Five People Die As Van Driver Veers Into Oncoming Lane and Collides with Semi

Five People Die As Van Driver Collides with Semi During Passing

Five People Die As Van Driver Veers Into Oncoming Lane and Collides with Semi

In Samara region of Russia, a van driver veered into the oncoming lane, where he collided with an oncoming semi. It may have been a case of dozing off, even though at first sight it may seem like an attempt to pass.

According to the local reports, five people died in the crash. I presume all five were on board the van. That bump didn’t look survivable. The van got trashed, as can be seen once it stops at the car with the dashcam.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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      1. There seems to be some pinkish human type color and red splashes @ .024 secs in i paused it right there and looked at i will bet that’s the driver being put make to the earth where he came from…What a way to go bet they didn’t feel a GOD DAMN THING and that is a SHAME and SIN!!!

      2. @Skidmark
        The Only Braking, and Subsequent Brake Marks That Were Useful and Helped In This Instance came from,,, and were done By The Man Driving The Dash Cam Equipped Vehicle, Me Thinks!

        And and i,m sure that He,d agree with me 100% as it was quite evident if you took a peek inside the Driver’s Underwear, as when stressed,,, Never Trust A Farts Thrust,,, Never!!!

      1. I agree with your assessment, but drivers shouldn’t have to deal with these goddam dangerous, undivided highways. Samara Oblast is a major area, yet they’re on a fucking, two lane road. This is typical of the Russian highway system.

        1. I agree, four lane interstates are dangerous enough with the coked up semi-drivers in the lane next to you. But why invest in infrastructure when we need to give all our money to all the billionaires and the welfare niggers?

    1. Oh, good. The driver was clearly stupid to not recognize the danger of driving while tired. The other people in the van was clearly stupid to not recognize that the driver was tired. They all were stupid, not fit for survival, and therefore nothing of value was lost.

      I love crashes like that where there’s no innocent victims.

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      1. Upon further review, I believe that red mist really is blood, it looks exactly like a high velocity bullet hitting an animal, and that pink chunk flying off to the right is almost certainly a body part.
        That’s some gnarly shit right there, nobody gets out of that alive.

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          I used to eat so many baconators that I should have set up a special budget for them.

    1. @nosnerb @fuckerpig

      I heard that it’s an auto insurance thing. Apparently, there were so many scammers in Russia (people would actually throw themselves onto the hoods of cars stopped at an intersection in the hopes that they’d get a payout) that they now require anyone they insure to have a dashcam.

          1. That’s awesome friend! My father was born in Romania which is right next to Serbia. So I am guessing you have seen the movie “A Serbian Film?” It’s so gory and messed up, yet awesome.

        1. “Serbian Movie” is disgusting Anti Serbs movie that presenting us as monsters.
          Main actors are Auto <Chauvinists themselves who sold itself for career.

          Psychological Operations and information warfare against Serbia is active 100% since "revolution" in 2001, oct. 5.
          Zionism at full force.

          1. Oh my… we are fighting the Zionists in Utah, United States. I am in Australia now though where we are fighting the Muslims. I watched the movie, but I didn’t stereotype every Serbian as “bad” because I have never met or interacted with one until now.

  1. Five people my rosey Aryan ass!.. I didn’t see one fukn body part!.. Am I just to use my imagination prompted by the prologue?.. That could’ve been one of those driverless vehicles, I hear terrorist groups are lookin to weaponize those things…. Prototype /training video?… Hmmmmm….

  2. If that bump had been just a smidge harder, we would have had a sixth and seventh fatality, the wreckage nearly managed to climb into the dashcam car as it was.
    The thing that really caught my attention is how quiet the driver and passenger were about nearly eating a minivan.
    I had to listen to it with the volume maxed out through headphones before I could even tell there was any dialogue and, other than the woman’s brief shriek at the moment of impact, it all seemed remarkably calm.
    Gotta love Russia.

    1. Also of interest: As the minivan mounts the dashcam car, if you play it at 1/2 speed (that little cog in the bottom right of the video will get you there if you’re confused) someone inside the minivan wearing what looks like a mustard yellow sweatshirt slams into the ‘window’ momentarily before getting tipped back out of view. There’s no detail and it’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast, but it’s there.

  3. I realize this is in Russia and also that that’s a serious ass semi packing major weight, but all the same what the fuck was that ‘van’ made out of, matchsticks and hobby glue? The fucking thing all but atomized most of its frame and parts in the first hit. I can’t even make out any body parts or spraying blood for all the disintegrated van material that immediately exploded out.

    It looks like they could’ve hit a fucking Russian Vespa knockoff and had the same catastrophic failure. Or just braked too hard.

    Even a shit GMC minivan in the States would have a fairly recognizable mass remaining after the hit. This goddamned thing’s roof shattered, windows to powder, Christ I’d be amazed if you could even get an accurate body count after sifting through molecules of breadcrumb van leavings.

    In Russia do they build their cars out of recycled Beluga caviar and sardine tins? The safety glass must be fucking sugar candy.

  4. They should play this clip in drivers’ ED to show the dangers of distracted driving. Red Asphalt scared the shit out of me, I don’t think a seatbelt would have saved anyone in that car. Do they still show red asphalt or am I just getting old??????

    1. @doubleatriplex

      I took Driver’s Ed back in 1993 and we didn’t get any gore whatsoever.
      No film, no photos, not even anecdotes.
      Once I heard that Red Asphalt existed I was not only confused that it wasn’t required viewing but actually pissed off that I didn’t get to see it in class.
      Honestly, if they showed uncensored videos/photos of accidents in Driver’s Ed and births, STD/STI’s, and suicides in Health classes I believe there’d be a lot less dumbassery going around.

      1. @shadarus I took drivers ED 12 years do the math 😉 but I completely agree with you on that. We were shown pictures of teens our age that had been in horrible accidents due to not wearing seat belt, distracted/drunk driving etc. I tell you what, those bloody photos left an impression and red asphalt was ok, faces of death scared me more but I was forced to watch that at age 4 so that explains itself. In health, we didn’t talk about suicides or mental health but we did in college. We did see child birth and pictures of people with horrible STDs/diseases in health, safe sex and such. We learned smoking is bad and drugs are bad but they were not in depth about it in High School. I run the Life, Society and Drugs program at my college and make sure that I try to educate as many young kids starting college about the implications of drug use and the way it can destroy your life. I speak from experience, but yes this is the lost generation. Snowflakes and millennials are ruining everything.

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