Florida State Trooper Pulls Over Miami Cop at Gunpoint

Florida State Trooper Pulls Over Miami Cop at Gunpoint

On October 11, 2011, in a rare case of a policeman serving and protecting the public, instead of each other at the expense of the public, the Florida Highway Patrol trooper Donna “Jane” Watts pulled over a speeding Miami Police cop Fausto Lopez and at gun point – arrested him. Fausto Lopez was out of his jurisdiction, was off duty, and because he was running late for his part time job, he drove on Florida’s Turnpike at the excess of 120 mph.

It is very rare to see a police officer, regardless of capacity, to serve and protect the public against the abuse from other police officers. Jane Watts was one of those extremely rare “good cops” who are by now, pretty much extinct. Usually, cops follow the good ol’ boys policy of letting bad behavior of other cop’s slide, and backing up each other’s lies.

Unfortunately, because “good cops” are not welcome in the police force, Jane Watts became a target of harassment by other cops, who followed her home, flashed lights into her home, and left nasty messages on her voicemail. Several agencies also illegally accessed her personal information to allow for the intimidation to go on.

Because the epic arrest made national headlines, Fausto Lopez, who was found to be a notorious and excessive speeder, was eventually fired. Ms. Watts filed a lawsuit and relocated. She still reportedly works for the Highway Patrol, but no longer drives a cruiser.

Cruiser dashcam video of the arrest is below:

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          I liked girls but still looked for him on the way to school.
          . Never seen again

          1. Couple things :

            Yeah, doesn’t sound like he was into you.

            ‘I liked girl’s” : but after this you didn’t?

            “All for free” : how much were you prepared to pay?

            “I looked for him”: so you smoked your head off in that dunny all day every day for the next two years?

            Surely you could have detected his plastic badge?

    1. It’s funny as hell how the detained cop reacts and sounds exactly like the civilians they detain. He needs to stop begging, he’s just embarrassing himself. Much respect for Officer Jane Watts. You go girl!!!

      1. The bad cops give the other 1% a bad name. This lady is WAY too good to be a cop. She should run for governor. Naw, nevermind. Politicians are all a bunch of liars and crooks too. Maybe she should be a fireman or paramedic.

  1. I live in Florida and the police corruption here is rampant. The bottom line is they just flat out lie and lie and lie in their reports and in court. It is very telling when a good cop who actually stands up for the law, winds up being the victim of retaliation by tons of other cops like this. They smeared feces on her car and home. It tells you it’s all about being part of their gang, not the truth, and if you go against the gang, the other gang members don’t want you in the gang anymore.

  2. I can’t run video right now on my PC and it’s kinda hard to tell but is Lopez in a marked cop car or is that his personal vehicle? I mean, obviously it’s a Crown Vic’ but I’m sure alot of cops own ’em.

    1. Marked….that’s why he thought he didn’t need to stop for ten fucking minutes, that he was allowed to speed and the law didn’t apply to him. Btw : I have no idea how fast 120mph is ( ? km/hr) but she sounds pissed he is doing that fast…….

      What a champ this woman is…..

      Another thing, what is a state trooper ? Compared to a policeman, is she a more senior police officer?I don’t understand this strange and alien concept. Can a
      police man pull over a state trooper too?

      1. @Dutchy, basic rundown. The US is made up of 50 states, which are divided into counties, which contain smaller cities and/or rural areas. You have City cops that patrol inside city limits, county sheriffs cover areas within their county, and state troopers are employees of the state, and mostly patrol anywhere they want.

    1. ***A cop who thinks he?s above the law. Not when this Highway Patrol Officer is around. Good on her.

      …I just gotta laugh (or cry) if this kind of shit happened where I live

      Our corrupt and filthy local media, would have (officer) Watts on their “permanent pariah list” by now…

      To watch and listen to our local news anyway, you have to be heavily medicated to avoid experiencing the filthy lies that spew from their lips.

      …but I have a ball, sending the Program Director hate e-mails


    1. ***a little over 3 mins hwy ptrl behind him and did not know lights and all?

      …I liked it, when this relentless prick asked, “Can I get your name please?”

      Then (officer) Watts replied, “You’ll get it soon enough.”

      🙂 🙂 🙂


      🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. He sounds like a fuckin dufus! Now he knows how the people he arrests feels & I don’t see why he thinks whatever idiotic reason he had was ok to speed when civilians say the exact same thing & nope they get a ticket or get arrested…fucking ridiculous!

    1. Unfortunately and typically his behavior shows he takes no responsibility for his actions and still thinks he’s in the right – he’s full of excuses (example: he’s late once in awhile and HAS to be at his 2nd job protecting the rich kids in the private school, therefore he HAS to speed on occasion – it’s an important job, don’t you know, otherwise he wouldn’t be going 120 m/hr). And then to top it off, his band of brothers/gang members, also support his actions and harass the trooper who tries to uphold the law. Not surprised at all, most of them stick together like flies on shit, they don’t know the definition of truth and sure as hell think they don’t have to follow the laws that apply to the rest of us. 🙁

  4. As much as people criticize them, I’ve only had good experiences with female cops.
    3 separate occasions I’ve been pulled over by a female officer and on all 3 I could have gotten arrested or tickets, but was allowed to go home without so much as a written warning. I think I love female cops.

    1. Exact opposite for me as it happens. I too have received pretty fair treatment from cops, but one particular female cop had it in for me in my younger days…. bitch.
      She never got the collar she was after though ! 😀

  5. Now *thats* the sort of cop I’d like to see around more of. I wonder if she had to get a job in IA afterwards in order to make it. If we had more beat cops like her sprinkled around, it’d sure stir up the shit in their pot pretty nicely. Go Jane!

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