Female Motorcyclist Scalped After Crashing Motorcycle in Malaysia

Female Motorcyclist Scalped After Crashing Motorcycle in Malaysia

Female Motorcyclist Scalped After Crashing Motorcycle in Malaysia

A female motorcycle rider in Malaysia lies on back on curb after wrecking bike. It appears, wearing a helmet did no good, as her head is scalped and barely hangs on. Fellow bike rider, from India, holds her scalp after she tries to get up.

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    1. @jadedcunt

      Same thing with me. I don’t want to get nowhere near a motorcyle. My older brother used to be fanatical about them too, but 2 months ago he almost died in an accident while he was riding his bike on the way to work. He had to go through 2 surgeries – elbow and clavicle. Soon he’ll need to go through another one to remove the pins from his elbow. Luckily, the accident happened right in front of the hospital where he works, so he was being helped by his co-workers in no time. He also didn’t sustain any permanent damage.

      The accident was caught on tape, and therefore proved my brother was driving 100% right and following the law, while the other driver who rammed into him was the wrong one driving like a retard and getting pass a red light. Bottom line is – if my brother happened to be driving his car instead of his bike, he would get out of the accident with nothing but a scratch, if not completely unharmed. Meanwhile the other driver would be one fucked up, since the culprit also was a motherfucking biker.

      My brother fixed his bike, sold it, and now he also doesn’t want to get nowhere near a fucking motorcycle. It is suicidal to ride one in big cities, especially if the person lives in a 3rd world shithole country like India where the traffic is a fucking mess and nobody knows how to properly drive.

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