Female Driver Filmed Driving Fast Down Wrong Side of Highway in Quebec, Canada

Female Driver Filmed Driving Fast Down Wrong Side of Highway in Quebec, Canada

This incident ended with an accident, but the accident was not caught on video. At least not on this one. Nevertheless, I believe that the point it makes is worthy of discussion.

The 76 year old female driver was driving down the wrong side of Highway 930 West in Candiac, south of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. The driver who filmed the video tried to signal to her to alert her, but the woman paid no attention to it and ended up colliding head on with two vehicles. Miraculously, nobody died.

The woman remains in critical condition in hospital, as do a 61 year old and a 35 year old men, who both suffered serious injuries, but are expected to recover.

I think it’s time to take into account that reaction time and cognitive capabilities diminish with age, and require elderly drivers to prove their ability to operate motor vehicles safely on a regular basis.

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  1. As far as I’m aware in England, over a specific age I believe to be 70, one must renew their driving license and then re-apply every 3 years.

    My grandfathers driving capabilities have diminished to the point my father took away his keys. Being in a car with him was a rather educational first hand experience, noticing his swerving at last second to avoid contact with objects, that I noticed from a far greater distance.

    That being said I would prefer a greatly reduced population, ergo drivers, as there would be less need for convoluted rules.

    1. Exactly the same with my late grandfather. We had to take away his keys. He never stopped at stop signs and nearly caused a few accidents. I know it was hard for him and my grandmother at the time because they felt they’d lost their independence.

      1. Unfortunately it is a vicious circle, to what extent does their safety outweigh their independence. To a severe crash or to more miniscule happenings such as what I previously stated?

        Being emotionally attached to them, one seems more willing to dictate their lives, from a caring standpoint.

        On the opposing thought, knowing how he is just sedentary and alone all day not being able to live how he is used to. It is all quite concerning from my subjective view.

  2. I don’t think driver’s education is offered in schools anymore, which I find quite horrific indeed. On the roads, I fear the young because of their lack of experience, and potential for distraction, and I fear the old because of their diminished abilities and reaction times. There has never been more drivers than now. And tomorrow, there will be even more. Do try to be careful if you’re ever out there these days! I know I am!

  3. When I’m in a rush and driving on the wrong side of the highway, I do it in reverse so no one notices. Are we sure this was actually a woman, I didn’t see a blinker on the whole way.

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