Five Brazilian Teens Get Into a Car Wreck on BR-424 Highway, Only One Survives

Five Brazilian Teens Get Into a Car Wreck on BR-424 Highway, Only One Survives

Five Brazilian teens, ranging in age from 17 to 19 years were driving in an Opel Corsa down the BR-424 highway back to Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, where they all lived. For reasons that are still unknown, the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to swerve into the opposite lane and collided head on with a truck, which in turn hit another car. Four of the five were killed instantly. 19 year old Jemerson Pimentel da Silva, 18 year old Jonathan Felipe Nunes Marcelino, 18 year old Brendsson Eduardo Cavalcanti de Andrade, 17 year old Rita de CΓ‘ssia. The survivor was 18 year old Elizabete da Silva Braz, who was Jemerson’s girlfriend.

The occupants of the other two vehicles fled and have not yet been tracked down.

Props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops.

68 thoughts on “Five Brazilian Teens Get Into a Car Wreck on BR-424 Highway, Only One Survives”

    1. Fuck no. It scares me to see shit like this when 2 of my four boys are around their age. Too young to die man!!! What a shame. I guess we are just the lucky one,s as i know that i did some stupid reckless shit when i was young and stupid. Had a few close calls myself. You ?

      1. Fuck yeah @thedre… Learned how to drive in backwoods Virginia… I look back on those years and just cringe at how much of a jackass I was… I must’ve had a horseshoe up my ass in my teenage years… πŸ˜€

          1. Indeed brother @thedre!.. Indeed… BTW… How’s the hand brother… Is it healing properly?.. I’ve fucked my hands up plenty of times being a diesel mechanic and all… Just wanted a heads-up on your health brother…

          2. It is still sore, and has limited function, but i have to admit that it is becoming my new normal. I cannot do what i use to do like bow hunt, and stuff, and that bugs me quite a bit, but it could have been worse.

          3. my father was an avid bow hunter. it’s a shame you cannot do what you loved. but yes, it could have been even worse…i would’ve hated for you to become “that kind” of feature here.

  1. Teenagers don’t make good drivers there inexperienced and too “distracted” behind the wheel but one of them gets to live to tell the tail will he’ll learn from this? Doubt it. We will see him here again.

  2. Yeah, Vauxhall / Opel Corsa, not the most robust car in the world.

    Live fast die young, is pumped up to a whole new higher level in that neck of the woods. Reckless is / was, all of their middle names, except the survivor !, how the hell did that happen !?!. A survivor !. Wonders will never cease.

    1. My daughter wants one of those “Fast and the Furious” cars… I said “Nope, you’re getting a station wagon!… I’m going to save your life even if I’m not there!”… Needless to say she hates my guts… But I love her so much… I’m not going to bury her… She’s going to bury me… That’s the deal between a father and his children.

      1. I’m with you on that one @Gnat, only a father of daughters truly knows the worry of such dilemmas. I thought about a mini for mine, nothing fancy, just a decent runabout.
        Some things are not up for debate I’m afraid, not when it comes to things like that.

          1. πŸ˜€

            I’ll admit at the time I was embarrassed to drive that car but after I got rear ended without a scratch on mine while the other guy’s car was completely messed up I came to appreciate my Tank.

  3. Corsa Opel were good proletarian cars ……
    Not the best in crash test…though!…even in its time
    Wisdom words of the day:
    Have a good fuck in the privacy of your home…..watching movies…..have a lil snatch……..sorry…….snack.
    Instead of ending up dying in a nasty car crash.

      1. We all know DaSilva in the front seat was talking to DaSilva in the back seat (forget to say one in front seat was driving ) and took dem eyes off the road for a moment too long?????? Eh, what’dya gonna do?

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