Female Motorcyclist Crashes and Wrecks Her Face

Female Motorcyclist Crashes and Wrecks Her Face

DWF here has done something I didn’t think was possible; she actually curb stomped herself. Holy shit just watching that has me grinding my teeth. She was supposedly killed instantly from the impact and I would have to agree.

We see the impact and then a still image of people with her body and then the morgue pic that shows the devastation a curb can do to a person’s face. The Knights didn’t perfect the curb stomp afterall, it was the motorcycle.

Mad props to MrsPink.

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      1. There are women who allow you to ride them and there are some women who like to do the riding. I’m 55 and I have had a motorcycle license since I was 17. Multiple guys have acknowledged I am a better rider than they are.

        1. It really dont take much to get our bodies messed up like this, here in TN this ladie crashed and her 8 year old daughter didn’t have her seat belt on and she flew out of the car and dived face first into the concrete dying at impact, the girl didn’t have a face no more when they turned her around.

          1. I’d rather people not using auto-correct at all… :/ So what if someone misspells some shit? Are they afraid of the low ego lifeless retards that are so much of a failure at life that the only thing they know what to do to make them seem to be of any use alive to anyone is to correct people’s misspellings? 😐

      1. She did, its what usually people say as “Oh my god” in there, only that in latin speaking countries they invoke saints (also called as Lords) instead of gods… She in this case called for the “Lord of the Fortune” (Se?or de la Ventura).

  1. Her nose looks like that one girls who posts on here. Yall know the one with the curly hair and 3/4 of her pic is that nose?

    I saw this video before but that face I havnt seen too now. That is crazy how it all just shifted down kinda like she shoulda done with that bike instead of flying down a dark street. Awesome

        1. Don’t bother explaining it to the idiots who think it’s real lol. They are either hasbarats who feel offended by me, or autistic, inbred, single digit, retards.

          1. It drives me insane, nearly every one on here uses a name of their choice. They feel duped by you for some reason? No one else gets accused of not using their own name and photo, some might but most are like you, a made up name!

          2. @Gaussian, I did think of him too! Good minds think alike, 😉 After reading your comments I have realised you are one of the more intelligent people on BG.

  2. Devil on shoulder…
    Hopes, dreams, aspirations, all gone in the blink of an eye. Unless her hopes, dreams and aspirations were to smash her face into the curb, which would literally mean she excelled in her achievement. A true inspiration.
    Ignoring the devil on shoulder…
    A terrible way to go for a young lady riding home, such awful luck.

        1. haha Americans are always being accused of being big fatties, (with good reason, half of them have to be buried in a baby grand piano instead of a coffin) but Australia is becoming a nation of fatso’s too, and the UK and dare I say Canada? It’s un-PC to be slim and healthy, normal gorgeous models get called ‘stick insects’ or “they have a body of a 10 year old boy” they moan from their lounge chair eating tubs of ice-cream and doughnuts.

          1. They may need “luv too” but people should lay off the ‘thin-shaming’ , if you are fat you have ‘curves’ (even obese people) if you are ‘normal’ (not overweight) you get called ‘a bag of bones’, only online though, mind. VS models get super trolled, as if they’d care!

    1. I’ve been lurking for quite some time and MrsPink is more than representing…she is killing it! Some days I wonder if it should just be BestPink.com but that name probably exists as a porn site already. Either way, Props to Pink!!!

  3. How hard she may have tried curbing her habits being close to curbs but that curb really had her face freakishly disturbed .Seeing is believing as you can see that this female rider was zipping down the road too fast and all along you can see in the footage that she was inches away from the curb and man did she had any helmet on on her 70mm face .? I don’t think so and I have not seen one worn .If only the head gear had to be in place she nearly would have had gone unscathed .

    1. You could try to avoid it by never going out,and also baby proofing your whole house.But then some ‘final destination’ shit will happen,or you would go completely insane. I wonder what the date is on YOUR stamp.??

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