Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary

Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary

I don’t think there’s anyone who’s seen a video or two on Best Gore who has not noticed that your average dry turd shat out by an anteater has richer vocabulary than your average American. “Oh My Gawd, Oh My Gawd” – that’s about as far as their capability to speak seems to have evolved. The more retarded among them have even been trained to parrot “Thank you for your service“.

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Los Angeles. It shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a female driver who struck a female pedestrian. The young turd, I mean American, seen running in the beginning of the video is the driver. The nasty feet fatty on the road is her victim. The cameraman… fuck that. I’m not even gonna go there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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167 thoughts on “Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary”

    1. I’m amazed she even stopped. She has to be either a moral person or someone who thinks if she puts on a good show the police won’t prosecute her for reckless driving resulting in death. I would like to think she is the first and not the latter but knowing better. I’m not letting caucasians off either, many will also bail and let a injured person die in a ditch to avoid a charge or lawsuit. The worse of hit and runners are beaners, there is no disputing that fact.

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        1. Really, fuck head? I’m white and I get government assistance. I also work for a company whose clients must be on some sort of financial assistance program. Guess what? A lot of them are white. I know it may come as a surprise to a small minded douchebag such as yourself, but economically speaking, everyone has a chance to live in poverty.

    2. I’ve lurked this site for a long time. This video is the first to move me to post.

      The driver “sista” is truly remorseful. Never have I seen a video where the perpatrator is showing such remorse as she is and to a white heavy chick victim no less. She does what she can with no gloves exposing herself to who knows what. For all the chinese videos where people don’t give a shit, this sista shows humanity in the face of tragedy. She is a credit to Americans everywhere, if I was the white chick’s family, i would be grateful she had someone to care for her in her final moments like this even if she was the perp. She didn’t have to do any of that, but she DID.

      1. Amen brotha’. That women was at least was trying and cared. The high value we place on american life and our commitment to that value with strangers shines through here. There are enough of us like that, thank god i live in america

    3. All of the shit I have watched and looked at in here, THIS made me need an account to comment… Americans in general are so pussified and flat out DUMB to have zero control over their emotions in a real situation requiring them. They lose it! Pussies living in a make-believe world!! SAD

      1. You know California was once México right?? US took over?? Mexicans stayed and had no other means but to assimilate? To add on, this dude knows english and is most likely latino ,but that does not make you chicano fuck tard or mexican for all we know. Your dumbass draws conclusions like the inbred spawn of a kkk, with noticable mental disabilities that render you helpless to make an educated comment.

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          1. When it comes to having a heart and caring for/about other people, race does not matter. If I walked up on that scene I would’ve seen a lady losing her shit, and a guy filming it for documentation. The fact that the lady is black, and the camera guy is Hispanic is totally irrelevant. And in case it matters, I am white.

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    2. What is wrong with you? I know not all white people are like you but white supremacists are truly lacking a high IQ. The elites want all races dead. Including trailer trash like yourself. Once you realize that you are not superior, your IQ will go up a few notches. You are no different than the savage brazilians.

    1. Same with you, you fucking moron!!
      1. “should” not “shuld”
      2. Kicked off from our country? What does that even mean?
      3. “From one time for all”, I think you meant “once and for all”

      I hope my short grammar lesson helped!!

  1. Oh come on you fucking cunt goof, At least she is trying to do something, trying to save this woman unlike all these 3rd world simians, savages or sand niggers and gooks who do NOTHING or just drive away. IF the best you cant do is talk shit about about her accent or language or Americans as whole then good because the fact she was desperate to do something proves even the shittest hood whore American is still better than some shaved ape, Punjabi inter species rapist, Latin king homosexual jungle ape, euro trash pussy, Bosnian white cave nigger or zipper head shit stain.

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  4. Not the verbiage of the average American. Perhaps the average illegal immigrant who learns its English from welfare and obamacare registration pamphlets. Or the recent generation of nigglets that learn to speak from rap albums and graffiti, or the white niggers that harbor forced / learned guilt for them. I understand your frustration Mark, but trying to smash the face of the masses with grand, unrealistic generalizations does not bolster your position. I only say this as someone who has said their share of incomplete thoughts on the internet, completely love your website! Peace, war, or what the fuck ever, our remains will rot far longer than these words will be concluded.

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