Fleeing Motorcycle Thieves Run Into Wall Square On

Fleeing Motorcycle Thieves Run Into Wall Square On

According to the info I got, a pair of motorcycle thieves tried to flee on a stolen motorcycle, but the owner allegedly somehow managed to kick the fleeing bike which caused the thieves to run into a solid wall square on.

Best Gore member @pedro-hawk explains:

There is no talk in the video, but seeing their motorcycle (Honda CG 125), the license plate, the floor they’re lying on and the Flamengo’s football jersey under the jacket, there is no doubt: THIS-IS-BRAZIL!

Couldn’t have happened to a better pair of pieces of shit. Thanks a lot for the videos, @pedro-hawk. Here’s the CCTV footage of the epic kiss with the wall:

And the aftermath of the sorry sacks of donkey crap:

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128 thoughts on “Fleeing Motorcycle Thieves Run Into Wall Square On”

          1. He’s got one of them new smart bikes. When you run out of fuel the bike halts itself dead still and remains neutral. Ran out an inch before the wall, while they were illegally speeding nonetheless and inertia took over. Not the bikes fault.

      1. @casualobserver
        Very karmaesque and reminiscent of the Brazilian off-duty cop (is there any cop ON DUTY over there?) who had his bike hijacked at the traffic lights. The ODC pulled out a gun and squeezed off a few sweet shots, as the thief was merrily riding off into the moonlight with his ill-gotten gains.
        The bike copped some nasty gravel rash, but the thief copped the cop’s sweetest bullets, and entered eternal oblivious oblivion. I love happy endings, don’t you?

        1. @CaRnAGE

          This was actually a movie-set of the new Time Tunnel sequel. The actors on the bike were performing a scene where they rode at considerable speed into the brick wall, just as the Time Tunnel appears in front of them and they escape back to their own time. Too bad there was a prop malfunction and the fucking tunnel didn’t appear in time.

          This is what happens when you use cheap Chinese knock-offs. Buying the prop from a company called: “The Great Wall” should have been a red flag right there. Anyway, I digress.

          Moral of the story, don’t make fucking sequels.

      1. They were climbin’ all over him trying to give him mouth to dick resuscitation, while the others were trying to find a pulse with their tounges on his taint. When nothing worked they just got their strap-ons out and started fucking the shit out of each other. It’s too bad buddy, you really missed a good show.

    1. That peace symbol is called “Abnormal Posturing”
      A sign of brain damage. Unlucky fucker will be drinking through a straw one side of his mouth to only have it dribble out the other for the rest of his life, if he survived.
      If it was me I would rather die.

  1. It was rather nice the way the owner filmed the aftermath almost gloatingly, with streams of blood from the crapheads running into the gutter. I bet they felt pretty stupid trying to steal a bike and riding it into a wall.

    1. @Mr-Spock
      Did you mention in a comment that you are an Asian who lives in England? Are you called Abrasion?
      Just breakin’ your chop sticks. You’re probably the most polite commenter around.

        1. Mr Spock’s cool, I always enjoy his calm and logical analysis on these often complicated senseless deaths that we witness too few of here in BestGore Land. Speaking of senseless death, there hasn’t been a nasty Mexican or Brazilian gorefest for quite a few posts now.

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