Flip Flop Biker Unburdens His Skull

Flip Flop Biker Unburdens His Skull

In Central Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist wearing flip flops but no helmet crashed, and unburdened his skull off brain.

I didn’t get any backinfo on how it happened on why, so just enjoy the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Flip Flop Biker Unburdens His Skull”

    1. i was wondering that exact point m8…. why is it blood from the head when the brain has gone to mush is so vivid and deep red… it looks just like emulsion paint…. its as if the brain melts and mixes with blood to form a brain smoothie….

    2. I concur. I just saw my neighbor get run over by a garbage truck last week and the blood didn’t look like that. I was taking my morning walk when it happened and the only thing I could think of was that I didn’t have my phone and I couldn’t share. Sorry guys

  1. Doesn’t matter what happened, He wasn’t wearing a helmet he could have made it out alive.. Broken but alive. No sympathy for dumb fucks who know damn well what they should and should not be doing.

        1. Lol guys. I did forget. I’m learning. I’m a LIL gorester. Crazy TO say this but awesome!!! I use to just watch videos from time to time on here. To watching all the time. To reading your comments. To saying these people are fucked up. Joking about this. Now I signed up commenting W U all. Lol. It’s educational. My childhood trip to Brazil is completely canceled. I won’t even jump on a flight that flies over that place. Mexico??? FUCK THAT PLACE TOO!!! Costa Rica. GUYS YOU MUST GO TO COSTA RICA ONCE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. it’s the devils playground. Hottest women I’ve ever seen from panama Columbia Brazil Mexico etc.i counted 97 hookers in our 10 bedroom mansion and 10 of us Close friends oh yeah coke is $10 a gram. Been there 5 xs. Married now My Costa Rica days are over. However I WANNA LIVE THROUGH YOU!!! Please go it’s amaZing. Best zip line in the world. That’s the one thing I did besides doing rails and playing hotdogs and doughnuts all day w those Latina OMG. I’m HORNY now. I’ll be back

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        2. @kevin Lol. Now, we can both say to all these kids(over 18 years of age only if in the U.S.) side by side with one arm wrapped around each others shoulders looking and pointing at the screen we can say:” You can be just like us!” support or gore site.
          Visit, comment. Just follow the simple rules. :))

          1. It’s not only gore. I had to learn that. Took time though. It’s educational. Be aware of your surrounding kids!!! Stay off the tracks. Lol ps always wear a helmet and no flip flops. If you do not follow these rules. We will be seeing you soon. As educational as it gets. Lol

        3. This site surely helps remove the blind fold and yes, it teaches we live in a dangerous place where we have to be careful.
          The statistics show the helmet sales skyrocketed after the introduction of this site in America alone. And, that’s a good thing.

  2. I had a pet gold fish once that I loved so much. Yeah, he became part of my family right away. I took him everywhere I went. I miss him so much. It was about 35 years ago when he pasted away to the other side. When I found him he was upside down with his mouth open just like this guy. RIP my little fishie friend.

    1. it is the flip flop curse…. every day the grim reaper has a quota of flip flop wearers to terminate…. put simply when in the far east or any messed up country do not ride bikes when wearing flip flops….. otherwise we will be on BG taking the piss out of your misfortune

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