Five Dead in School Bus Crash with Tractor Trailer in Bahia, Brazil

Five Dead in Bus Crash with Trailer in Bahia, Brazil

On November 25, 2018 in Bahia, Brazil a collision happened on BR-116 between school bus and truck trailer. The accident occurred due to an overturn made by the driver of the trailer.

A school bus left the municipality of Euclides da Cunha, about 186 miles from Salvador, transporting students aged between 14 and 25 years, who would participate in a buck contest of fanfare in Antônio Cardoso, neighboring town to Feira de Santana. An over correction made by trucker, identified as, native of Conchal, Eurides Cardoso, 63 years sealed the fates of five.

The death toll climbed to 5 and took 5 hours to give relief to the victims on the route on the stretch of Santa Barbara to take the vehicles off the highway. The beat occurred around 10:50. With the accident, the trailer cabin and the front of the bus were destroyed.

Of the five dead, three died on the road. They received medical attention at the crash site, but they couldn’t resist. The other two people were referred to the Hospital of Santa Barbara, were attended, but died in the health unit.

The wounded were initially referred to the hospital of Santa Barbara, then transferred to the hospital Clerston Andrade and Hospital da Criança, both in Feira de Santana. 27 of the injured were admitted to Feira de Santana. Four of them did not have the ages revealed, but are under 18 years of age and are in the HEC.

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  1. “O sangue de Gzuz tem poder”

    Funny that the news inform it was the trucks fault, yet the camera said he was just behind the bus and blamed the bus for the @carnage-2. The kids sure learn their lesson…

    3:25 fuel or blood?

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  3. It is crazy how all of these vehicles made in the third world just get destroyed in accidents that aren’t even that bad, there must be no crash safety regulations in those parts of the world

  4. Fuckin Superman. He really let himself go. Just standing there, observing like a local, when he should be flying those people to safety!
    Wait…is there even a safe location in Brazil? Is that word, or the concept of it even a part of the vernacular?
    I think I’d probably just off myself if I lived there. I’m in the U.S. and even this place is making suicide look like a viable option.
    At the VERY least, it’s my retirement plan.

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