First Person View Video of Motorcycle Ride That Ended in Death of Motorcyclist

First Person View Video of Motorcycle Ride That Ended in Death of Motorcyclist

This is a nice first person view video of a motorcycle ride, except that at the end of it, the motorcyclist dies. I think he had the cam mounted on his helmet but why was he not paying attention and t-boned the vehicle that cut him off is beyond me. He had enough time to react in some way, plus the road was not that busy so a dodge maneuver to the side would have been possible. Needless death, in my opinion.

I think the video is from Brazil, but I may be mistaken.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “First Person View Video of Motorcycle Ride That Ended in Death of Motorcyclist”

    1. its not easy to do that, speed was more higher than his reaction,and the stopping distance, first rule on the bike: even If you trust yourself, do not rely on others. this is usually the bigest mistake of bikeriders.

        1. He COULD have avoided that! Even just watching that while sitting at my desk I was able to counter steer and lean to the left. Not only that but when riding a motorcycle you always have to look at the road ahead of you and ride with the attitude that every car driver on the road is out to kill you! I can’t even begin to tell you how fucking angry I get when I see dick headed riders who mount stupid fucking cameras on their helmets ride like they have no skills whatsoever. I’m sorry to rant but as a rider who is sick and tired of hearing how dangerous motorcycles are, I have to say it’s riders like this who give motorcycling that reputation.

  1. It’s a curve line. Given that the motorcyclist did not anticipate the incoming vehicle, he should reduce his speed. And most important, the driver of the car should make a turn signal whenever he go out of the line.

  2. Always anticipate that someone is going to do something stupid; never assume that they’re not going to.

    Colorada Springs, last week, some jerk pulled a left turn across two lanes of traffic at a stop sign.

    Moments earlier. exiting from Dick’s Sporting Goods with a trunk full of ammunition, I had been mentally commentating on how considerate America drivers were, compared to the United Kingdom.

    There is a large group of people that should not be allowed access to vehicles, the internet or firearms; the problem is, weeding them out.

    Doctor Nasty

    1. They done took my license ;)… and well with this new ‘mental health’ check they want to introduce before someone can buy a firearm, well I will probably be screwed. But common… internet? Gotta give me something to hole on to…

  3. In my opinion he was an inexperienced rider who has no idea how to use the gears to down shift then steer to maneuver this bike around the car. This accident was totally avoidable on the bikers part. He failed to negotiate a relatively easy obstacle and that is that..

  4. You funny JJ…… We now know what Brazilian motorcyclists think about while riding a motorcycle, NOTHING. This fuck sped up a lot to pass all those trucks and then kept his speed like the road turned into a freeway or something. Eyes friggn closed too I guess.

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