Forehead Cracked Right Between Eyes in Vehicle Collision

Forehead Cracked Right Between Eyes in Vehicle Collision

Forehead Cracked Right Between Eyes in Vehicle Collision

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @shegone707, who’s boyfriend cracked his forehead right between the eyes in a vehicle collision:

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This is my boyfriend’s face on New Year’s Eve 2018/2019. He was driving his 89 Chevy 2500 truck heading to a friend’s house, when a white panel van ran a stop sign. He swerved to avoid him and hit a dip in the road sending him into the side of someone’s house.

He wasn’t wearing his seat belt and was catapulted into the passenger seat and through the windshield. He passed out on impact but woke up seconds later gushing blood. His only thought was to GTFO.

Sadly we didn’t think to take a picture when we picked him up but you know that image of Mick Foley where he’s just covered in blood, matted hair and drenched cloths. Yeah well that was my boyfriend.

The only picture I seem to have is this one at the ER, before they hauled him off to jail for a hit and run.

He had 15 stitches, and bits of Auto Glass still in his face two weeks later.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pic and the story with us, @shegone707. I bet your boyfriend has a wicked scar now.

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            i would never do such a ugly necklace of hair.

    1. @john – I am with you on the “beard” thing ( not even close to what a beard is meant to resemble – just lack of better word). I saw the photo of this “thing” and initially thought it was a very elderly Greek woman after cooking souvlaki in a hot kitchen on a hot Athens summer day. After reading the story I realised I was wrong and it was a man, no, it was an adult human of the male gender. There are these things called mirrors and are the best inventions since sliced bread. He obviously doesn’t have one and his GF must be genetically related to Helen Keller.
      I’ll say it one more time for the dummies – if you can’t grow a beard and it just looks like chip greased buff fluff, then DON’T……….

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    ‘You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.
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      1. Off subject here but I cannot message people or participate in the forums and what have you.
        I read what you had to say to Illegal. I was rooting for you too. You made the right decision. And the baby mama can’t be that bad. After all she has a vag, right? Lock up the frying pans and hammers. You’ll be a’iite.
        No homo or any kind of feelings and shit, but, you will love that kid more every day. Being a part of molding a small person into a confident individual is all the reward that you could ask for.

        One more thing. Stop talking to honkeykong. The only support he wants to give you is to cup your balls in his hands while looking you in the eye and singing the Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute.

          1. Yeah, I could be wrong, but, I think you need to message Mark and address that with him directly. I think there’s an email address where you can reach him.
            I would like to participate in the forums again but I’ve not gotten around to inquiring.

          1. Maybe he needs less support. Not everyone is into opera you know.
            It’s Saturday. Shouldn’t you be on your way to Sam Goody to get that new Kid ‘n Play cassette before they’re gone?

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