Flatbed Truck Jackknifing Accident Caught on Dashcam in Las Vegas

Flatbed Truck Jackknifing Accident Caught on Dashcam in Las Vegas

Dashcams are slowly becoming popular in many places outside of Russia and I approve of this message. Especially if you live in a sue happy country and/or a police state. Having a silent witness to what had happened could save your entire future.

This video was filmed on I-15 Interstate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The car with dashcam passes a flatbed truck, moments later the truck cuts right in front of it, missing it by maybe two feet as its trailer jackknifes.

After a bump into the concrete barrier, the truck bounces back and cuts across all lanes, narrowly missing a van that skillfully managed to dodge it, but hit an older model pickup truck.

I think the reason for jackknifing was sudden and abrupt braking. You can see that the traffic was slowing down due to an obstacle ahead. The truck driver had speed and a pile up of cars in all lanes required him to start braking rapidly, but he may have overdone it.

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36 thoughts on “Flatbed Truck Jackknifing Accident Caught on Dashcam in Las Vegas”

  1. That could’ve been so much worse! Seems like the center divide is what kept him from flipping over and he so could’ve potentially hit a bunch more cars too! That had to be scary! Wish there was a close up of the truck drivers face!

    1. That’s why all long haul drivers need a sex slave monkey on board. Once the job is done, the monkey jumps back into the cab, patiently waiting for the next bitch slap to let it know it’s time to work.

  2. Dashcams are a savior, They don’t discriminate & only show the truth. Plus if you are a victim of an insurance scam, the best thing ever is to not tell the scammer you are recording, so when the cops show up and they tell their dramatic story about how you hit them, you can just stand there with a shit eating grin, and when he’s finished, you then pull out your still recording camera, hand it to the cop and say “Do you plan on sticking with that story?” The look on their face is priceless. Much better than telling them you got it on film and they flee in panic

  3. Dang man i hate being next to semi trucks or whatever. One time my cousin was driving home from work at 3am and he was next to a semi and some lady was driving out of the gas station and went head on with the semi. The back of the semi swerved to my cousins car and pulled it under, he got dragged in it about 20 ft and his car caught fire. Luckily someone was near by and pulled him out. The only thing left of his car was the driver seat area. The only injury he got was a cut on his head because the bars from under the semi came down into his car and just tore it to shreds. He was traumatized for like a year but he is okay now.

  4. yeah I do believe it was the brakes…one of the first things I learned about driving a big truck, if you hit the brakes to hard they could lock up, and when that happens you will go power sliding out of control and no matter what direction you turn the wheel your tire will go in a straight line and you will be known as the best Saudi drifter in the land lol…also his air compressor/air tank might have been defective(I think this option was the one that got him)..but when you have a defect in your air system it would cause your brakes to lock up immediately and fling your ass where ever it wants to go

    1. There was plenty of air in his tanks as his tractor brakes locked up firmly. If you watch the video again at 00.23 looking at the rear of the tractor you will notice only the air supply line hooked to the trailer and not the service line which means no brakes on the trailer. Tractor brakes lock up, trailer keeps pushing forward – jacknife is the outcome. Why the trailer brakes weren’t connected is a mystery but I’m sure the DOT cops were just as curious as I am. Dude probably figured the trailer was light enough to not require them but how lazy can you possibly be?

  5. in the drivers defense. The car that was ahead of him. Some fool cut that car which cause everyone to brake. I see that shyt all the time and i feel like catching up and throwing rocks at that idiot

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