Florida Cop Intentionally Sideswipes Motorcyclist, Then Tries to Flee from Driver Recording Him

Florida Cop Intentionally Sideswipes Motorcyclist, Then Tries to Flee from Driver Recording Him

Florida State Trooper Sgt. Spencer Ross is well known to Orlando area bikers, because he has a hard-on specifically for them, and a penchant for issuing citations on trumped-up charges.

In this video, an unmarked Monte Carlo intentionally sideswipes a motorcyclist, but as soon as the driver in it notices that hes being filmed by the passenger in the vehicle behind him, turns off the lights and attempts to flee the scene.

Florida Highway Patrol acknowledged that the driver of the vehicle was indeed the notorious Spencer Ross, but true to their “us vs.them” mentality, which has them serve and protect themselves, at the expense of the public, whitewashed the actions of the bully cop, and pictured the victim as “violator“:

Based on preliminary review, there appeared to be no attempt to ram or to make contact with the motorcycle, however, this incident is currently being reviewed by FHP.

Ross disengaged when the motorcyclist fled from the scene, following FHP rules on motorcycle pursuits that are designed to protect the safety of the motorists.

The motorcyclist’s driving behavior was dangerous to everyone on the roadway… If anyone witnessed, or has any information about the incident, we ask them to call FHP.

What can be concluded from the video is that an un-marked, black Monte Carlo sideswiped the motorcyclist. The biker was slowing, but when he realized that someone in an unmarked car was trying to ram him into the barrier, ran for his life and bailed – I would too if all I saw was a psycho in a Monte Carlo trying to kill me.

Afterward, the vehicle took off the lights like nothing happened, and then bugged out. Thankfully, the person filming this not only caught the action, they knew who the cop behind the wheel was? That’s how notorious Spencer Ross is for abuses he’s been getting away with for years.

Unmarked police cars are so unsafe, and such a risk to the public, they’re outlawed in many states (as they should be). In places where they aren’t, they are used by the Blue Mob to enforce the “what we want, when we want to” brigading.

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69 thoughts on “Florida Cop Intentionally Sideswipes Motorcyclist, Then Tries to Flee from Driver Recording Him”

        1. He was trying to make a traffic stop and the bike didn’t stop so he tried to force him to stop. When that failed he did the right thing and called off any attempt to chase him. WTF do you think will happen when you get lit up and don’t stop? Quit ragging on our police.”What if you called 911 and no one came?”.

          1. Are you really that naive? No. I’ve just realised from rereading your post that you’re taking the piss and just play-acting a dumb cunt! Good one!

    1. That was not a Cop you fucking idiots, People sell police lights and police sirens just to fool around thats why the ‘cop’ just went on with his business. Ive personally seen someone with that type of shit and its very real sounding..

      1. And I can assure you that wasnt a real cop because cops are ass holes and will fuck you over with every chance they get and that motorcyclist fled witch would call for a Speed Chase and that would give areason to actually persue you so this video is bullshit , this is exactly what I was talking about.. Don’t belive everything you see on the Web even if its on BestGore because the article posters them selfs might be being payed to change and radicalize us from their posts.. Be open minded Gore lovers, WE of all ‘normal people’ are realistic and should be more than open minded, perhaps Gore Philosophers

        1. Are you saying that the contributors are paid to brainwash the members? Well, in case you want to know, contributors themselves are not paid a single cent of any kind of currency each time a post is written. It’s voluntary work.

          That really is insulting, by the way, because I would never, not even for one second, employ any kind of such a technique to any of the members through what I, or the others, write. We let you think for yourselves. If you think otherwise of what we think, then it’s all cool. Calling us fucking idiots is not necessary.

          If you think some of the writer’s opinions here are far-fetched and/or very contary to yours, then disregard it or seek out your own truth. No need to accuse the contributors here of such false claims.

        2. After thinking it through, I have decided to comment in my defense. I apologize to Acneska and Obli for commenting something that isn’t related to the article but I can’t hold it back anymore.

