Female Driver Hits Elderly Pedestrian in Crosswalk

Female Driver Hits Elderly Pedestrian in Crosswalk

A female driver hit an elderly pedestrian who was in a crosswalk. She was probably putting on her lipstick, cause she was definitely not watching the road. She did not notice the pedestrian, until he was literally already on her hood.

There are signs clearly marking the crosswalk, so there is no doubt he wasn’t crossing the road illegally. Hopefully this taught the driver that vanity mirrors are not to be used while the vehicle is in motion.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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      1. Sick fuck! He is an old man regardless of his skin color. He probably lived a long life because he most likely worked his whole life and didn’t fuck around in gangs. Ignorant scum like you probably collect EBT. Not all black people collect welfare and I hope one day one of your elderly relatives make an appearance on BG in a hit and run!

    1. He could have. This looks to be one of those Russian dash cam videos. Those russkes are an indestructible lot, from what I’ve seen in these vids. He probably got back up, walked to the side of the road and lit up a cig.

  1. Dumb bitch driver, ugh, that poor man. And you can see that he sees that car, is frightened/ surprised, but there was nothing the poor man could do. Not sure what the idiot was doing to not see an entire fucking human being crossing the damn street in the daytime, but when you pause the video after the point of impact, you can see a red wire coming from her radio and it appears to be attached to her cell phone in the front middle console or front cup holder. One can draw some pretty plausible conclusions based on that alone.

  2. Crosswalks shouldn’t be dangerous but they are, you should never assume a driver has seen you, I won’t walk onto one until I have made eye contact with a driver who has stopped. Then you get these fucken stupid drivers who just plow into someone already half way across, nothing you can do about these dumb drivers

  3. I find it a nightmare to concentrate whilst driving, especially when i’m trying not to spill my beer and making a roll up at the same time. Doesn’t help matters when i’m also on the phone, shouting at my fiance about getting dinner ready when I get home “or else”.

    However this driver has no excuse as she is female. Women are supposed to be able to multi-task, right?

  4. Here we see an example of a driver being victimized. In this case the pedestrian is clearly in the wrong. What was he thinking? Using a marked crosswalk in broad daylight?!!!
    Selfishly assuming that this driver has time to waste 3 seconds on slowing down a bit to let a pedestrian cross the street in one piece, the stupid old man proceeded into the crosswalk and got what he deserved.
    The fact that this driver likely reached her destination with smeared lipstick and was unable to reply to her bff via text msg is a tragedy.

  5. It was the grandpa fault,he didn’t even check if there was a car coming, it only took a second maybe she just drop something or get distracted by something minor but pedestrians should be more careful, BTW it was kinda funny lol 😀

    1. The old man SHOULD have been more careful at the crosswalk. However, it is the driver’s responsibility to yield for pedestrians. The driver is in the wrong and at fault. Sadly, the stupid twat did not sustain a fatal injury.

      1. Yeah but there was no crossing line he just suddenly decide to walk in the middle of the road very slowly,I guess she didn’t expect him besides I don’t get why everyone makes such a fuss only because it was a girl?this could and have happened to man too 😛

        1. The driver had ample time to slow down or stop for the old man IF she had been paying attention to the road. Something distracted her. It is not as if “grandpa” dived in front of her. She seemed to be driving rather fast. The old man was not a mind reader. I’m certain the road was clear of oncoming traffic when he started to cross. Drivers need to mind their speed and be aware of what is ahead of them. Poor, inattentive drivers should not drive with dash cams. Videos recorded can be used against them.

  6. Dude showed great athleticism for an old guy. He saw the car coming at him and jumped up on the hood, landing on it, saving his legs from being shattered and muting some of the force by contacting the hood with his butt and then finally he lets his back take the brunt of the hit on the windshield which gives a hell of a lot more than the front bumper. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just got up and shook it off.

  7. This whole thing seems pretty suspicious if you ask me.

    It’s like she didn’t just randomly go out for a drive and happen to run into someone.

    She first set up a camera in her car, got the tape rolling, and then picked off an older male at said intersection while he was crossing the street, during what appears to be his routine daily walk like he does at the same time every day.

    This was no accident. This was a hit job.

    Synchronize watches…annnnd Go.

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