Follow Up on Motorcycle Knee Injury – 9 Months Later

Follow Up on Motorcycle Knee Injury - 9 Months Later

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @manonmk, who back in September of 2015, sent us pictures of her knee injury sustained when she crashed motorcycle in Thailand. 9 months after the injury, @manonmk followed up with photos taken during the process of healing, including a photo of what the knee looks like now:

Several months ago I sent you some pictures of my knee injury. I thought I would send you more pictures of the healing since then!

It’s been almost 9 months since the accident and I can walk, run, jump, because my tendon was exposed but luckily not hurt in any way.

Thanks everyone for the get well soon wishes, it was really appreciated, hope you will like the pictures!

Many thanks for following up with us. I’m glad to hear your motor skills are vastly unaffected. Hopefully there won’t be any serious long term consequences, so your quality of life is not impacted too severely.

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36 thoughts on “Follow Up on Motorcycle Knee Injury – 9 Months Later”

  1. @manonmk.
    Back then ,did you cause a self accident ?
    or was there another vehicle involved ? I hope once bitten you gonna be twice shy and gonna take your riding cautiously .
    My message to ya is to “Let your hair down and Ride on ” babe (β›β€Ώβ›βœΏΜ₯Μ₯ΜΆ)

      1. Oh I thought It was you with the bike who used to ride .
        He took a bad turn, alright !; but what happened to your friend has not been told ; nor have you explained what caused your knee to open up ,I mean what object did the bike hit to cause such a knee injury.?

        1. I was thrown off the bike and landed on the road, slid for several meters with my knee and leg scratching the road. Considering i landed on my knee first it opened up and the skin was kinda ripped off i guess, because it took all the shock and the weight of the body.
          My friend had his two elbows stitched, but it was less deep than my knee so it turned out alright!

          1. Do you still harbor any anger against your friend who nearly got you maimed and killed .?
            or the two of you’re still friends and the past is buried forever .
            But I tell you not to be paranoid about bikes as they are fun machines; even when you are just pillion riding but make sure you are with someone who knows his mean machine .

        2. We’re still friends, he cried more than i did at the hospital haha! I don’t hold grudges, i know he didnt do it on purpose, i just wouldnt ride with him again! πŸ™‚

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