          I don’t like it that you called It was me and Obli idiots…especially from someone who hasn’t even proved they possess a high level of intelligence. And yeah, I am gonna ‘shut the fuck [up]’, not because you told me to but because Obli and the other moderators has earned my respect, so respecting their wishes, and importantly the site rules, I would not include direct personal attacks. Besides, it is getting old, childish and lame.

          Also, you still think I am a man? Hahaha. Fine. I’m pretty sure I do not have a penis (I double checked) but, suit yourself. If you think Kay is a man’s name then so be it.

          1. Stacie, you write like a damn girl. Who the hell ever said you was a man is an idiot! Glad your back, with a vengeance… And, Just to be absolutely sure, I need to do a couple of checks of you for a lack of penis myself…To be on the safe side, you understand? When are you available? It’ll be a penis check, and my penis will do the checking…Ok? ; )

          2. And just to be even safer, I’ll have to do a double check, as you have done yourself, if there isn’t one. Maybe you’re hiding one somewhere. Gots ta be absolutely sure, ya know?

    2. In Florida it’s a capital offense to be black, wear a hoody and carry Skittles. Full of old people with the attitude that cops can’t do no harm and if you think different then you must die, kinda like ISIS philosophy.

          1. Everyone who resides within the borders of Iraq is deployed? It’s hard to be deployed to a war that ended in 2011 anyways.

        1. I saw the cop edge him over the best he could trying to avoid hitting him. When he took off like a douche, he let him go. Guy filming is also a douche honking and getting up in other peoples business. That’s my take on it.

          1. Nope, I was gonna say the same thing. I’ll shout it from the mountain-top when a cop is in the wrong, but something just seems fishy about this video.

      1. And you won’t but people are seeing the truth about how cops are thanks to sites like Best Gore. Hey idea for a new show, “To Catch a Cop”. (YouTube is government. Don’t believe me just try and deleting it).

  1. Run for his life is right! That cop probably was getting ready to pull his gun and shoot his ass…..just like all the “shoot first ask questions later” cops. Dude on the bike was smart to get the F out of there!

  2. Cops are nothing more than body gaurds for the Zionist/Jewish elite. They enforce their laws and to protect their interests. Protect and serve? More like “neglect and collect”. This cop knew he was in the wrong or wouldn’t of ran off like that.

  3. That was a dick move forcing the biker to come to a stop using your vehicle. A legitimate stop would not be conducted in that manor I would think.
    So I too would be pissed and take off after this encounter.
    Plus the two had words seemingly and that probably gave the dude reason to fear for his safety when he saw the way the jack-off cop used his car to ram him.
    This incident may have turned into one of those you hear about all too often where the cop shoots a man to death and creates a story to justify his actions.

  4. I didn’t see anything out of line by the cop. He showed great restraint when dealing with a motorcyclist that was evading. Could have rammed him, but didn’t. Guy following with the camera was the one being dangerous as even though he was traveling at high speeds, he seemed more interested in catching footage than ensuring the safety of motorists around him.

  5. How did the cop know he was being filmed to run? What Police Department is still using those old Chevys? How did the cameraman know the Officer?s name? If it was a cop – DICK MOVE! If it is the cop named he should not have a badge.

  6. I call BULLSHIT. First off the cop has his lights flashing. The asshole on the bike is breaking the law by not stopping. Second the cop attempts to block him with his car, without touching the bike. The douchebag on the bike guns it and fucks off, giving all bikers a shit name in the process. The cop seems to have taken pains to avoid the bike, I would have mashed the fucker against the median. Also the cop did not pursue as the high speed chase is pointless and dangerous, he has the douches plate which is enough for a visit from the brothers in blue tonight when doucheboy is lighting up his pot. Of course purchased from the stolen personal belongings from the house he broke into and was returning from when he got fingered by the cop. Hopefully that dickhead is behind bars with Bubba tonight getting sum lovin.

    As for the negative comments about this video, all I can say is that anyone who can watch that video and not figure out that the cop is TOTALLY in his rights is a low IQ retard.

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