Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary

Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary

I don’t think there’s anyone who’s seen a video or two on Best Gore who has not noticed that your average dry turd shat out by an anteater has richer vocabulary than your average American. “Oh My Gawd, Oh My Gawd” – that’s about as far as their capability to speak seems to have evolved. The more retarded among them have even been trained to parrot “Thank you for your service“.

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Los Angeles. It shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a female driver who struck a female pedestrian. The young turd, I mean American, seen running in the beginning of the video is the driver. The nasty feet fatty on the road is her victim. The cameraman… fuck that. I’m not even gonna go there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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151 thoughts on “Female Driver Hits Female Pedestrian, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich American Vocabulary”

    1. @grofaz

      My best guess is that they’re dirty from walking around barefoot??? I don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with them either, I was half-expecting to see a clubbed foot or 4 inch toenails or something like that from the description.

  1. I’ve lived all over the world. I’ve seen accidents, near drownings and physical attacks. Everyone, no matter race or creed, Americans (& Canadians) always stepped up without blinking. First on the scene. First to do anything. A nation of heroes and truly the home of the brave.

  2. This guy filming is not American he is most likely Mexican! And I seriously doubt this lady even survived after loosing all that blood already drained from her body until she turned albino! The lady screaming was very annoying but at least she tried to do something to save her unlike most other countries that never do shit accept stand around talking filming and watching the victim die! Even if it’s useless trying to save the woman atleast she tried.

  3. Hmm. We rarely get to see any “on the ground” footage from the US, so that’s cool.
    At least the black chick seems like she wants to help.
    I wonder if the woman died or not.
    After putting in minimal effort toward finding a news article and not finding one, I guess I’ll never know.

  4. Most of you whites on here are bitching about this black women,
    Who is in shock from killing someone, just because she’s black. She didn’t leave the scene. She’s trying to help. Unlike all the other videos of people just laying in the road with no one to help. Clearly you all are just racist. You all must have sad, lonely Lives. I’m white and embarrassed by most of you.

  5. “OH MY GOD!!”, “OH MY GOD!!”, “OH MY GOD!!”

    I’m Scottish, but I live in U.S., and I take umbrage with your insistence that ‘everyone in America’ is stupid & capable of uttering only those 3 words above.

    In future, you may want to consider biting your tongue & keeping your mouth closed, thus preventing your idiotic drivel spewing forth & splattering everywhere. You ought not stereotype everyone, either; To do so will likely lead to the shit hitting the …”OH MY GAWD!!”, “OH MY GAWD!!, “OH MY GAWD!!” … fan.

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