Fleeing Bandit Ends Up Dead on the Road

Fleeing Bandit Ends Up Dead on the Road

Pair of fleeing bandits ended up flat on the road, one dead, the other still alive. Unfortunately, I do not know whether they’re down because they crashed, or because they were gunned down.

In the video, you can see two people with their guns drawn – I’m assuming they are plain clothes officers who may have had their hand in the untimely demise of the bandits.

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  1. The one bleeding seems to be bleeding from his neck or upper chest- a seemingly unlikely area to be damaged so badly for so much blood to coming from to have resulted from just an accident, or from just having hit the road surface. I’m guessing he was likely shot. The other one closer to the front fender of the car seems to have been hit by that car.

  2. The word fleeing always makes me laugh. I’ve had to flee quite a few times in my life. The really dangerous once I wouldn’t have laughed but ifs someone after me then that’s how I react. Some people shit themselves, some people pee themselves and some people laugh. I’m the laugher, it’s a terrible give away if your trying to hide.

  3. Emancipation From Death

    by isitpoetry

    Emancipation by means of no other need than to have knowledge
    to free one from life one shant have.
    Trees filled with green leaves before the grave risising up
    to exist in this life but like you to reach up to the sky.

    For there is nothing to prevent the bearer of bad tiddings than death
    to return in each life as that ray of light that is hope we excaped from.
    Knowledge can be like the rain not unlike billions of drops
    that light on the ground from which the tree has sprung from.
    Is there not equal reason in this for the spark of life to go on?

    Emancipation can not exist in the darkest recesses of some minds
    where reason has fled due to fear.
    Especially when there is equal reason to live free of fear from without.
    One has the need to be free to learn the value of freedom you have.
    If for no other reason to spread the knowledge all children need to survive.

    is it poetry

  4. Only become a criminal if your sure that you can survive…

    Bank robberies
    Drug overdoses
    Bike chases
    Car chases
    Police brutality
    Baseball bats
    Shotgun blasts

    Once you are sure, get a mobile phone, a decent car, some nice shades and a bit of cash to get started. Jobs a good’un!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Looking at that list again bud, just reminded me of how bad it feels to have your freedom taken away for half a day , never mind a long stretch. No, I like my freedom, and hate small spaces. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. They tend to sense danger and the more intelligent side of the pair usually the flip, bails out before a certain death.
      Unfortunately after these occurrences there is a very high rate of suicide because as we all know flip cannot live without flop.


  5. I may be wrong but unless these “bandits” or thieves have guns or armed with a weapon, I can’t help but think thats they shouldn’t be shot down and killed..
    Unless he’s a violent threat.
    I think time in the prison system is worse then death.
    And more often times than not these are young men who have the capability to turn their life around if they are determined enough…

    It’s too easy to kill em throw em in a body bag n be done with rather than use thier heads, arrest them and try them and put them in prison.

    It’s just not fair to give up on them as kids and put em in the grave for a non violent crime-

    If they are armed and have someone/people in danger-then put a couple of bullets in ’em.

    Even I, as a teenager (17) was caught and arrested for attempting to return a pair of $300 jeans a “friend” had stolen and offered to give me half of the cash at VonMaur in St.Charles, IL.
    But apparently only 3 pairs had ever been sold from the franchise and the transactions were in different states..needless to say, I couldn’t explain how I got them, did NOT rat on the bitch that was waiting outside for me. Instead, I took responsibility for my dumb, senseless, pathetic and selfish act and was arrested. I walked past her handcuffed in the parking lot and was taken to the jail for processing.

    Utter humiliation and I never ever stole/returned or accepted stolen property and ditched that thieving bitch. I learned my lesson.
    I was able to get it expunged when I turned 21 after the birth of my daughter by the same judge.
    But what if I would have gotten shot in the store over a pair of jeans @ 17?

    I just think its sad for some to be shot while they are unarmed, young , poor and hungry trying to steal some food or money to eat or feed their family..

    Maybe I’m just a soft idiot…

    1. Nothing idiotic about that @shannonlinnette. Gunning a perp down stone dead , is no form of justice whatsoever, regardless of the crime he/they committed. And yes, I too believe a person can most definitely turn their life around, especially if they are young.

    2. Hi.

      With all the respect, I think you are a soft idiot. Or maybe you don’t know how Brazil works. Government here is corrupt enough to not care about doing any real project to deal with drug dealers, bad education and violence. The legislators are much more worried about making pro-gay and pro-black laws than doing anything worth.

      Last one was a law forcing that 20% of the government positions should go to black and african people. In some states, the number is even higher, up to 40% or more. There’s also 5-20% dedicated to disabled people (and that includes any kind of problem, such as not having the middle finger). It’s very stupid, not even 2% of the people actually have a disability. The rest of the vacancies are disputed by everyone freely. Black people apply for both simultaneously (special and normal ones).

      Thieves here kill for a few bucks. Only in “Rio de Janeiro”, in the first 6 months of this year, almost 3000 people died due to murder. There are more people being murdered in Brazil than dying in Syria. It’s like 50k/year and many murders are not even counted. Because of the government and positive laws, youngsters don’t care at all. Most of the time older and more accomplished killers instruct the young ones. At the end, many crimes are committed by teens below the legal age (18) and therefore they are not arrested.

      In short: government lies to people and make dumbs laws “helping the poor and opressed ones” and therefore don’t invest in education. People believe because they are stupid (due to bad education). Criminals make lots of money

      Brazil has so many problems that killing scums like the guy on the video is actually a decent way to deal with it. Pretty much nobody that comes out of prison can work their way in society again, at least not in Brazil. It’s a completely different situation to countries like Germany and others. The government barely invests into basic sanitation, economy and education, much less logistics. We don’t have conditions to invest in social progress.

      Sorry for the long post and cheers

      1. @vergne.

        Admittedly, it is difficult to understand the reality of life in Brazil as you have described, when one has never witnessed it first hand, yes we see evidence on here via video’s etc, but us outsiders are still fairly ignorant of the real deal as it were.

        I understand fully where you are coming from though, and appreciate that corruption is rife, which must make life very difficult, not to mention frustrating indeed for normal folk.

        Your view from the inside is much appreciated.

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