and cause accident that threw the bicyclist into the air.

The impact busted the guy’s four weeks old bicycle, but he managed to land on his feet. The female driver counted on societal misandry which always privileges the female, and disputed the responsibility for the accident, but luckily the bicyclist had his helmet cam video which clearly implicated the female driver so after he showed it to the insurance company, they immediately sent him a cheque. The bicycle was a write off.

Props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the video:

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      1. Your logic escapes me, the side walk is not for cycling, there this thing called a “cycle lane” on most streets and this guy was on that lane when the accident happened.

        Even if there is no cycle lane, then your still supposed to cycle on the street because the sidewalk is only for pedestrians.
        I hope your a bit more informed about European streets now Zion.

        1. Well, we’ll just keep doing it your way and seeing people get squashed by cars and trucks on their bikes. I know exactly how the system is set up, and it is set up wrong. The bikes belong on the sidewalk. You paint a stripe down the middle, walkers stay on one side, bikers stay on the other side. They already do it in some places, like bridges. Nobody has been killed. I hope now you are more informed about safer ways to go biking.

          1. Bikes on the pavement here are an absolute menace to pedestrians . Narrow pavements and lots of people. If your too scared to ride a bike on the road you shouldn’t ride one. For some reason black guys never ride on the road they’re too scared. Middle aged white women with all those attachments for their kids and old ladies ride on the road. You can’t hear bikes coming up behind you so if your walking and step out a little bit they can just hit you and at speed they can really hurt you.

          2. Exactly, that’s how it is around my city, especially in parks. There’s a lane for walking and jogging. Then there’s a lane with a bike painted on the ground. If people are smart enough they will ride their bike off the main roads, where cars and trucks belong. Roads are not safe enough for bikes anymore. It’s not like the good old days when people drove around doing 30 km/h and give you a polite honk honk. People are driving in excessive speeds and that can be fatal to a cyclist.

      1. You know the only reason why women suck at driving is because they never handled machines or did any work that required the least amount of knowledge on how things “interact” with each other.

        Its got nothing to do with lack of brain or consideration, its just a lack of experience because all they do is sit in offices or jobs of that kind.

        Even simple things when your young like playing basketball or football will teach your brain about physics, of course playing with dolls on the other hand.

        I’m not saying women lack these things, they are just orientated more towards other aspects of life and unfortunately driving a car is not high on that list.

      2. at what point does a penis (or lack thereof) show up in this? I understand a woman doesn’t have a penis but you guys still haven’t answered as to why you assume this one is a female. Perhaps it was a foreigner driving…like someone of the Asian descent or a camel jockey..they have plenty of them in the uk…and I know over here they are the main cause of accidents…male camel jockeys. Or maybe it was a midget who slipped off his chair cushion mid turn so he missed seeing the bike rider..
        could have been some numbskull on a cell phone…or some dude getting head…

        im just saying the possibilities are endless…

    1. I’m with you on this one. I feel that pinning the fact the driver of this car is a female is nothing more than an attempt to fill the stereotype of a ‘bad driver’ all the more. I read an article recently that stated (and with probably obvious results) that women aren’t all ‘bad drivers’ at all, in fact, very few are.. the whole thing is a myth and, actually, men are worse. Just goes to show.

      1. Sorry @kjazzw but that article is wrong the majority of females are bad drivers for the simplefact that the majority of female drivers aren’t actually focused on driving, the amount of times i’ve seen a woman driving whos more focused on her makeup or on the phone than the actual driving is astronomical the majority of men on the other hand are quite adept at controlling a vehicle because for the most part they pay attention and have and awareness of their surroundings which this driver (in a girls car) was not as there was little to no reaction to this biker, and for the record the worst drivers in the world are old asian females driving big arse SUVs and white van men

  1. It looked like he got some air but he actually slid across the hood. I love; how quite possibly, “oh fuck off!!” could’ve been his last words.

    I hope those are my last words. That or, “I’m cumming!!!”

  2. Those who don’t bicycle, don’t realized the cost of modern bikes. I have a 19-year old titanium frame GT Xizang mountain bike. Paid $3400 US for it new in 1995. Been updated recently and there’s a hard $6500 in her.

