Female Driver Kills Multiple Pedestrians on Sidewalk in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Female Driver Kills Multiple Pedestrians on Sidewalk in Kharkiv, Ukraine

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, 20 year old Alyona Zaitseva, said to be the daughter of a local oligarch Vasily Zaitsev, rammed a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk after losing control of her Lexus due to excessive speed and DWF. Alyona Zaitseva also reportedly ran a red light.

Local media report at least five people killed in the crash, and six injured. One of the seriously injured is a heavily pregnant woman, so the death count could still rise.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the ram (happens around 0:21):

And the footage of the aftermath:

Also a pic of killer female driver Alyona Zaitseva – notice the privilege in every cell in her body:

Alyona Zaitseva - 20 Year Old Female Driver, Killer of Pedestrians

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “Female Driver Kills Multiple Pedestrians on Sidewalk in Kharkiv, Ukraine”

        1. 6 people had to die AGAIN because we keep pretending that women can drive.

          The lie that women are equal has gone on for so long. How many more innocent lives need to be lost? We even have female airplane pilots. Insanity.

          1. Nothing wrong with women driving, the point is obey the road rules. There is many men dick head driver on the road. I am a guy but when I drive always watch out for asshole drivers. So good luck surrounding you. Some women better than some dick head.

    1. I’m sure you are…but the courts can’t let 6 people including a stupid ass pregnant bitch get killed without some justice…they probably won’t charge her for the young slut or the pregnant bitch or the other whore…but she’ll definitely get charged for the humans of worth…namely the men…the others will probably be thrown in a whore landfill

        1. Agreed the loss of female life it is the equivalent as when a male breaks a rib or loses the broken rib.
          No biggie we can still survive with minus one rib.
          And if I was a judge on this case I wouldn’t allow for prosecution of broken/lost ribs.
          However if a cock gets killed due to female stupidity behind the wheel, that vagina will get maximum punishment.

    1. @assassinisher

      If you’re a man there has to be a serious amount of man-points deducted from you for even glancing at The Sun newspaper (and I use the term “newspaper” very loosely).

      If you’re a woman then I understand perfectly why you read The Sun.

          1. Seriously @itsplaster , next to The Sun, The Daily Mail really does have diamond status. I wouldn’t wipe my arse with The Sun, I’d rather use my fingers and lick them clean.

            True story: Many years ago I dumped one of my GFs when she walked in one evening after work with a copy of The Sun in her hand. And I thought she was a decent girl. Sorry, but I have zero respect for anyone who reads The Sun.

        1. @itsplaster

          You know, you wouldn’t go far wrong if you were to choose your friends and potential partners solely on their reading material; and the fact that you’re reading a book on 18th-Century Japan has scooted you right up the ladder in my opinion 😀

          1. Thank you, psycho. I finished a book about Henry VIII’s wives and went straight into this Japanese book about “the Ako incident.” It took me a moment to switch gears. Lol.

        2. @itsplaster
          Cool. I am a history buff as well. I also read alot about manchu china?

          What i love is that both countries would only allow foreigners into certain places /cities at certain times of the year.foreigners could only live there and if caught outside with no good reason,they were executed.

          Pity Merkel and other idiots didnt know history!
          Oh wait…that is exactly why ex commie Merkel was actually chosen to be boss of europe.

          1. I love history as well. This particular book is about “the Ako incident” or revenge of the 47 Ronin. (The 47 Ronin Story, John Allyn) I’m in the last chapter as Oishi and the ronin are about to finally kill Kira. I’ve been with them the whole ride and I’m excited the time is here!

  1. I wonder if she’ll plead “affluenza”; like that Ethan Couch kid from Texas.

    U.S. already set the precedent that if you’re a spoiled brat who wasn’t instilled with a moral compass at an early age, you can’t be held accountable for your actions like the rest of us schmucks, because all that money apparently blinded you to the laws and nuances of morality and human nature, such as the overwhelming evidence attesting to the fact that most people would prefer NOT to die if given the chance.

    “But don’t stand there. Get us out of here!” (Natalya Simonova, Goldeneye)

      1. A reckless little shit is a reckless little shit, regardless of what is or isn’t dangling between their legs. Matter of fact, I kind of agree with Mark on the fact that a lot of women take advantage of their pussy pass to get away with more crap than a guy normally could.

        Except in Russia (slap)….and Brazil (stab stab stab), apparently.

        “Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son?” (Mrs. Finkle, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

          1. Cadejito has known me longer than you, lol, so he doesn’t need your guidance. And all I said is the truth: the legal system needs to change. What’s your issue with that?

    1. Stupid fuckin bitch…man I wish they would be beat her to a fucking pulp…bitch is probably crying acting like a victim…when they’re crying is the perfect time to slam um on their head…usually when u hit um their tears and crying clears right up as its just an act they use…drag that bitch N shove a jelly fish in her ass n pussy

          1. Who is married with two kids here? Odd comeback. Anyway, you are a slave to your anger. That shit owns you. But keep being “free.” You seem so happy.

          2. Its funny that you think cliche sayings are true…”slave to anger” n all that jazz…as I said in a previous post…you’re a woman…I expect that…its ok to be stupid when ur a woman…people don’t even notice 🙂
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          3. I’ll be sure to let ya know if I ever feel the urge. But you know, stupid woman and all, I’ll probably forget. Now let me get back in the kitchen and you keep knocking us out with your insecurities – damn, I meant intelligence. xoxo

    1. Probably, like us Irish. In Irish the word for water is uisce(ishke), and the word for whiskey is uisce beatha(water of life). In Ukrainian the word for water is вода(voda), and then you have водка(vodka). Forgive me for boring you. Haha. Good drinking people.

  2. Must be the lack of terrorism and it stuck into your mind too much that you committ unintentional terror.
    What is life without death then? There wouldn´t be any if there wasn´t the first of the two to begin with.

  3. We’ve seen that on news she’s from a very rich family and facing 10years killing 6!I’m pretty sure she won’t go to jail even for a day in Ukraine lol money rules everywhere specially in those countries!

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