Filipino Man Busts His Face Apart After Motorcycle Accident

Filipino Man Busts His Face Apart After Motorcycle Accident

Not much in the way of info on this one but a Filipino man seems to have lost control of his motorcycle which resulted in him falling from the vehicle hard enough to crack apart his face and head, sending parts of skull and brain matter scattering on the road. The shitty part is that he was actually wearing a helmet but seeing it break apart the way it did it obviously wasn’t designed to withstand that kind of impact. Hell, most helmets are just designed to hold you busted head together so there is less mess for the paramedics.

And where are my manners? Let me dedicate this post to our awesome South East Asian writer whom I never properly welcomed, Kay P.

Props to Best Gore member gerdperez for the info and pics.

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  1. He sure kissed that pavement pretty good. Look at all I coagulated blood.
    He Musta had a really cheap helmet or something. I have been in wrecks before going four wheeling, quads, and hit my head pretty hard on the ground I never had a crack helmet.

      1. Yeah, I feel that 4 wheels is better than 2. As crazy as this may sound I like bicycling. I know it counterdicts what I just said but, you don’t go as fast I just go on the sidewalk and Bicycle paths and it’s good damn exercise.

        1. Quads are by far the funnest and safest way to go offroading. I rode a 3 Wheeler way back. I hit the accelerator too hard, the front wheel shot up and bucked me off hard. Fortunately I was able to lift my head before slamming my back on the hardtop. Knocked the wind outta me, but i got up after a couple of minutes. Damn, did that hurt…fuck yeah it hurt bad..I fucked uo a couple

    1. No they certainly don’t. I lost a 2 friends several years ago who were sober and wearing helmets. The van in front of them was being driven by a drunk female. She hit a telephone pole causing the line to drop across the road decapitating both my friend and his passenger.

  2. Another awesome post @Obli!! I actually feel sorry for this poor dude, because he was at least smart enough to be wearing a helmet. As far as not getting on a bike, well, you might as well tell some people to not breathe.

  3. Sorry out of context,just to burden you guys with something from India 🙂 seems like lot of Indian girls like myself will be gatecrashing western parts soon enough,just read in the papers today,a particular Hindu party wants a law passed which will ban women from wearing ‘tight’ jeans,’cos they ‘invite’ “innocent mama’s boys” to rape … well,yes. And if that’s not enough,they want all Indian girls who perform ‘item’ numbers in bollywood films to be officially branded as PROSTITUTES. How’s that as a reason for me to disown my native land?

        1. I emailed them asking that if women who sing and dance in films are to be labelled Prostitutes then will the male actors who bare their 6 packs be officially called Gigolos? Obviously,they didn’t bother to get back.

  4. @obli, I welcome gore as much as the next demented fellow but can we have a few more open posts as well.

    I find it almost impossible to expand my own intellect without current social/historical argument.

    My conclusion, gore is great but without social expansion I find it almost impossible to establish a standard of truth.

    Therefore I need debate, I need discussion to live among the already established.

    I guess we are all responsible for our actions.

    1. That would be an excellent idea, @Empty Soul. I have learned so much from these open posts, that i truly miss them. Hopefully, with @Obli,s busy schedule, with work, this place, and all, our brother could wing it, and make it bigger, and better, than ever! 🙂

  5. Either the helmet was open face, which would technically leave half his head exposed in the event of a faceplant or just incredibly shitty quality.
    Great images, motorcycle wrecks always make for my fave BG posts. They keep me reminded to never again get on one of these death machines.

  6. Sub-standard products are rampant here in the Philippines, thanks to china. This guy probably owned one, sub-standard helmets cannot withstand accidents like this because they’re not tested and did not undergo a quality assurance test. I don’t know the real nature of the accident but falling off a motor and then resulting into a blood splattering accident, it must have been a deadly and enormous force of impact as he fell. Speed x Mass = DEAD!!!

  7. They said this guy stood up after the accident and then fell to his death. This guy had a head on collision with a jeepney. from far the jeepney driver noticed the motorcycle driver changing lanes (DRUNK?) so he slowed down however this motorclye driver suddenly changed lane and collided with the jeepney. dont drink and drive.!

    1. @Comfreeka – Wow, hard to imagine him standing up with a chunk of brain laying in his broken helmet quite a distance away. What is a jeepney? Thanks for the info (and thanks @Obli and @gerdperez for providing the great post 😀 ).

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