    Go to a bicycle shop and look around. Average bikes run $2500+. It’s easy to find $10,000 bikes on the rack. Fuck up someone’s good bike, and be ready to pay out some serious $$$

    1. That reads like a massive waste of money. My bike cost my parents $250 bucks 14 years ago and i’ve only had to occasionally pump the tires when seasons change (replaced them 4 years ago). I ride it at least 5 miles a day… on sidewalks and riding paths.

  3. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bikes do not belong on the road. Cars must go through rigorous safety tests in order to be allowed on the road. They have air bags, crumple zones, antilock brakes, all to keep drivers from being injured. Bikes are not safe enough to be on a road. In case of collision with a car, they offer zero safety. Who is the one who decided it was legal to allow bikes on the road. I’ll bet a few lawsuits would put an end to it. It’s dangerous. Take your bike and get on the sidewalk.

    1. “Take your bike and get on the sidewalk.”
      Dude get out, I even had cops stop me from cycling on the sidewalk once, its not allowed by law!

      I live in Belgium and luckily we have cycling lanes besides streets that allow us to bike without any real hindrance from cars, but if there is no cycle lane then you still need to go on the street.

      You really want pedestrians and women with babies to get hit by cycles the moment they step out of buildings by allowing cycles to drive on the sidewalk?
      Now THATS a real recipe for disaster right there.

    2. I actually agree with you for once. What i hate is when you are driving in the mountains and you’re stuck behind a group of bikes whose riders for some reason, can’t comprehend that they should be riding single file instead of right next each other and blocking the road.

        1. I Can see why the motorist does not want the cyclists in the road, however I am a pedestrian. I walk alone and with my children so when a speeding bike comes toward us, or from behind its unsafe and annoying. At those moments I’d rather they were in the street.

    1. Wish I could hear the guy say oh fuck off.

      HELP. Snapped my earphone jack which is now firmly stuck in my tablet. Without wishing to hijack the post, have any of you guys got an idea how I can get the thing out ??.

      Any ideas would be much appreciated.

      1. Very carefully superglue a lollipop stick to it. If it is too large in diameter, you can unwrap a few windings of the stick. When the glue has set, very quickly yank it out of there in one fast motion.

        1. No mate, I think I made it worse. Not sure what to do now, it’s pissing me off not being able to hear anything, and I really rely on it for other stuff too. And it means I have to attend work more too … ball ache !
          Any more ideas please ?

  4. cyclists using a road know they’re at great risk in an accident…it’s a choice they make, myself included from time to time…I’m sure they all accept it could happen at some point.

    Put them on the paths with 95% walking public and everyone on there is now at risk.

    These helmet cams are an essential bit of kit nowadays. Soon, insurance and registration will be too.

  5. why is it always a woman ?

    yesterday in ireland, a 70 year old woman drove the wrong way down the motorway near her own home and killed a young guy driving as normal and minding his own business.

    the usual answer which i have no time for … “i got confused”, or “i never realised”.

    1. A couple years ago, there were 8 police officers riding their bicycles for charity, on our state highway. A semi merged onto the highway they were riding on, mowed down and killed one of them instantly. Three more were injured.

      Now, that section of highway has been renamed, in memory of the fallen police officer.

      …to my recollection, it has been renamed,

      “18-Wheeler 1, Pig 0” Memorial Highway.

      …and people locally, were enraged that a semi driver, who spends half his time on the road half asleep, would end up hitting a cop who, if in their squad car, would of pulled me over, for riding a fucking bicycle on a state highway.

      …oh, I get it now!!

      Christ Almighty!!

  6. Okay I might get blasted for this, but am I the only one who sees this as the bicyclist’s fault?

    He’s going against traffic and I always thought they were suppose to obey the traffic laws of the city.

  7. Roads are made for motor vehicles. Bikes stay the fuck off of it and you’ll be safe. But of course they won’t. because like every damn group these days, it’s all about entitlement. Drivers totally suck for the most part. Even good ones have their moments sometimes. Get near them with a little 12 pound bicycle, or a motorcycle for that mater, and suffer your tempted fate.

  8. Being a UK citizen and a motorcycle rider for nearly thirty years it is with regret that this is not uncommon. The UK arguably has one of the best thought out road systems in the world. However, the system has one major caveat, woman drivers!

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