Female Driver Fatally T-Bones Motorcyclist and Smashes Him Against Truck

Female Driver Fatally T-Bones Motorcyclist and Smashes Him Against Truck

Female Driver Fatally T-Bones Motorcyclist and Smashes Him Against Truck

This accident occurred on September 25, 2020 on Teniente Benitez Street in the heart of San Lorenzo, a city near Asunción, Paraguay.

The black Toyota Funcargo driver was DWF and fatally t-boned a motorcyclist, smashing him against a semi-trailer truck he was driving parallel with. The motorcyclist died instantly. The female driver didn’t flee the scene.

Props to Best Gore member @evitaargentina for the video:

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74 thoughts on “Female Driver Fatally T-Bones Motorcyclist and Smashes Him Against Truck”

    1. Just curious about your negative feelings towards motorcycles.

      I ride. The only accident I have ever been in, both car and bike, is someone hitting me with their truck because they “couldn’t see me”.

      I’m just as likely to strike a moose in my truck and die around here as I am on a motorcycle. Is it more dangerous on a bike? Definitely in highly traffic congested areas, that’s why I avoid them.

      I’m also pretty sure if you have the right of way no one has to “slow down” at every turn or corner in case someone else decides they are going to break the law. So. I just don’t get your statement.

    2. Spot on.
      It always boils down to the level, or complete lack, of a sense of self preservation.

      Not unlike a pedestrian standing right on a corner at a red light…with their empty noggin sticking up like a target waiting to get clipped by a wide ass mirror..or a turned into mush by a curb jumper.

      You either have an innate sense to preserve your own life or you don’t. There’s no grey area.

    3. In an intersection, there is a street with preference and one that has to yield. In this case, clearly, the cyclist didn’t need to stop at the intersection just like the truck didn’t have to stop. Overtaking a truck may be dangerous but you can’t blame the victim for that dumb bitch driving into an intersection like she’s racing. that street the truck was on looked like an avenue and the little Toyota was going the fastest of all the vehicles involved. I wish she had been the one to get t-boned by the truck.

  1. What was going on at that junction would there been right of way for someone? Because she would of ploughed into that truck regardless of the biker being there or even a person lucky enough to be crossing… stupid bitch

        1. Regardless of how intelligent and thoughtful that woman was, the moment she slipped into the driver’s seat she was doomed: incapable of using turn signals, checking her gear shift position, or even looking where she’s going. Let’s not forget the time Danica Patrick hit her own pit crew at one race, then hitting someone else’s just a few races later.

          Joke time!

          Q: What do you call a woman who can’t make sandwiches?
          A: Single

          Q: How do you know that beer contains female hormones?
          A: If you drink two or three, you can’t drive properly anymore and start talking nonsense

          Q: How do you fix a woman’s watch?
          A: You don’t, there’s a clock on the oven

          Q: How do you make 5 pounds of fat look good?
          A: Put a nipple on it

          Q: Why did God give men penises?
          A: So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up

          Always love a woman for her personality. She has ten you can choose from.

    1. looks as she was on a one way side rd ,driving on the left lane in a left sided car,her view was limited although the silly bitch retard should give way or slow down.as for the biker ,you do not overtake a fucking truck at crossroads ,you are blind sided at the worst time.stay away from trucks ,slow down at cross junctions,silly retards..the one way system was poorly designed..

        1. I was once riding a motorbike with a friend, and the fucking car that was ahead of us turned slowly into our direction, but my friend was quick enough to turn the bike to the same side. If you know how to drive you will have less chance of getting into an accident, he has been driving motorbikes for 15 years, and he only had a couple of very minor accidents, once he drove above an oil puddle, his bike lost control and he fell sideways, but he barely hurt her leg. Other time, he was hit slowly from behind by an asshole in a car, causing him to fell from the bike, but nothing serious. Having only 2 accidents in 15 years speaks of how well he drives, still, almost every time that I had to ride with him I would get kind of scared, mostly when the bike accelerates from being stopped. Creepy stuff

  2. This is why you should drive a car instead of a motorbike. The person in the car is alive. The person on the bike got thrown off and squashed by the truck. Think about it. The human body evolved to go maximum, the speed that you can run. It didn’t evolve to go the speeds vehicles are capable of.

    In a car, you are surrounded by metal on all sides, and you are strapped in with your seatbelt. There is something in-between you and the other vehicle. On a bike, you are right out in the open. You’re not even wearing a seatbelt. There is nothing to protect you. In a crash, a motorbike offers zero protection.

    Bikes are dangerous.

    1. No shit, what’s a bike and rider weigh vs a car and driver?
      Let’s say for fun it’s 600, maybe 700 lbs vs 3,000 or 4,000 lbs.. No contest.

      DWF does highlight a big problem with the false sense of security and invincibility in that big hunk of metal and plastic though lol. Evidence of which we’ve witnessed plenty on BG..

  3. Security cameras captured the fatal accident in which it is observed how the victim, Axel Calonga, 22 years old, was moving on his motorcycle on Teniente Benítez street, when, upon reaching the intersection with Sargento Silva street, a car rammed him from the side .

    The biker was thrown and fell under a large truck that was traveling in the left lane, getting caught between the wheels of the vehicle.

    The driver of the car, identified as Mariza Bedolla Chávez, 30, was arrested.


    1. Lmfao I did same! While attempting to parallel park I dinged the pole. Two additional failed attempts later and after completing rest of track I was instructed to return car back to Start . I shut the car off and turned to the instructor “did I pass?” He clearly and concisely stated “No! you hit the car” LOL

      Years later I still cannot parallel park and still not a whore 🙂

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