Female Driver with a Mercedes

Female Driver with a Mercedes

All you need to know about female drivers in a 1 minute long video.

This female driver with a fancy Mercedes seems to be having troubles squeezing through a narrow space, so she reverses while swinging her vehicle from side to side, then she gets off to inspect the passage and pick something up from the road only to learn that she forgot to engage the handbrake and her Mercedes started to roll down. She tries to stop it but it doesn’t work out and in her divine uselessness, she runs into the car’s door knocking herself out. Hilaritus extremus. Her pussy must have paid for the expensive car, but no technology in the world could fix the pussy behind the wheel.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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45 thoughts on “Female Driver with a Mercedes”

  1. and then the guy checks the car, while she’s still on the ground. haha

    just imagine dinner conversation

    Honey…. You know the Benz? you’ll never guess what happened. A guy stole it and punched me in the face.

  2. Women can only drive two ways. They either drive slow as fuck like fucken retarted grandmas, or they fucken drive like fucken idiots. Fucken cunts. They suck at driving!!! Im raging just thinking about it !!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

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