Female Driver Nosedives Into Ditch in Russia

Female Driver Nosedives Into Ditch in Russia

A Russian female driver approached a T-intersection, but as we know, it takes a synchronized use of feet and hands to control both the acceleration of the vehicle and its turning radius to clear the corner safely, which as we know, is a major challenge. Of course that ditch was left there by a male rapist to mock the shape of female genitalia, so make no mistake – it was all men’s fault.

That bike rider – when he noticed there were two women in that car, he knew he needed to maintain safe distance. The nosedive into the ditch was so awesome, though. It’s like she thought female privilege extended onto mother nature who should reorganize herself to accommodate her direction of travel, cause ain’t no way she was gonna steer or press brake.

What do you mean nature doesn’t discriminate, you sexist prick?

44 thoughts on “Female Driver Nosedives Into Ditch in Russia”

  1. Pretty ridiculous, but still not as good as the woman that drives her car into the water filled hole from a busted water main. She gets herself out of the car to safety, only to step back into the hole again, seemingly completely baffled by the situation as she takes an embarrassing swim in the middle of the street.

  2. I can make a sexist comment as good as anyone but in this instance I’m tempted to think she lost control of the vehicle in some way that’s not obvious… I can’t make any sense of it, as is…

  3. They just wanted to see if the ditch was a bigger hole than the parachute ports between their legs is…….part of the car didn’t make it into the ditch so hard to tell….

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